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How to Promote Your Cleaning Business with Minimum Budget

Cleaning Business

Do you need ideas on how to promote your cleaning business and get clients?

This post has ideas and tips to help house-cleaning businesses quickly generate leads and get new clients.

Setting up a new business is a challenging task. But the real challenge begins when you start looking for new clients and building your customer base. Sounds daunting? It doesn’t have to be if you take a few minutes to think about intelligent and effective ways to promote your cleaning business.

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Marketing can be a challenge for many business owners. You started your company because you know something about cleaning, not necessarily marketing. Nevertheless, self-promotion is an integral part of any business. If you haven’t navigated these waters before, you’ll want to learn quickly to establish or maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Here are some ways to promote your cleaning business to generate local buzz and earn more clients!


Before we talk about how you can advertise your cleaning business, let’s take a moment to understand what advertising is really about. If you’re new to the industry, you may need clarification on marketing and advertising as the same thing. They are not!

Advertising is a subset of marketing, as the latter focuses on the big picture for the growth of the business. Marketing may involve research and analysis of customer needs and expectations and further use that information in marketing.

On the other hand, advertising is simply the process of promoting your business, service, or product. It’s often paid marketing wherein you advertise on some platform. That said, there’s also such a thing as free advertisement. For a startup cleaning business, you’ll need to look for more accessible ways to advertise your business than pay for it.

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Now, with that important lesson out of the way, let’s look at some ways you can advertise cleaning businesses.

2. Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service where you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. Yes, you’ll have to spend a little money if you choose to promote your cleaning business this way, but using Google Ads will (literally) put you on the map, so when people search for your type of business on Google Maps, yours will appear. (Your ads will appear elsewhere as well.) It’s free to get started, so even if you don’t have a budget right now, it might be worth checking out for future use.

3. Social media

Social media

If you’re not already posting on social media, you may be missing out on many business opportunities. Social media has become the most popular way to advertise your services and connect with potential customers. More importantly, it is largely free, which means you can leverage this marketing strategy without investing anything.

Instagram can be a particularly useful way to promote your cleaning business because images are its primary feature, which means you can showcase some of your company’s great work! Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are also suitable platforms to consider.

Don’t limit your activity to posts, though. Engage your audience. Invite people to comment on your posts and respond to the comments to start a dialogue, giving your company a voice in the online and local communities. And don’t forget the hashtags!

4. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

If Google Ads are too much of a hassle for you or simply out of your budget, Facebook Groups are the next best thing to advertise cleaner services and are also free to advertise on.

You can use different kinds of Facebook groups for marketing your cleaning business. For instance, every town or neighborhood has a Facebook group for the community to interact with. Many small businesses use these groups for advertising their Facebook business page.

You’ll need to search for such groups for the neighborhood and areas you serve. Similarly, there might even be groups directly related to house cleaning and other home services.

Most such groups may be private, so you’ll need to request permission from the admin before posting something.

In addition to advertising for cleaning services, you can also offer exclusive deals or discounts to members of those groups in order to generate sales.

Follow the same good marketing practices as discussed for Facebook Ads. Display all relevant information, including your contact information and operating hours. You may also post your rates for the services you offer and any discounts, for that matter.

5. YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

For those with a little higher marketing budget, YouTube ads are a great way to bring your business forward and promote it. YouTube is the world’s biggest video platform, with billions of views generated every month.

Similar to PPC on search engines and social media platforms, YouTube ads can also be customized for your targeted viewers. For instance, the ads can be played in the region you’re located in. Similarly, the videos can play before and during videos relevant to your field, i.e., the cleaning industry.

YouTube ads also offer a wide variety in terms of content and costs. You don’t necessarily need to produce a full-fledged video ad; you can use a simple graphic with some music for a few seconds. However, it would be great if you could make a nice video.

There’s so much room for creativity when it comes to video advertisements. You can also run the ads in conjunction with a YouTube channel where you can post videos related to cleaning to promote your business and maybe make passive income on the side.

Other than video ads, you can invest in bumper ads that display on the videos. These non-skippable ads are even more effective for a cleaning business. Then you also have the option of banners and overlays, just as ads appear on other websites.

YouTube can also cover mobile marketing, as most users access YouTube videos on their mobile devices.

6. Online Marketplaces

Banner Image

Listing your business on online job marketplaces is the most effective way to advertise a cleaning business. It can help you find new clients without a large up-front investment.

  • TaskRabbit is perhaps the best-known online job connection service, matching service providers like cleaning businesses with customers for a percentage share of your fee.
  • Yelp is one of the most popular free local business directories. With over 178 million monthly users, it can lead you to a fortune of potential customers.
  • Thumbtack offers a similar job-matching service but charges small businesses a flat fee to send a potential customer a quote.
  • Handy is an online job marketplace connecting household service providers with new clients and heavily focuses on the professional cleaning industry. Like TaskRabbit, Handy keeps a percentage of what your company charges customers.
  • Yahoo! Local is free for a basic listing, but if you pay $30 a month, they will add you to 40 more directories.

7. Company Website

Company Website

A website is an integral part of promoting a cleaning business. It helps your company connect with new clients. It offers your company the opportunity to emerge in the search engine results when prospective clients look for cleaning services within your company’s area. Having a website is affordable. Create your own website easily with the right tools and resources.

Final Words


With the rapid growth of mobile technology and increased access to the internet, consumers are constantly searching for businesses online. If you go ahead and ask anybody under 40 about how they generally discover new companies, the two most common answers word be “from a friend/family” or “online”. Marketing is about getting more customers to find you, but ensuring your cleaning business is found online is your responsibility. Clearly, this is the best way to advertise cleaning businesses or any businesses for that matter. 

Therefore, if you don’t have a strong online presence yet, it is high time you up your social media game and join the race. Else, your competitors will outrun you in finding and converting potential customers.

Once you figure out your online marketing strategy, it is time to take advantage of advanced digital tools. And there is no better tool to generate more leads and close more sales in your cleaning business is Field Promax. So, if you want that great wealth of loyal customer base, switch to Field Promax Cleaning Business Software now.

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