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The Best Building Maintenance Software in 2024

building maintenance software

Building maintenance is a lucrative job, despite its grueling reputation. Whether the housing market is undergoing an upward or downward trend, those in this field will do well. Therefore, if you are looking for a profitable and, more importantly, sustainable business idea, building maintenance could be the answer for you.

Given the high demand for residential and commercial spaces worldwide, there is a lot of market competition as well. Therefore, in order to win this fierce race, you need to have a competitive advantage that sets you apart from the other competitors.

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As a contractor with a small building maintenance services portfolio, it can be easy to fall into the trap of doing things manually. It could seem easy and hassle-free when you are dealing with a handful of properties. However, it can be far too easy to have something fall through the cracks. Even minor things, such as forgetting to schedule a repair or misplacing an invoice can lead to unhappy customers, resulting in lower cash flow and an underperforming building maintenance company. This is why people in this business are leaning towards automation. 

This is why building maintenance software has become a popular choice  among professionals today, and there are obvious advantages. 

Good building maintenance softwares can help you attract, screen, and manage tenants, respond to their maintenance requests, and account for all of the expenses and revenue that entails. It can take care of a wide array of tasks on behalf of the landlords and contractors, such as:-

  • Streamline maintenance requests and tenant communications 
  • Schedule inspections and maintenance works
  • Manage recurring maintenance
  • Handle bookkeeping and accounting seamlessly

While there is no doubt that these platforms are helpful in optimizing your operations, you might be wondering which one is the best for your business. 

To help you pinpoint what is the best general building maintenance software solution for your business, we have curated some of the leading options available on the market, carefully pointing out each product’s key functionalities and value proposition. Go through the list to find out what fits your company’s needs the best.

Field Promax

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive solution for your building maintenance company, pick Field Promax. It is the most exhaustive, user-friendly, and affordable remodeling contractor software available.

Field Promax gives business owners, managers, as well as backend executives complete control over their operations regardless of where they are. The sophisticated digital tool includes a complete work order administration suite, a successful dispatching and scheduling software system, and simplified tools for preparing and exchanging estimates. A GPS-enabled mobile app is also included, allowing you to track the whereabouts of your building maintenance workers in real-time, keep tabs on their job progress, and examine the full schedule in several color-coded modes (daily, weekly, monthly, and individual technician schedules).

With the help of this cutting-edge software, you can build estimates, generate bills, and send them straight to your clients. Additionally, the single dashboard gives you easy access to all relevant client data, work order details, and a myriad of other tools that will help you streamline and automate your business processes.

Your field specialists can take job orders, update work progress, and even produce and send bills from the field thanks to the app’s easy two-way connectivity with QuickBooks.

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2. Buildium


Buildium is a comprehensive software for building maintenance that allows landlords, maintenance contractors, and managers to control the operation online. 

Apart from usual building maintenance services , it also automates tasks like rent payments, vacancy management, maintenance cycles, and accounting. It streamlines the whole property management process through accounting, business operations, leasing, and community association management features. 

Among other advanced features, Buildium also has a specialized tenant portal that allows property managers to receive online payments and building maintenance service requests automatically.

To support its wide range of features, Buildium also integrates with several third-party software platforms, including Apartment List,, Forte, HappyCo, TransUnion, MSI, Nelco, Tenant Turner, PayNearMe, Trulia, Zillow, and Zumper etc. 

3. Hemlane


Hemlane gives you the edge by providing all the essential property management functions you need in one easy-to-use platform. To ensure that nothing goes amiss in your building maintenance operations, Hemlane serves as a unified solution for maintenance contractors, property owners, agents, property managers, as well as tenants. 

With all key users in one single platform, it helps your property business run as smoothly as possible. Besides being a maintenance portal, the platform also tracks maintenance requests from start to finish, so all the important information you need is in one place. From the tenants’ end, they can use Hemlane to send messages to landlords, pay rent, and request maintenance.

4. Commusoft


Commusoft is a one-stop shop for online workforce service management for a variety of trade businesses, including construction and building maintenance. Essentially a cloud-based workforce management solution, it is capable of handling a wide range of processes, including installations, maintenance, and servicing, as well as residential and commercial clients.

Using Commusoft, you can manage your client database, technician schedules, quotations, job orders, e-forms, and invoicing easily, and it integrates with high-rated accounting solutions like QuickBooks. Customer relationship management (CRM) services such as equipment management, service reminders, and communication logs are also available from Commusoft.

You can use Commusoft on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and Android tablet.

5. Accruent Maintenance Connection

Accruent Maintenance Connection

Accruent’s Maintenance Connection is a market-leader when it comes to CMMS / EAM multi-site solution that assists maintenance teams in transitioning from reactive to preventative asset maintenance, extending asset life, and maximizing ROI through a robust and easy-to-use platform with simple and quick application and outstanding client satisfaction.

It is a browser-based SaaS solution for the real-time maintenance and management of business assets. It provides an innovative combination of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) to streamline your workflow with its flexible business automation, configurable interface, and RESTful API that is designed to interact with the software toolchain and promote seamless collaboration across the organization along with real-time monitoring.

Some of the main features of Accruent Maintenance Connection include comprehensive work order management, dashboards, inventory and spare parts management,preventive maintenance scheduling, alerts and notifications, asset lifecycle management, business process automation, and real-time reporting.

6. HouseCall Pro

HouseCall Pro

Due to its efficacy and usability, Housecall Pro is another highly rated software that is popular among home building maintenance companies. It is well known for its user-friendly mobile app for field technicians. Additionally, it is a great option for work order administration as well as automatic scheduling and dispatching. Service firms can switch away from paper-based procedures in favor of digital automation thanks to efficient service-based business solutions.

In addition to the usual FSM features and capabilities, Housecall Pro adds extensive job order administration tools like online booking, marketing follow-up, detailed reporting, strategic account management, and QuickBooks integration.

7. Corrigo Enterprise

Corrigo Enterprise

Corrigo Enterprise is the world’s leading facilities maintenance tool (CMMS), providing software and services to mid-market and large businesses in 122 countries. It is a popular cloud-based facilities management software that allows users to take care of the repair and maintenance (R&M) process by creating work orders and dispatching them to service providers. Following that, service providers can invoice electronically.

Corrigo excels across widely spread asset portfolios, specializing in work order management, asset management, and vendor management solutions. Corrigo generates a 238% average ROI over a three-year contract, according to third-party data. The software allows for the tracking of all firm assets as well as data on those assets, including warranty data, replacement vs. maintenance data, real-time reporting, KPIs, budgets, and more. Corrigo’s PM/RM scheduling tool assigns and monitors preventative maintenance work as well. The solution is mobile-friendly and includes optional capabilities like IVR, call center, check-in/check-out, ACH payments, and more.

Corrigo is optimized for mobile device compatibility and comes with a 24/7 training and support team for onboarding, troubleshooting, and post-sales assistance.

8. Service Titan

Service Titan

ServiceTitan is one of the most popular software platforms for running a building maintenance service company. It includes industry best practices to help you streamline your business operations, enhance sales, offer customers a better experience, reduce costs, and overall, manage your organization more efficiently. It combines scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, sales, marketing, reporting, and more in a mobile-optimized, cloud-based platform that is both powerful and easy to use.

9. UpKeep Maintenance Management

UpKeep Maintenance Management

UpKeep is an excellent choice for building maintenance management solutions that helps organizations scale by providing every Maintenance and Reliability team with the tools and information required to conduct Operations effectively and efficiently. UpKeep’s CMMS is conveniently accessible from any device, including your laptop/desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. Create work orders on the go, receive notifications when tasks are modified, and receive alerts when assets fail, allowing your organization to perform its duties with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.

10. FieldEdge


Our final pick for building maintenance software is FieldEdge. It offers a thorough field service management solution with a wide variety of features, making it a fantastic choice for companies of all sizes.

Users can view the history of contracts, quotes, bills, equipment, and work orders using FieldEdge’s client management tool. It provides a thorough overview of each client as well as previous projects.

Using the built-in mobile app, users may share images with customers and the back office. Attaching images to a work order gives customers a thorough understanding of installation procedures, tools, repair needs, and maintenance problems. Customers can better understand a problem’s evolution by viewing photos taken over time. It also includes a thorough history of each piece of equipment. This enables professionals to decide whether a customer’s home’s equipment needs to be replaced. 

Technicians may review and upload digital versions of equipment specification documents using the mobile app. FieldEdge is also an excellent general building maintenance cost estimator.

Final Words

All the solutions mentioned here could be ideal for starting a building maintenance service business. But remember, your company will eventually grow and your orders will increase. If you need to let go of your current choice and switch to new business software, it will be a waste of both your time and hard-earned money. 

Therefore, choose something that fulfills your specific needs from the get-go, yet has the flexibility to accommodate your changing requirements as your business reaches new heights. 

In this regard, Field Promax is the best building maintenance software for your company. It is full of stunning features, but most importantly, it offers the widest range of customization to suit your changing needs. Plus, it offers a flexible range of pricing plans to fit your teams, no matter how large or small they are, with the option to upgrade the plan in the future.

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Building maintenance software is a digital tool that enables building managers, landlords, and maintenance supervisors to automate the back-end tasks in order to oversee maintenance chores and staff.

Field Promax  is a software system that allows users to monitor and control equipment within a building. With an efficient BMS, you can easily achieve a high level of comfort for all building users. It will also assist in reducing operational costs, such as labor and energy expenditures.

Field Promax is the best software for system maintenance. It provides an end-to-end automation solution to streamline all your maintenance tasks, including scheduling, dispatch, estimates, real-time monitoring, time-tracking, reporting, preventive maintenance, asset management, equipment management, inventory management, multi-location support, database management, security levels, invoicing, and more. It is optimized for all mobile devices and is available on iOS, Windows, and Android.

A computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS, is software that centralizes maintenance information and simplifies maintenance operations processes in a building maintenance business. It aids in the optimization of the utilization and availability of physical assets such as vehicles, machinery, communications, infrastructure, and other assets.

Building maintenance involves three major categories of maintenance tasks, i.e.,

  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance

CAFM, or Computer-Aided Facility Management, assists facility managers (FM) in automating several areas of facility management, including the usage of real estate. CMMS software, on the other hand, offers functionality focused on the administration of maintenance operations and is frequently included in the CAFM package.