Assign Team Leads to work groups

Smaller work groups help you manage your operations effectively. Create work groups by geographical location or work density and assign them to Team Leads for better management.

Assign Team Leads to work groups

Different Security Levels for administrators and technicians

Administrators have access to all the work orders whereas Technicians are able to only view and edit the work orders that have been assigned to them. Additionally customize what your technicians are able to view and not view.

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Manage Your Team Efficiently with Field Promax

Managing a team spread out in the field can present huge challenges. Some of the typical problems that you may face would be delays, difficulty in having real-time updates, recording the efficiency and productivity of your staff, and keeping records and paperwork up to date. These challenges prompt the need for an efficient app to manage the team on the field and to keep a check on the completion of the job.

The Field Promax App not only helps to organize your work but also keeps your team connected. The Field Promax team management app adds value to your business through the following features:

Assign team leads to workgroups

At Field Promax, we understand that running a service sector business is not one man's show. It is practically impossible for you to manage all your service teams single-handedly. That is why the Field Promax Team management app allows you to create teams and appoint team leaders who will take charge of particular projects. Smaller groups are easier to manage and efficient in working. The application lets you create workgroups based on factors such as work density of geographical location and assign them to team leads for better management.

Different security levels for administrators and technicians

Customization is an essential plus point of the Field Promax application. That is why you can customize most features as per your requirement. The app has varying security protocols for administrative staff and technicians to avoid any undesirable adulteration of your data, scheduling, or organizational information. The degree of security allowance is customizable so that you can decide what your technicians can view or not view.

The Field Promax application for team management when utilized efficiently can streamline your day to day working. All of its elaborate features directly impact your business by saving your time improving work quality and focus.

The Best Team Managing Experience

Team management is assured by using field team management software, as it helps to assign team leads to every individual workgroup. The app is effective in helping the firm to automate the work and excel. The app is quite nifty and handy to use while preparing a report of the work in progress.

Supervise And Allocate Duties To Workers

Fieldwork involves monitoring a number of workers at the same time. With the Field Promax App, you can record your work orders. There are features where you can view the on-day work orders, previous work orders, and upcoming work order. The team lead can view a list of all the completed work orders and the outdated work orders. Field Team Management Software is proven to be a helping hand and is very constructive for the managers and supervisors to allocate duties to the workers. All the details are just a click away.

Gear Up The Performance

Time management is one of the important qualities a team should insist on and adopt. The Field Promax app comes to your aid in tracking each task, and its completion within the predetermined timelines The Track and Field Team Management Software system provides for efficient handling of the team irrespective of their location.

No More Hustle and Bustle for Maintaining Records

There is no need to maintain records on paper anymore. The reason behind this is everything is automatically stored in Field Promax App. You can access the records whenever required. The team leader and the administrator can track and maintain all updates of the work. No time would be wasted in doing repetitive data entry for maintaining the records.

Security Guaranteed And Handy To Use

The security of confidential data is vital when you have so many users, accessing the data from various locations. The high-security software has predefined security restrictions for administrators and technicians. Administrators have access to all the work orders, whereas technicians are able only to view and edit the work orders that have been assigned to them. The supervision of the task is now an unambiguous job.

Effective Communication And Time Saving

Communication and coordination are important for a team to function well. Field Promax enables team leaders and managers to manage the resources effectively, and communicate with the workers on the field. Intimations are sent to the technicians as soon as the requests come in. Each of them can access the scheduled tasks for the day with complete details of the customer and the requirements. This deters any kind of miscommunication between the team leads and the technicians.

In nutshell, Field Promax App is an efficient and handy app to handle your team even when they are remotely located. Its user-friendly options enable the technicians to work on them with ease. The Field Promax App is available on both iOS and Android platforms and is convenient to use.


Field Promax caters to various industries working on the field, like Home Security Services, HVAC, Electrical services, Landscaping Services, Pest control, Garage Door services, IT Fields, etc. A number of field service companies like yours are already using Field Promax for a faster, better and more intuitive field service scheduling.

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We work on the updates regularly focusing on the needs of our customers. The customers get to avail of the updates automatically.

We recommend downloading the latest app to get the updated version, in case you are using a mobile app and keep updating the app for a better experience.

 Customers are welcome to give recommendations and feedback on Field Promax to help us in improving our software for an easier and better interface.

Yes, Field Promax is the right software for all your service business. We have used our years of experience and top-level resources into this service business management software assuring high-quality software. The Field Promax software has been built for businesses involving a lot of fieldwork. We provide you with a paperless environment for your work.

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Field Promax is very easy and user-friendly software. With a few simple steps, you can integrate with QuickBooks. After this, you need just to set up a company profile and create users. The process is time-efficient as well.

 Besides, our developers are ready to assist you with any query or help.

Yes, we give all the necessary training to get started with the software, and we term it as “hand-holding for on-boarding.”. We have put in a lot of effort to make Field Promax user- friendly. Our software lets you continue the field operations with all your available resources, but it removes the waste of your workflow.

Though we always require a bit of learning for using any kind of new technology or software, the developers of Field Promax have put in their efforts to assure the intuitive experience of the mobile app to install and run the software in less than 10 minutes.

Using Field Promax, you can organize your work and keep your team connected. Field Promax also helps to run and manage your field service business from anywhere. You can easily move to a paperless environment, schedule more jobs, and get paid faster. The easy to use software assures the faster training of technicians and reduces the labor cost by 10%.

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