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Top 5 Benefits of Using A Time Tracking App for Your Field Service Technicians

Time Tracker App

For any business, time is money! For the same you need a Time Tracking App.

You have probably heard it a thousand times before. But the importance of time management can never be emphasized enough in business. Especially if you are running a service business, managing and utilizing your time is even more important, since your customers pay you for your time. Naturally, you need to keep a close eye on your employees and how they are spending their time on the field. And to do this job right, you need Time Tracking App that gives you complete control and transparency in your operations. This is where time-tracking comes in handy. And you could get this for free if you are using field service business software.

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Time tracking is key to understanding how you spend your time, personally and in business. It is key to productivity, insight, and a healthy workflow. This is equally important to everybody in field service management. Why? Well, there are at least a hundred reasons why you should track time as a business owner. But the more important question here is why you should use digital tools for time-tracking.

In this blog, we have tried to list the most prominent benefits of the time tracker app feature in your service management software. If you are still wondering whether investing in time-tracking apps is a good idea, go through this and you will realize why it should be your top priority.

Increase Productivity

When your employees are tracking time, they focus on one task at a time. Therefore, they are less likely to multitask, which is a big productivity killer. Knowing everything’s being captured can also do wonders to lock productive focus. Consequently, your employees can:

  • Concentrate better on their projects and tasks.
  • Get work done faster.
  • Work more efficiently.

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2. Prevent Micromanagement and Use a Time Tracking App

Prevent Micromanagement

You can’t maintain a healthy workload or gauge the sustainability of your business without knowing your capacity. The feature in Time Tracking App on the field service software can show you this in real-time, which allows managers to coordinate and balance team efforts for current and future work. When employees can see the amount of time they invest in a particular project, it motivates them to accomplish a different task faster. Since employees are more focused, managers don’t have to constantly see if their team members are working. This eliminates the need for micromanaging tasks.

3. Ensures Accountability

Ensures Accountability

With time tracker app system in the workplace, you can monitor

  • Which employee completed a specific task
  • When the jobs were completed
  • How much time was put into each job

By using Time Tracking App, you can understand if your resources are used to their optimal potential and whether you are paying your technicians correctly for their total billable hours. Besides, employees are also able to see the time tracked with their field management apps. So they can complete their jobs with increased efficiency, avoid procrastination, and even hold themselves accountable for their progress throughout the project.

4. Improve Profitability

improve profitability

Time Tracking App let you quickly review profitability across all your clients and individual projects, so you can work out which actually brings home the bacon. By recording all work and effort put into a piece of work, time-tracking apps help you see if you are over or under-delivering on a specific project. By making all project work visible, they also allow you to factor in project costs to future rates. It’s ideal for understanding all the additional extras that bust budgets, and where you may need to revise expectations or processes with certain clients.

5. Reduce Project Costs

reduce cost

When you track time, you can determine how much time every project takes to complete. With this information, you can create an estimated timeline for all your operations. If you know this timeline in advance, you can spend more time looking for the most cost-effective resources. Additionally, you can use this timeline to figure out how exactly many resources are required for every project stage, so you don’t overspend on acquiring them. There’s more! By aggregating your time and costs across similar tasks, time tracker app help you establish fair and profitable rates. It’s especially useful when setting rates for long-term projects and discounts for repeat business.

Final Words 

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With businesses more competitive than ever before, companies have to manage time better in order to gain an advantage. The more work they do in the shortest amount of time, the faster they can increase profits. Therefore, if you are not using a time-tracking system, you are losing precious competitive advantage. 

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