QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Using QuickBooks Web Connector, you easily integrate your QuickBooks company file with Field Promax (call us for support). All your customers and products are synced so you can easily create work orders eliminating double entry.

quick book inregration

QuickBooks Online Integration

With just a few clicks integrate your QuickBooks Online with Field Promax.

quick book integration

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

Sync customers and products. When the technician completes the work, sync the work order to automatically generate an invoice in QuickBooks.

quick book integraion

Field Promax: An Effective Solution for A Productive Business!!

Field Promax is an integrated, cloud-based service solution suitable for all types of field business, be it small scale or medium scale. It is a dynamic and secured app that organizes your entire business with ease. The creation of this app is with a mindset of solving the challenging tasks in handling field staff and enables the user to manage the customers and technicians. Field Promax is highly configurable, leading to its usage in different work scenarios. Several industries, such as home security, landscaping services, etc. use our software for an orderly and easy field service scheduling.

Field Promax mainly focuses on two things: client’s expenses and revenues. We guarantee an increase in your work efficiency by streamlining your entire business for you. With the help of our enhanced software, you can increase your profits, while simultaneously working on your expenditure. So, in all, you will have better revenue with an increased level of customer satisfaction. It has an inbuilt QuickBooks Field service management system, which enables it to sync the customer’s data from QuickBooks effortlessly. You can start by creating your estimate with Field Promax and organize your work order. After completion of your work, you can automatically get an invoice generated by QuickBooks.

Let us review some of its key features:

QuickBooks Desktop Integration-

Field Promax software and QuickBooks Desktop Field service management come hand in hand. QuickBooks Web Connector provides easy integration of QuickBooks company files with Field Promax. All your products and customers can be in sync with QuickBooks. Thereby, you can easily eradicate any double entry. You shouldn’t be worrying about your data, as it is completely secured. However, you can access your QuickBooks data in our software under the My Accounts section. This QuickBooks Desktop Field Service Management is hassle-free and avoids confusion.

QuickBooks Online Integration-

You are just a click away from integrating your QuickBooks account with our Field Promax software. With this online integration facility, it makes your data transfer simpler. Unlike the desktop integration version, this QuickBooks online integration feature of the software is quite handy, as you can access your account irrespective of your location. You don’t need to maintain two different accounts for QuickBooks and Field Promax. With QuickBooks integration management software, our application will do the job of merging the software. This integration would thereby allow you to easily access your company data, customers, suppliers, employee data.

Time tracking and Estimation-

Time tracking is a remarkable feature of the Field Promax software. In the current situation, it’s quite essential to keep a track on your technicians or managers. Through our QuickBooks field service management software, you can increase your billable hours if the customers did not bill any technicians time. Eventually, in the end, technicians can submit a timecard for approval from the administrator through the software. This saves a lot of time. You can get the customer’s signature and approval and can even send emails to your client with the perfect estimate due to this integration This feature ensures 100% maintenance of the work record. The transparency maintained during the entire process – from taking the work orders until estimation, is a salient feature.

Two-way sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax-

Once you approve the terms, conditions, and the privacy policy of Field Promax, your data syncing will be done effortlessly from QuickBooks to Field Promax. This syncing would be completely secure due to the multilevel security.

You can access all your QuickBooks data in ‘My Accounts’ section and use it as per convenience. The client can create their work order from Field Promax, and once the technician completes the work, you will receive the invoice from QuickBooks due to syncing of your data. It’s a cyclic method where the work input occurs in our software, while the ideal output, i.e., invoice, is obtained through QuickBooks. The two-way sync feature removes any scope of miscommunication between the client and its customers.


The unique features of Field Promax topped with its integration with QuickBooks make it a secure and efficient application. Our software has a flexible plan with a monthly or annual payment option. The time tracking and the QuickBooks desktop integration comes with an additional price depending on your method and program chosen.

Our main motto is to go paperless and to transform your business. Prioritizing our customers’ needs are our sole aim so that they can have a productive experience. Field Promax and QuickBooks work in tandem for a systematic manner of carrying out your field operations, thereby guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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