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The 5 Best FieldEdge Alternative Solutions You Can Choose for Your Business

FieldEdge Alternative

Are you looking for a good field service management software solution for your business?

Field service is a highly competitive industry. And to keep your business afloat, you need to make sure that you are utilizing every resource available and making the most of it. To this end, field service management software solutions have become indispensable. But with hundreds of options available on the market, it can be a tough challenge to choose the right one for your business. In this blog, we have put together the five best FieldEdge alternative solutions that you can rely on.

So, if you are looking for a change and to boost your business, read ahead.

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When it comes to FSM software, many businesses have chosen FieldEdge for themselves. FieldEdge is a service business scheduling software that aims to streamline the entire service process, from quote and scheduling to invoicing and payment. It has a simple framework but powerful tools like a drag-and-drop calendar, analytics-driven job orders, and self-service for clients. The wide range of features can seem lucrative for big organizations, but they can be prohibitive for small or medium-scale field service businesses

Despite the efficiency of the tools, the wide range of features may also be troublesome for multiple new users to navigate. The software also experiences a few bugs that make it difficult to handle management tasks. 

Reviews also indicate that the software gets interpreted with multiple downtimes, delivering a poor user experience. The on-ground and management teams can experience different FieldEdge login issues that hinder work management. The integration with QuickBooks is also not seamless at times, and there are multiple data issues encountered by customers that can impact the proper financial matters of a business.

The most pressing concern with FieldEdge, however, is that the customer support provided by the organization is not always up to the highest standards as compared to several other field service software companies. 

Considering the drawbacks, it is indeed a wise decision to invest in a FieldEdge alternative solution that gives you a more seamless, efficient, and effective service. But more importantly, it must meet all your automation needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

So, what are your options? Here are our top choices:


Field Promax is a cloud-based software solution specifically designed for field service businesses. The smart, efficient digital tool is widely popular across the globe for its vast range of features and impressive capabilities to streamline and standardize business processes. 

Essentially, one can take care of and systematically automate the entire business operation with this stunning piece of technology. Field Promax offers digital solutions for almost all tasks, including scheduling and dispatching, estimates, monitoring, reporting, invoicing, and so much more.

It also features an integrated mobile application for both managers and field technicians. Using the app, technicians can clock in and clock out, accept or reject work orders, update their job status, notify the management about the time spent on a single assignment, add items and parts used to the work order so that they are calculated in the final invoice, and do so much more. 

With the help of GPS technology, the app connects the technicians in the field to the management operations in the office. This makes remote collaboration for field service management the most organized, efficient, and effective it can be. 

Field Promax also features one of the most efficient and seamless integrations with QuickBooks. With the two-way sync, you can use your customer database to get a wide variety of tasks done, such as work order creation, invoice generation, repeat order management, and so on.

The highlight of Field Promax is its superior ease of use. The system has almost no learning curve, even though it has a lot of advanced features and functions. Besides, it can be accessed via personal desktops and smartphones without having to invest in any high-end gadgets or install any complex software.

Field Promax also boasts one of the most effective and reliable customer support services, with the promise to serve every step of the way, from onboarding to troubleshooting. Plus, it has a wide range of price points to fit any budget and a lot of ways to make it your own

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2. FieldCamp


Another field service software ideal for small and medium businesses is FieldCamp. It features a robust scheduling and dispatching tool for instant job scheduling and work order management. Furthermore, you can expect efficient and smooth operations with payment processing, customer management, real-time monitoring, reports, and analytics, among others.

The powerful dashboard enables you to get centralized control over your field service business and ensure that the work is efficient and effective. You can manage and create invoices and schedules, process payments, take consistent follow-ups, manage customer relations, and send reports within a few clicks.

The software is designed to help businesses of multiple sizes solve their field service business complexities. It is available in desktop and mobile versions. However, it does not support any third-party integrations, such as QuickBooks.

3. mHelpDesk


mHelpDesk is a quality, easy-to-use field service management solution that can help service companies streamline their service tasks with finesse. It can help automate schedules, billings, invoices, and other estimations.

You can extract detailed reports from the tool and generate the required information for enhancing your service experience.

The tool delivers a quality customer experience with automated operating features and quality customer support. It even works in an offline mode that can help your team and your management collaborate even if the internet connection is weak.

mHelpDesk supports multiple third-party integrations and is available for iOS and Android devices. You can create quick schedule estimates using the software, and it offers quality features like GPS mode, real-time location, offline mode, workflow management, and mobile payment processing.

4. ServiceTrade


ServiceTrade can help you improve your existing business workflow in the service industry, which can enable you to deliver quality customer satisfaction. It can add immense value to your service business by maximizing the work efficiency of your workforce.

The software provides customer service functionality that can help you increase the customers’ online engagement and maintain healthy relationships. You can strengthen your long-term relationships and build a good business profile to stand out from the rest and achieve your business goals.

ServiceTrade enables you to share after-service reports and photos that can help you get a holistic view of the service. You can manage your work orders, emergency services, and scheduled work plans within a few clicks.

The software can be integrated with other business tools to help you create a strong business ecosystem that eliminates human errors and redundancies.

ServiceTrade offers inventory management, activity tracking, document management, an application programming interface, and third-party integrations.

5. WorkWave


WorkWave is a powerful field service management software that can help your business unlock new growth opportunities by integrating automation into your existing manual service 

management process. Plus, it offers a user-friendly UI/UX that makes this a better choice compared to the FieldEdge app.

You can access the mobile and desktop versions to centrally manage your on-ground employees and access their details within a few clicks. WorkWave also lets you accept payments, schedule work, and extract customized reports using a powerful backend system.

You can review the details within the software and achieve better productivity for your workflows and your team.

WorkWave offers a host of useful features, like GPS tracking, QuickBooks integration, built-in reporting, mobile access, work scheduling and dispatching, among others.

Final Words

fieldedge alternative software

In today’s market, there are plenty of options available when you look for an alternative to FieldEdge software. But these are the best choices you can make. They not only give you efficient automation support to streamline and standardize your processes, but they also exceed in aspects that FieldEdge significantly lacks, such as customization, ease of use, and customer support. 

Having said that, every business has different needs. So, make sure the choice you make fulfills your requirements. And don’t forget to compare the features and deals before you make your decision.

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FieldEdge by Xplor is a cloud-based field service management solution for home service contractors in fields including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and more.

FieldEdge has a monthly subscription fee of $100 per office user (dispatchers and management), plus $125 per technician. FieldEdge works on a month-to-month billing system, with no contracts involved.

FieldEdge is a cloud-based field service management and customer management software.

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