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How to Create An Estimate in QuickBooks: Step-by-Step Guide with Free Templates and Samples

Create an estimate

A well-crafted estimate could be your key to success and growth.

As an entrepreneur, no matter how large or small, you want to grow your business. But the competition out there is pretty steep, especially in the field service industries. If you want to expand your business, you must learn how to create an estimate.

So, how do you ensure that potential customers choose your brand over your competitors? How do you make sure that people visiting your website actually click the link to book your services? As we said, an accurate, professional estimate makes all the difference? If you can manage to give them the best deal, clearly broken down in comprehensive cost heads, they are more likely to stick with you. That is, in short, an estimate.

Despite the importance of accurate estimating, it can be rather difficult to a number of business owners and project managers. However, once you learn the technique, it is as easy as sending a text message to your friend. With advanced digital tools like Field Promax, you can create and send estimates with just a click on your computer and/or smartphone. This is perhaps the fastest and most efficient way to send estimates to your customers.

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In this blog, you’ll learn more about creating and sending estimates. Here, we have explored the best practices for estimating, including how to create multiple estimates, what to write in an estimate, the best time to send the estimate, and more. You’ll also learn how to send estimates via QuickBooks.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s find out all about estimating!

In simple words, An estimate is a document that you send to a customer that shows how much you plan to charge them for the goods or services you are going to provide.

This is, however, not the final bill. An estimate gives a rough idea of how much the project should cost. It still leaves room to add costs and charges for additional services and items. You are still allowed to charge your customers more or less on the final invoice. But if you do that too often, this might affect your brand’s reputation, and you might fail to convert leads in the future. That is why you should learn to create an accurate estimate.

What Should You Write In An Estimate?

A perfect estimate should be precise, comprehensive, and flawless. Besides, it must be professional-looking so that it may invoke a sense of reliability and credibility among your potential clients. To create such a perfect estimate, you must add the following elements to the document:

  • Your brand name and logo
  • Your business contact details
  • The details of the person or business receiving the estimate
  • The date of the estimate
  • The goods or services that you are offering to supply
  • An estimated price for each good or service
  • The total of all estimated amounts
  • Payment terms and conditions and due dates
  • Disclaimer (if applicable)

To create the estimate on Quickbooks, Check this Demo Video

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How to Create Estimates in QuickBooks?

The most effective way to create accurate estimates is to use digital tools. QuickBooks is perhaps the most popular accounting software right now. And creating and sending estimates using QuickBooks is always a smart move if you want professional, flawless results. Here is how to create estimates in QuickBooks.

For QuickBooks Online:
  • 1. Click on the +New button at the top of the left menu bar and then select Estimate in the first column under Customers.
  • 2. There are two ways to use QuickBooks: the Business View and the Accountant View. The latter is recommended for creating estimates on QuickBooks Online.
  • 3. After you Click on Estimates, a form will appear on your screen asking for necessary information.
    • a. Select the customer and job for existing customers
    • b. If this is a new customer, select Add New at the top of the customer drop-down list and set up new account
    • c. Enter Estimate Date and Expiration Date
    • d. Select the product or service being proposed from the drop-down list (for new product or service, click on add new at the top of drop-down list)
  • 4. Verify all the information and click Save to save as a draft
  • 5. Alternatively, click Save and Send if you want to send the estimate right away.
  • 6. You can later see what the estimate looks like and take a printout by clicking on the Print or Preview tab on the bottom menu bar and clicking on Print or Preview option again

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Free Estimate Samples

If you are still not confident in creating estimates using digital tools, here are some sample estimates. Look at them and compare them with the final estimates you are creating using QuickBooks. And you’ll know if you are doing the job right!

Sample 1. Plumbing
Sample 2: Window Cleaning (Editable PDF)
Free template for Download
Template 4
Template 5

Field Promax: The Best Estimation Tool for You

If you are running a field service business and have subscribed to QuickBooks, there is another digital tool that can make the job even easier for you. Just sign up for Field Promax. It is a cloud-based, smart field service management software that radically streamlines and standardizes your processes. In other words, Field Promax is an efficient digital tool to automate your business operations. The highlight of this amazing software is its estimating feature. Over 200,000 businesses have used this tool and reported that it offers perhaps the most efficient estimating feature available on the market right now.

Using Field Promax, you can create accurate, professional-looking estimates from your computer, smartphones, and other handheld devices, and send them directly to the customer with just a tap. Moreover, Field Promax supports two-way integration with QuickBooks, enabling you to create and send estimates, manage job orders, schedule and dispatch, organize customer databases, and generate invoices from a single platform.

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