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5 Electrician Apps to Make Your Job Easier: Our Pick for 2023

App for Electrician Contractors
Streamlining processes in your electrical businesses has never been easier!

Traditionally, electricians used reference manuals and handbooks to look up formulas and techniques to perform on-the-spot calculations. They also used paper invoices to scribble down how much customers owed. However, if you are still following the same archaic methods, your business is losing serious competitive advantages. With the advent of modern technology, now you have a plethora of digital tools at your disposal to boost your business. There are various electrician apps and software solutions that can help you streamline these operations. These helpful apps make it much easier to manage your business while also providing you with all of the necessary tools you require right on your smartphone or PC.

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Mobile technology has transformed the conventional approach of doing business in recent years. The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets has fueled the tendency even further and for a good cause. Mobile phones and other handheld devices allow on-demand access to vital information and essential applications.

Mobile app for Electrical technician

Like any other industry, electrical service companies promptly embraced the innovation. A flurry of software systems and applications quickly filled the market, promising incredible features and benefits. But what readily grabbed the attention was electrician apps. By definition, such an app for electrician workers are designed to automate and streamline processes. In other words, they enable you to take care of day-to-day tasks, such as scheduling and dispatching, creating estimates, managing work orders, monitoring electricians, tracking time, managing equipment and inventory, generating invoices, etc. from your mobile phone. Besides, it also helps field technicians to access important information directly from the job site, without requiring intervention from the back office. With such an incredible tool at your disposal, you can expect increased efficiency, productivity, transparency, and customer satisfaction in your operations.

Clearly, the benefits of an electrician management app are manifold. But which apps are most effective and useful for electricians?

Electrician Management App

In this blog, we have compiled a list of five best apps currently available on the market. Go through the reviews and choose the electrician app that best suits your needs.

Field Promax

Field Promax is essentially a cloud-based electrician service app. It provides unique solutions for the electrical contractor industry that efficiently streamline and standardize company procedures. Using cutting-edge cloud storage technology, the effective mobile app easily connects field employees with admins back in the office. It gives technicians fast access to important information, resulting in higher first-time fix rates.

Electrical contractors may use the app to carry out virtually any administrative task, no matter where they are. Field technicians, on the other hand, can use the app to clock in and out, accept or deny work orders, update project status, track time, add products and parts to the final invoice, receive alerts and notifications, and do a variety of other things.

Field Promax also supports QuickBooks integration and provides real-time data synchronization. Thus, it allows you to manage your accounts, job orders, inventory, and invoices from one single platform, eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

Field Promax provides an end-to-end solution for all of your company’s activities, from handling work orders to scheduling specialists, from developing deal-winning estimates to generating perfect invoicing. The app’s main selling point, though, is its ease of use. Training your employees to use the app will only take a few hours, if not a complete day. Furthermore, it is available for both iOS and Android, so your employees may use the app from their own smartphones, saving you money on expensive gadgets. No wonder it is regarded as one of the best electrician apps today.

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2. FieldEdge


FieldEdge is another electrician app renowned for effective business automation. It is a gold-certified solution for managing electric services, with a focus on dispatching, scheduling, and keeping service agreements and client accounts up to date.

It also includes a service dashboard with mobile CRM features and performance data to keep all employees linked in real time, whether they are on the road or in the office.

3. mHelpdesk


mHelpDesk is another electrical contractor application widely known for its mobile app. The popularity of the system stems from its superior ease of use and efficient, user-friendly interface. But there are more reasons to love the product.

mHelpDesk is popular a mobile app that allows you to text jobs to workers and use a range of other mobile apps. Scheduling and dispatching, database management, and payment management are additional services.

Workers can use this program to keep things organized even while they are not in the office. The system’s capabilities help managers avoid double booking, overbooking, and other scheduling issues. Administrators can delegate tasks to members of the field team, reschedule assignments, attach files and photos, and write notes. Users can also add personalized service details using the app to improve service quality.

4. WorkWave


Workwave’s all-in-one solution enables you to manage field service projects while also meeting the needs of individual customers. They’ve created a simple smartphone app (for both Android and iOS) that allows crews and technicians to easily connect with the back office and manage their schedules.

It also includes a customer relationship management system, drag-and-drop scheduling, database administration, as well as serves as an electrician invoicing app.

5. KickServ


Last but not least, KickServ is a fantastic option for electrical contractor apps. It is well-known for work order administration and CRM, and its simple user interface makes it an excellent choice.

KickServ includes features such as scheduling and dispatching, notifications, job management, availability indicators, calendar views, billing and invoicing, CRM, inventory management, customer databases, contract/license management, estimates, electronic payment processing, GPS tracking, job tracking, file storage, digital signature support, and QuickBooks integration.

KickServ also enables dashboard customization based on specific company requirements, as well as a customizable homepage ambience. Intelligent cybersecurity technology enables you to safely access your data from any location.

KickServ has a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Final Thoughts

When starting an electrical business, choosing the right resources and tools is the most crucial task you’ll have to do. In this regard, the best decision you can make for your electrical service business in today’s digital age, is downloading the right electrician app.

As an electrician, you have an extremely hazardous and often difficult job. Today, many electricians work as independent contractors or own small businesses. This might result in a slew of administrative hassles, such as managing billing and contracts, scheduling, accounting, customer management, and other responsibilities. It can be tough for any electrician to handle both the professional trade and business sides, which is why an efficient electrician app is required.

To this end, any of the apps mentioned in this list could be a good fit. But if you want the best value for your hard-earned money, Field Promax is the ideal choice for you. Let us explain why.

Thoughts on Electrician App

Adopting a new technology is always a challenging task. Business automation is no different. Moreover, your headache doesn’t end with you mastering the tool. As a business owner, you need to train your employees as well. Now, when an app comes with a truckload of features and capabilities, it is bound to be a daunting task to get the hang of it. This is where Field Promax stands out among the crowd. Despite its plethora of features, it is one of the easiest electrician apps to use for both managers and field technicians. It has an amazingly user-friendly interface and comes with the promise of almost zero learning curve. Besides, it runs on any device and is available on both iOS and Android. This means your technicians can use the app from their own smartphones without requiring you to invest in expensive gadgets for yourself or your employees.

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Electrician apps are mobile applications designed to automate and streamline processes in an electrical service business. In other words, they enable you to take care of day-to-day tasks, such as scheduling and dispatching, creating estimates, managing work orders, monitoring electricians, tracking time, managing equipment and inventory, generating invoices, etc. from your mobile phone.

Essentially, electrician apps streamline and systematize business processes. Using the app, you can take care of almost all of your day-to-day operations with just a few clicks on your smartphone, no matter where you are. It enables you to take control of your business from anywhere in the world. Besides, it allows your employees to seamlessly access valuable information even from the job site, making their job easier.

When choosing an electrician app, you must ensure that the app is compatible with your preferred device, cloud-based, easy-to-use, and budget friendly. You should also see whether it offers essential features like job order management, scheduling and dispatching, estimates, invoicing, time-tracking, etc.

Yes. Using an electrician app like Field Promax, you get access to a comprehensive dashboard with multiple calendar views. Here, you can see all your technicians’s schedules, active and overdue job orders, and technician availability. Thanks to a powerful algorithm and an easy interface, you can easily schedule a job and match the right technician for the job with just a few clicks on your phone screen.

Yes. Field Promax offers an efficient estimating tool that allows you to create flawless estimates every time. It also integrates with QuickBooks, making the app one of the best invoicing tool for electrical businesses.

There are several software systems and electrician apps that can help you with electrical calculations and conversions.

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