Assign Team Leads to work groups

Smaller work groups help you manage your operations effectively. Create work groups by geographical location or work density and assign them to Team Leads for better management.

Team Leads for Management
Different Security Levels for administrators and technicians

Administrators have access to all the work orders whereas Technicians are able to only view and edit the work orders that have been assigned to them. Additionally customize what your technicians are able to view and not view.

Security Levels for Technicians
Manage Your Team Efficiently with Field Promax

Managing a team spread out in the field can present huge challenges. Some of the typical problems that you may face would be delays, difficulty in having real-time updates, recording the efficiency and productivity of your staff, and keeping records and paperwork up to date. These challenges prompt the need for an efficient app to manage the team on the field and to keep a check on the completion of the job.

Other Features

We changed our accounting system and required a work order system to keep track of our multiple daily service calls with multiple technicians. We looked at a number of systems and found that Field Promax fits the bill. Just a great app with exemplary service!



Field Promax is great for work order management for 3 reasons: all the necessary information is available at a glance, it has enough features to cover our needs, but not to make it difficult to use and they have an extremely helpful support.


Service Scheduling Coordinator, Harrison, OH

What I like about Field Promax is that all the information I need to access is on one screen. I can easily track the job progress and an invoice is just one click away.


Owner,Swinson Air Conditioning Company, Inc Loxley, AL

Frequently Asked Questions.

Field Promax is a powerful platform that streamlines your entire service business operations. Using Field Promax’s software and mobile app, you can schedule and dispatch jobs, create estimates, manage recurring jobs, monitor  your crew with time keeping and GPS tracking, spend less time invoicing, and manage customers. With Field Promax, daily operations are conducted with efficiency and accuracy.

Field Promax is used by a multitude of industries.  Leading the charge are HVAC, Home security services, Electrical services, Landscaping services, Pest control services, Garage door services, IT services, and more.  View our website ( to get a complete listing of all the industries we serve.

We work on the updates regularly focusing on the needs of our customers. The customers get to avail of the updates automatically. We recommend downloading the latest app to get the updated version, in case you are using a mobile app and keep updating the app for a better experience. Customers are welcome to give recommendations and feedback on Field Promax to help us in improving our software for an easier and better interface.

With Field Promax you can manage and run your field service business from the field or from the office.  Organize your work and keep your team connected.   Move to a paperless environment, schedule more jobs and get paid faster.  Train your technicians in 10 minutes and reduce your labor costs by 10%.

Of course! But don’t just take our word for it.  See it for yourself.  Check out what our customers have to say about our software and the service we provide on the QuickBooks App Center. (