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Why Do You Need A Time Tracking App for Your Service Delivery Business

Time Tracking App

Time management is one of the most crucial aspects of success in the field service business. If you are running a service delivery business and are yet to implement a time tracking app for your employees, then we must say that your business operations are more likely to suffer from severe mismanagement. This could eventually lead to a significant loss of profit for your company.

If you look around, all the successful service delivery businesses are using time tracking mobile apps for field service technicians. And if you are not using one, you are missing out on important competitive advantages. With businesses more competitive than ever before, companies have to manage time better in order to gain an advantage. The more work they do in the shortest amount of time, the faster they can increase profits.

At this point, you must have a myriad of questions. What is a time tracking app? How exactly it will benefit your business? What happens if you don’t have a time tracking system in place? And even if you decide to get one, which time tracking app is best for you?

Fret not. In this blog, we have tried to satisfy all your queries about this innovative digital tool. So, get ready to start the new chapter of your business with us.

A time tracking app, commonly known as a time tracker, is essentially a digital tool used to keep records of total work hours. For instance, if your team utilizes calendar, Google Calendar time tracking can offer valuable insights into your team’s productivity. It is an automated process that measures the total time spent on its own and eliminates the need for manual input, thus avoiding chances of manual error or professional malpractices.

2. The Importance of Time Tracking in Field Service Business


Imagine this: You are running a field service business with the help of several field technicians. Now, a customer calls you and informs you that the assigned technician for his appointment has not shown up yet. Further, he asks you what is taking him so long and when can he expect the technician to arrive. Of course, as an efficient business manager, you would want to satisfy your customer with relevant information. But if you are still relying on the traditional paper-based business methods, you have no means to possibly answer the questions. Because you have, as a matter of fact, no idea yourself where your employees are. Worse still, you don’t even want the mishap of not reaching the job site on time in the first place.

The significance of time tracking, however, goes far beyond customer experience. It becomes more imperative with regard to resource optimization and revenue generation. Simply put, Time Tracking Software for Small Business plays a key role in utilizing your field technicians to their optimal potential and in turn, ensuring maximum profit from your work orders. Let us explain this a bit further.

As a field service business owner, you must rely on your field technicians to get the real job done, i.e., visiting the job site and fixing the problem. However, the most crucial aspect of managing field teams is that the actual job is done outside the office. Hence, if you want to make sure your employees are reaching the job site on time and they are registering their time accurately, you must be present at all locations at all times, which is practically impossible. So, if you are not using a time tracking tool, you have no means to know whether your employees are reporting the right time of clocking in or clocking out, nor can you know how much time they are actually spending on the job.

Now, imagine a technician reports that he/she has worked for a total of 10 hours. But in reality, he/she took a total of 7.5 hours to finish his/her scheduled jobs. This means you are spending the additional money covering the rest of 2.5 hours from your own pocket, leading to serious revenue leakage. You can’t charge your customer for this time, neither you have the means to know the actual time span and deduct it from your technician’s total billable hours. So, how do you prevent such issues?

The answer to all of these problems is simple. Just get a time tracking app for your employees. Not only does it help to keep your employees honest but also helps you monitor their time and strategize to optimize your resources.

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3. The Benefits of Time Tracking Apps

flow of scheduling software

The benefits of this cutting-edge digital tool are boundless. As mentioned earlier, it helps you keep a tab on your employees’ total time spent on the job, thus enabling you to optimize your resources more efficiently. Moreover, it introduces scalability into your business processes, which is an absolutely essential element for field service management. But there is more to it. Proper time management could result in the following advantages for your business:

  • Efficient project management
  • Improved productivity
  • Understanding resource capacity
  • Monitoring team performances
  • Timely completion of projects
  • Identifying areas of improvement
  • Recognizing top performers
  • Accurate billing
  • Improved professionalism
  • Increased profitability

With the market overflowing with different time tracking apps for different niches, it could be a daunting task to choose the right online tool that fits perfectly with the requirements of your field service business. But how about a time tracking app that fulfills all your needs and offers some more incredible features? Sounds exciting, right? Read on to know more about this.

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4. The Best All-around Time Tracking App: Field Promax


If you want a tailor-made time tracking app for field service management, then go for Field Promax. This smart, cloud-based tool is designed specifically with field technicians in mind. And more importantly, it gives you all kinds of support to manage a remote team, including time tracking. Here is why it works best for you:

  • Field Promax offers the all-in-one solution for field personnel management, from scheduling and dispatching to remote monitoring. With this system, you can directly turn an approved estimate into a work order and assign technicians to the job, which will automatically reflect on their schedule.
  • Technicians also get notified through the app, so they never miss a scheduled appointment and are always on time for the job.
  • Once the technician reaches the job site, he/she can update the time in the app to let you know the exact starting and ending time of the work. This enables you to accurately keep track of the total billable hours for your customers, resulting in flawless invoicing.
  • It also allows your field technicians to clock in and clock out without visiting the office and enables you to keep track of their total billable hours.
  • You can see how much time they are actually spending on respective job sites, and for how long they are on the road/ break, etc.
  • Time cards integrated with work orders eliminate the possibility of erroneous entries and increase your total billable hours by correctly identifying any part of the technician’s time that was not entered in the invoice.
  • It also offers time card approval, which allows technicians to submit their time cards for approval at the end of the day. Once it is approved, it is locked and non-modifiable until payday.
  • You can also get hold of the complete schedule of your technicians with the comprehensive calendar view with daily, weekly, and monthly formats, along with the days off planner, an incredible feature that lets you know which employees are available for the day’s task.
  • Field Promax offers an advanced GPS-integrated field management app that allows you to monitor the real-time location of your employees. This way, you can always be informed about where they are working, how much time they are spending on a particular job, how long it is taking to reach one job site to another, and most importantly, how long will they take to finish the job at hand before they move to the next one. With a comprehensive view of their working hours, you can efficiently plan to increase performance or control operation costs related to the technicians’ billable hours.
  • Field Promax also supports QuickBooks online integration, giving you the complete solution to manage your bookkeeping tasks, data synchronization, as well as creating and sending invoices by taking billable hours into account.
  • The app works on any device across various systems. You can access Field Promax via desktop app, web app, or mobile app. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Before We Wrap Up

The best time tracking app is undoubtedly the one that takes care of all the hard work related to timekeeping and makes your life easy. But more importantly, it should track time without disrupting your creative workflow. While choosing a time tracking app for business, make sure it takes care of all the critical components of time management, including reporting, monitoring, data analysis, invoicing, and everything else there is. In simple words, an efficient time tracking app should simplify the user’s job by providing hassle-free features and services.

At the same time, keep the aspect of customer service and support in mind. No matter how smart or affordable your time tracking app is, you cannot deal with it unless you have the assurance of round-the-clock support and service. Besides, it must be easy to operate. Not just for you, your employees must be comfortable with the tool so that they can use it without any disruption. Otherwise, the whole purpose of using a time tracker is defeated.

Now that you know why time tracking apps are important for your business, all is left to do is choose the best time tracking mobile app for field service management. Time is money and Field Promax helps you save it. So, don’t waste any more of your valuable time. Sign up for Field Promax.

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