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All You Need to Know About the Access Control System

The Access Control System is an electronic system designed to have control access via a network. It authenticates and authorises the entry of only those registered in the security system to enter the premises. It thereby guarantees complete safety and security.

Why is an Access Control System Better Than the Key?

Relying on an access system might seem unwanted when you have access to the conventional key system. But here are some of the issues with the key system that makes the access system more reliable:

-One may lose the key.

-You have to provide keys to many people to enter the place.

-You cannot leave an audit trail.

-You cannot keep a tab on who is entering the place.

-You have to manage so many keys to access different rooms.

-Keeps way for unnecessary expenses

-Anyone can make a duplicate key and gain access, compromising the security of the premises.

With the help of an access system, you can avoid the problems mentioned above and better monitor people. There are different types of access system software that you can choose from based on the kind of security you require.

Types of Access Control System:

#1. Discretionary access control systems (DAC)

Through this system, the owner and the security head control the access to the premises. Only people with valid credentials or identification will be able to enter or leave the premises. In this minor restrictive type of system, the end-user (owner or security head) can transfer the credentials or identification to someone else.

#2. Managed access control systems (MAC)

This type of system is used in places where there is a need for a higher level of security and confidentiality. This system is one of the most secured systems, as it requires an additional level of information to access the premises. It is provided to only certain people and not everyone working on the premises.

#3. Role-based access control systems (RBAC)

It is the most popular type of access control system category. In this type of system, the access is assigned via system administration and is based on the subject’s role in the company. Since some employees may require access to 2-3 gates, while others may require access to multiple entrances to complete their job, the owner or the security head can update their access cards, giving them access to the required places. 

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Benefits of Access System

The following section highlights the key benefits of the access control system:

-The access control system allows you to grant access to only authorised people.

-You do not have to worry about Managing keys for different parts of the premises, duplicating keys or making another key because someone misplaced theirs etc. Access Control System saves you from all these hassles. 

-The access control system records every person’s movement that goes in or out, including the time. You can also calibrate the lighting system with the access control system to turn on the lights when someone enters and turn them off when they leave the room.  

-You can secure confidential data by controlling the Access Control System.


These are some of the benefits of the access control system. Many companies offer a wide range of options in the access control system module. By reaching out to their customer service, you can attain the best Access Control System service they offer based on your requirements.

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