Create work order from your Desktop or Mobile

A service business needs mobility to be profitable – you need to be on the field delivering services and gaining customers. Field Promax provides you the tools to run your business from the office or from the field.


Auto-generate work orders for Recurring work

Recurring work orders not only strengthen long standing client relations but also generate recurrent monthly income. Field Promax allows you to define your recurrent schedule and recreates work orders accordingly automatically.

Auto-generate work orders for Recurring work

Service request from Your Website

Provide flexibility to your customers to submit a service request right from your website. This is automatically populated into Field Promax for you to dispatch.

service request

Text Messages for your Customers and Technicians

Automatically inform your customers when a technician is on their way to their house. Similarly notify your technicians via text or email of work orders assigned to them.

Text Messages for your Customers and Technicians

Customize work orders to FIT your needs

Through numerous customizable text boxes and drop down list, categorize and organize your work orders to fit your business needs. Create check lists for your Technicians so nothing gets missed.

Fit your need

Experience Better Scheduling and Dispatching With Field Promax

An advanced workforce management solution designed to improvise operational efficiencies across companies’ processes is a requirement for many. The arduous task of scheduling and coordinating with the field team manually may result in delays and falling back on the desired schedules. The flexibility to assign the best person for each task based on the skills and proximity provides smooth functioning of processes. A supportive system to reassign and respond in emergencies is what coordinators and team leaders struggle with most often. To cater to these challenges, Field Promax is an ideal field service dispatch and service scheduling software. The developers have invested all their expertise and resources in streamlining the process by tracking each task’s progress and automatically scheduling with the technicians to ensure that the timelines are met.

The Five Vital Features of The Field Promax App Are:

Create work order from your Desktop or Mobile

Field Promax is compatible and easily accessible on both desktop and mobile. The users can schedule the work order from any platform to ensure all-time availability. Since Field Promax is a web-based software, it stores the data in the back-end process. Field Promax is a perfect solution for the field service dispatch and service scheduling software as it assures the company’s all-time availability to accept orders and dispatch the same. The user can schedule work orders from the device or mobile with the help of Field Promax. The business service can then dispatch the same service or product order.

Auto-generate work orders for recurring work

Keeping track and scheduling of recurring orders from regular customers is a must. It gets complicated when one tries to manually manage the recurring orders, as it may sometimes create confusion. Hence, software should help to ease the work by scheduling the recurring work orders automatically.

Field Promax service technician scheduling software lets you define a recurring period. After the user sets the period, he need not worry about revisiting the site as the software takes care of it. The software automatically looks after the scheduled orders and acts upon the same enhancing customer satisfaction.

Text messages from your customers and technicians

Field Promax makes sure that there is no lag in the coordination between the technicians and the customers. The service technician dispatch software automatically notifies your customer when the technicians are on their way to reach them, or a product is ready for dispatch. The information helps the customers to schedule their time accordingly. Simultaneously, it informs the technicians about the scheduled work or service. It helps the technicians to prepare and organize their time schedules as well. When the information is available with both technicians and the customers, it also helps in clearing out miscommunications or misunderstanding, thus strengthening the bond.

Service request from your website

In recent days, due to busy schedules, customers prefer to submit the requests through a form that reaches the dealer rather than via calls or e-mails. At the same time, the business dealer may receive scheduled requests from many customers simultaneously. It becomes difficult to answer all the calls or e-mails. A request through online forms becomes handy in such cases, as the dealer may choose and respond according to the priority. Field Promax assists you as a service technician scheduling software to provide an interface through which one can place the order through forms. Customers can place the order via the website, and you can dispatch it accordingly. The dispatch timings can also be shared to the customer through the website automatically.

Customize work orders to FIT your needs

Field Promax enables you to customize the work order. The software assists the user in scanning through various filters, choosing from multiple categories, and soon reaches the desired product link to place the order. You may also create a checklist for your technicians to go through the assigned work at ease. An organized website attracts more customers to have a look at the service. They can easily search for the service type they wish to have or the product they want to purchase. The order placement becomes fast and organized.

The service technician dispatch software then takes the scheduled order and informs you to keep the product ready for dispatch.

Summing it up

A good business requires a good idea or strategy. However, the idea is helpful only when you have a better reach. A company should maintain a proper scheduling and dispatching system to deliver the product and service faster and conveniently.

A perfect business requires good service software, and Field Promax is the ideal one. Field Promax offers a wide range of facilities to enhance business growth by providing variously automated and customized services through the software.


Yes, you can handle schedule changes even if you are not prepared for it. Field Promax provides you with an option to modify and update schedules from anywhere utilizing the mobile app. Our robust calendar permits you to analyze your work orders with multiple calendar views. It provides a better insight into your technician’s schedules. Schedules can be dragged and dropped into the calendar, making it easier to handle various programs.

The calendar has color-coding options. Using this feature, you can segregate the technicians based on their duty. You can view their availability and get updates as the work progresses.

Yes, Field Promax is intelligent software for running your service business. There is a two-way sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax. It syncs customers and products. When the technician completes the work assigned, you can sync the work order to produce an invoice in QuickBooks automatically.

But do not just rely on what we say. Please look at what our customers have to say about our software and the service we provide on the QuickBooks App Center. (

Field Promax does not require any system configurations to work. Field Promax is a software that works over the internet (web-based system), and therefore, you only need an active internet connection for accessing the software.

Field Promax is a robust platform that makes your business operations efficient by employing faster working methods. The software and mobile app allow you to perform the following functions:

  1.  Schedule and dispatch jobs.
  2. Create estimates.
  3. Manage recurring tasks.
  4. Monitor your crew with timekeeping and GPS tracking.
  5. Spend less time invoicing.
  6. Manage customers.

Field Promax regulates daily operations in a precise and well-organized manner.

If you need help at some point, please do not hesitate to seek our assistance, you can contact us through:

  1. Call (+1 952 679 8900)


  1. You can post a query via chat.
  2. Providing a ticket from the application or mobile app.
  3. Proposing questions on our website.

Based on our customers' suggestions, Field Promax updates itself regularly to keep up with the latest technology. Updates happen automatically and won't affect your data in the slightest. If the software has been updated, you'll see a message when you log in. We recommend you download the latest app in case you are using the mobile app.

Operating on recurring work orders lay a pathway to building a strong relationship with your customers. You can feel free to portray your intermittent schedule so that Field Promax can assist you in renewing the work orders based on inputs displayed in the business schedule.

Field Promax offers a wide range of subscription plans for customers. All plans include most of the features.

Note: QuickBooks Desktop Integration and Time Tracking features have additional costs. Please visit the pricing page on our website to have an idea of what each plan offers. (

The Field Promax can be customized as per our client’s requirements and processes. The detailed settings menu provides you with options to configure Field Promax as per the business needs. You can always get in touch with our customer support to assist you in leveraging the functionalities of Field Promax.

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