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The Best Chimney Inspection Software for Your Business in 2023

best chimney inspection software
Field Promax has been chosen the best chimney inspection software all over the world.

Well, there are hundreds of other options available on the market. You might ask why Field Promax is our top pick for the best chimney inspection software. We will get to that. You might also want to know if there are alternatives to Field Promax and whether they are as good as the one you think is best. So, if you want the answers, keep reading.

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But before we go into that discussion, do you know what chimney inspection software does for your business? Why is this even important? Let’s start with that.

Chimney Software

Essentially, chimney inspection software is a Field Service Management tool that enables your technicians to operate more efficiently in the field. It is the most effective way to automate and streamline your business operations. The software solution helps you run your chimney sweep business more efficiently with cutting-edge features such as scheduling, dispatching, monitoring, reporting, time-tracking, reporting, invoicing, routing, and more.

Most leading chimney sweep software solutions also offer stunning functionalities like equipment tracking, timesheets, calendar views, digital signature support, easy-to-use estimate and invoicing templates, GPS tracking, and so on. You can call this an all-in-one automation support to automate your chimney sweep business.

2. What Benefits Does Chimney Inspection Software Have?

Chimney Inspection

If you are trying to maximize your service delivery and provide the best customer experience, your best bet is to invest in chimney inspection software. Once you start using one, you’ll never want to go back to your usual paper-based practices. Ask any chimney sweep business owner who recently switched to a paperless field management system, they will solemnly vouch for the claim. No wonder more and more businesses are leaning towards this stunning piece of technology.

So, why chimney sweep software solutions are so popular? Simply because of the abundance of advantages they bring along. For example, it enables you to:

  • Streamline operations and improve the productivity of your back office and mobile technicians with one, easy-to-use digital solution
  • Easily manage customers, scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing on a single platform
  • Store and manage data on secure cloud storage
  • Access the database from anywhere, anytime
  • Provide your field employees with access to valuable customer data from the job site
  • Add more scalability and transparency to your processes
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Increase revenue

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3. Why Field Promax is the Best Chimney Inspection Software?

Field Service Management Software

Now that you have an idea why chimney sweep software solutions are important and what are they expected to do for your business, let’s turn to the original question– why do we think that Field Promax is the best software solution for you?

In a nutshell, Field Promax is the ultimate software solution for any chimney sweep business. It is practically a one-stop solution for all your automation needs. Besides, it has the most flexible customization facility, giving you the freedom to modify and utilize the features in a way that best suits your requirements. Plus, it has one of the most affordable products you’ll find on the market. There’s more to the story!


Field Promax is designed with the most extensive range of features and functionalities. To name a few, it offers the following tools:


Considering the list, one can say that Field Promax offers an end-to-end solution for automating chimney sweep businesses. It also features a seamless two-way synchronization with QuickBooks Online, making it one of the best alternatives for chimney sweep accounting software as well. 

24/7 Customer Support

Field Promax also boasts one of the best customer support. From onboarding to troubleshooting, it guarantees reliable, effective service every step of the way. 


The highlight of Field Promax, however, is its surprisingly user-friendly interface. It is simple and quite easy to understand. With just a few clicks, you can create a task and assign it to your team. They also have a smartphone app that is very user-friendly. Every feature is neatly organized and easily accessible from the dashboard. Comprehensive, color-coded calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly, and individual schedules) provide a quick overview of ongoing projects, their status, and the employees assigned, eliminating every possible chance of scheduling error and mismanagement. 

In addition, Field Promax has almost zero learning curve, even for your field technicians. All you need to do is to watch a 10-15 minute video, and you are ready to sweep it all up. 


Despite the abundance of features and functionalities, Field Promax offers the best price and the most flexible plans for catering to every chimney sweep business, big and small. It has not one, not two, but five different subscription plans to suit any business, including a 14-day trial period.

  • Plan A costs only $49 per month for 2 users
  • Plan B costs $63 (up to 5 users)
  • Plan C costs $87 (up to 10 users)
  • Plan D costs $175 (up to 25 users)
  • Plan E costs $399 (up to 50 users)

The best part is that the free trial period gives you unrestricted access to all the features for 14 days. And you don’t even need a credit card to sign up for Field Promax.

What more could you ask for from a software solution? No wonder it has been dubbed the best chimney inspection software all around.

4. What are the Alternatives to Field Promax?

The Sweep App

If you want to look up some more options and compare them, here are our top picks.

The Sweeps App

The Sweeps App is a leading chimney sweep software solution, making it great for business owners looking for specialized software. The best feature of The Sweeps App is the drag-and-drop calendars that simplify your scheduling.

Other key tasks The Sweeps App improves include:

  • Create professional invoices in a flash and get paid on the spot.
  • Send appointment reminders to customers.
  • Record customer data in a centralized database.


Another efficient chimney inspection software is FieldEdge. It is a gold-certified field service management tool that focuses on scheduling, customer account management, dispatch, and managing service agreements. It also features a service dashboard that provides performance analytics and mobile CRM functionalities to keep the entire staff, whether in the field or back office, connected in real time.



simPRO enhances your scheduling thanks to simple dashboards that provide an at-a-glance view of your schedule. What’s more, the solution’s QuickBooks and Xero integration speeds up the bookkeeping process.

simPRO also allows you to:

  • Track your chimney sweeper’s whereabouts with maps updated in real time.
  • Get paid on the field through an online customer portal.
  • Create accurate job estimates in a flash.


Next on our list of the best chimney sweep business software is WorkWave.

WorkWave is field service software that centralizes your scheduling through a unified calendar app. 

Beyond that, WorkWave also lets you:

  • Create detailed customer records and look for necessary information on demand.
  • Access job details anywhere with a mobile chimney business app.
  • Create automatic professional invoices for repeat customers.


mHelpDesk’s customizable workflows let this software adapt to your needs. With its features, you can:

  • Make great first impressions on leads with personalized service.
  • Create quick and accurate estimates with pre-built templates.
  • Get paid faster with on-the-job invoicing.

Final Words

Technician for Chimney

Every business has different needs. Therefore, choosing the right chimney inspection software could be a daunting task, especially for small businesses. There are a lot of risks involved, the biggest of them being the limited budget set aside. 

Considering the range of features and flexible pricing, it is no surprise why Field Promax is our #1 choice. So, if you want to make the most of your investment, switch to this cutting-edge paperless business solution today.

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  • During a professional chimney inspection, you will need to check for creosote buildup, flue blockages, leaks, cracks, damage, and other issues that could cause costly problems or increase your risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Both the NFPA and Spisto recommend getting your chimney cleaned and inspected once a year by a qualified professional. Regardless of chimney type, you should have your chimney swept at least one time a year.

Maintaining and performing regular chimney sweep is important for two major reasons:

  • Your home and family are much safer if you keep up with chimney maintenance.
  • You can reduce the cost of chimney repairs by addressing problems and having repairs made early.

Here are seven clear signs that indicate your chimney or fireplace needs cleaning:

  • Your fireplace smells like a campfire. …
  • Fires burn oddly. …
  • It takes more effort to get a fire going and keep it going. …
  • Smoke fills the room. …
  • The fireplace damper is black. …
  • Fireplace walls have oily marks. …
  • There’s evidence of animals.

Some common chimney problems are chimney obstruction, creosote, brickwork problems, chimney crown and cap, and cracks in the flue.

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