Snow Removal Software

We all love watching, playing and admiring the snow but getting rid of it, not so much. So, as you perform the great act of clearing roads, driveways and snow-covered platforms, Field Promax would like to clear your road to lead a successful business. Although snow removal requires staffing, heavy tools and quality effort, running the snow removal business requires time, patience and an equal amount of effort. With Field Promax, you can worry about the field while we worry about the management of your snow removal business. Field Promax has successfully led multiple snow removal companies towards their goals, and we welcome you to the gang.



Field Promax is integrated with QuickBooks accounting software to take care of your accounts and data. You don’t have to be an accountant or an expert to handle this software. Upload all your data and get your bookkeeping done automatically. You can simplify payrolls and receive updated billing information alongside your work orders. Make your cash flow smoother, track your transactions quickly and worry about nothing with Field Promax integrations. Another added advantage of the integration is the two-way sync of customer data between Field Promax and QuickBooks. You can avoid double entries and other chaos within customer management with this feature.

Quickbooks Integration
GPS Tracking


Field Promax is also integrated with GPS features. So you can track and monitor your technician at work right from the office. The GPS features also allow technicians to find smoother routes, shorter cuts and trafficless roads to the service field. The GPS feature can come in handy when going to a new and unfamiliar location, timing the travel, planning the working hours and more. This easy to use feature is connected with Field Promax to keep your employees connected and aware of the location and whereabouts of the other.

  • Reduce administrative burden and be smarter with Field Promax GPS integration
  • Get your accounts ready in a minute, be punctual for audits
  • Maintain your travel, accountancy and work order information within Field Promax

Equipment Tracking

A snow-covered driveway or road is not a piece of cake and requires heavy pieces of equipment. Technicians can avail all the tools and equipment necessary to move the mass of snow when dispatching the scheduled work order. Whether the tools and equipment have been rented, borrowed from the customer, is the employee’s belonging or belongs to the company, updating it on the invoices for recording purposes. Keeping track of the types and pieces of equipment used is helpful in case of emergencies and easy access for future snow removal work orders.

  • Driveaway the snow with the intended equipment without any hassle
  • Find your equipment easily in a time of need
  • Keep your snowfield clean, with the equipment you need
Team Tracking
Recurrent Orders

Recurring Orders

The labor-intensive snow business is highly seasonal yet a flourishing business. The snow can go on for months, and booking services each time a snow berg blocks the driveway or highway is a hectic and tiring activity. Make it simpler for your customers. On Field Promax, clients can book their repeating work orders every day, every week, every month or every year. Once the recurring charges have opted, Field Promax will set the reminder for your snow removal staff when it’s time. Gain the respect and admiration of your customers by being punctual to their needs. The unpredictable snow can vary the time of the customer’s next recurring appointment, allowing them to change the date of the service according to their convenience and requirement.

  • Keep the Field Promax mobile app notifications ON to remember recurring work orders.
  • Never miss on your orders with Field Promax.
  • Allow your customers to enjoy the snow in peace with your service.

Estimates and Invoices

While working hard, it may be tiring to also focus on getting paid and generating bills. Field Promax makes it easier for you to create estimates, work orders and invoices within minutes. You can now create estimates based on the customer’s requests and get their approval signature via email. Once the estimates are approved, the work orders are initiated. On completion of the work order waiting for the bill and the payment can get cold and tiring. While completing your work order on the snowfield, your invoices are automatically generated by the Field Promax field service management software with your uploaded information like time, equipment etc. Through this feature, you no longer have to wait for payments.

  • Get paid immediately through online transactions.
  • Get accurate estimates and flawless invoices.
  • Work hard and let Field Promax manage the payment.
Create Estimates

With snow around and hot chocolate in hand, it only fits for your customers to enjoy their time within the cosiness of home. The snow removal business has enabled its clients to enjoy nature and not to be hindered by it in their everyday lives. With similar intentions, Field Promax wishes to help you enjoy your fieldwork by clearing the piled up work orders, sorting the rows and columns and making your business even more spartan. Let us be the shovel that drives away the snow on your porch.