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Mobile Technology: A Futuristic Companion Of Schedule Management

mobile technology field management

With the advent of mobile technology, workplaces are evolving at a rapid speed. It has made businesses more dynamic, flexible, and adaptive. Essentially, mobile technology is the technology that goes where the user goes. It consists of portable two-way communications devices, computing devices and the networking technology that connects them. With this technology available, more and more field service management organizations are taking advantage of what they can get done with a small device, as opposed to pen and paper. And this has resulted in a significant rise in the popularity of Field service mobility solutions.


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In the last few years, small and medium-sized businesses that deal with service management, have achieved an improved quality in management and delivery of services, all thanks to mobile technologies. The changing trends indicate that smartphones or handheld devices have become the primary tool for communication. Apparently, more than 49% of the field workforce are now using the same for both internal and external communication on the job. While laptops and tablets make up the other half of the equation, it is still a lot of talk for a small device. And the trends indicate that the percentage is only likely to go up from here. Experts predict that in the next round of device purchases, approximately 75% of service businesses will go for smartphones and handheld devices to access necessary resources, including mobile field apps.

As evident from the statistics, Field service mobile apps are changing the traditional ways of field service management dramatically. All across the globe, companies are embracing the evolution of mobilization. Most of the workforce management is taking place on mobile devices nowadays. Here’s how mobile technology is serving as a perfect long-term companion to schedule management.

Team Management

An automated tool for service scheduling is reducing the managerial burden experienced in companies where field services are provided. A field service scheduling app decides the right technician for a request of service sent by a client. When choosing a technician for a job, the same tool ensures that a technician’s expertise and experience have been used in the decision-making process. With that, managers don’t have to follow their considerations when assigning tasks to technicians. The schedules reach every employee via an app, which makes them prepared for the whole day in advance.

2. Software for Service Dispatch

Scheduling and Dispatching

A tool for service dispatch ensures high-quality customer experiences. The system receives plenty of data regarding the service date, preferred time, and others for every customer. This allows companies to cater to the need of every customer easily.

The data associated with the preferred time, cancellation of services, customer refusals, and others help to create a perfect service dispatch profile for every customer. Over time, the data sets for each customer start to show a trend, which makes predictive management of field services possible.

This systematic approach makes companies and technicians more assured about the type of services a customer requires. They can focus on delivering customer-specific experiences, which results in improved customer loyalty and enhanced word-of-mouth for businesses.

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3. Software for Managing Work Orders on Mobile

Mobile app view

Using a software solution to manage work orders brings great relief to the work-life of managers in the industry of field services. The process of managing a field service turns into a mobile application. Packed with seamless features and advanced technologies, such software solutions take care of scheduling, dispatching, and managing field services.

Managers can feel stress-free about tracking operations. Even the smallest processes get tracked automatically via a mobile application. So, managers get to stay on top of everything from scheduling and staffing to dispatching and invoicing.

Along with that, managers in a field service company can also utilize such software solutions for role management. Using a work order management tool on mobile, businesses make role management smoother and easier in the field service.

4. Logging Tasks and Services

Work Orders SCHEDULE

For the management of field services, managers need to log tasks and services regularly, which makes it a redundant and repetitive task. With a mobile tool for service logging, this procedure becomes exceptionally smoother. The tool records the job completion period taken by a technician for the managers. Along with that, they can evaluate how efficiently a team is working. The same tools also allow monitoring customer feedback every time they receive a service.

This integration of multiple features allows managers to obtain an in-depth understanding of each technician’s service history at any time. This can help in rewarding deserving technicians and teams. Managers can gauge the efficiency and productivity of each technician. Whenever they find scope for improvement, business leaders can arrange training sessions for technicians to become more skilled. Such training sessions can allow less efficient employees to obtain knowledge and expertise from employees who are more efficient and senior.

With such an approach, any field service company can achieve a streamlined workflow with the efficiency of mobility.

5. Software for Asset Tracking

Pool Service Software

Along with mobility, field service technicians can utilize software solutions for asset tracking as well. This feature allows them to make a report of every asset’s condition before they start their service procedure. So, uploading pictures of an asset on an asset tracking application can send the report to the managers. Similarly, QR codes are also helpful in tracking an asset’s data associated with its service history and performance history.

This approach takes away the chances of any errors associated with the management of asset information. No matter what scale of field service business you run, asset tracking is a valuable feature to acquire and utilize.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, there is a vast range of mobile technology solutions available to manage scheduling services. Companies that provide field services can benefit from their management capabilities and transform the experience of their customers. And, it all happens with a reliable scheduling management solution providing mobility.

When you find an advanced, easy-to-use software solution for your business, it performs crucial tasks with ease and allows management via mobile devices. Apart from operational improvement, you can utilize such a tool to have a clear view of your business. That way, you can see which areas are growing and which processes need improvement. Hence, you can create a perfect workplace that makes your customers and technicians happy.

It is uplifting to add mobile technologies to your business process management. For small and medium-sized field service businesses, productivity and efficiency are primary goals. Therefore, mobile solutions for scheduling management seem like a welcoming upgrade. You can find a solution provider who specializes in field service processes and has an advanced field staff management app powered by mobile technology to serve your requirements.

For small and medium field service businesses, it is more important to leverage the latest technological advancements. They can overcome the lack of a large team with the automation provided by advanced mobile tools. And, as your business grows, scalable scheduling management solutions will upgrade as well to match your requirements. So, make a list of your current and future business requirements to leverage mobile technology from now on!

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