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Property Management Software

Man has occupied the seas with land and lands with homes, agriculture, or barren. This Property Management Business Software for companies are the best when it comes to managing these lands and their inhabitants. From collecting rent, solving tenant’s issues, fixing leakages, and repairing all the problems concerning the property, the property management officials do their best. They stand in between property owners and tenants to create easy and sophisticated lives for both parties. Similarly, Field Promax stands between your business and your clients to create a great business experience for you and a satisfying customer experience for the clients. Take in-depth inspection of properties, manage the marketing and advertisement of the property, screen, select tenants, assist residents with moving and shifting, manage all your property records carefully. At the same time, Field Promax zooms through your business and provides you with dynamic services. To help you carry out your functions smoothly, Field Promax promotes certain features that can be appealing to your business strategy.


Mobile App

Beyond the fact that every human owns a mobile phone, a property manager can never survive without a mobile phone. This makes it easier for his work as well as a Field Promax to contribute to the field. With the Field Promax mobile app, technicians can connect with customers, generate the invoices, and access the contract. Skip the papers and pens; use the app to carry all your data and documents. Contact the owner or the renter at any time, keep your officials aware of your location through the GPS integration, have complete information about the occupant-to-be, and more with the Field Promax mobile app in hand.

  • Access all you want, when you want and where you want.
  • The mobile app is your field service savior.
  • Monitor your properties from your phone.
Mobile App
Calender View Interface for Alarm Systems

Calendar Views

With multiple custom requests and property orders, keeping track of them can be tiring and time-consuming. Leave it to Field Promax! With our customizable calendar view, you can schedule your orders conveniently and be notified at the time of dispatching. You can assign the right property technician to complete the task and highlight it with different colors for identification. The calendar view can be aligned based on day, week, or month according to your requirements. By permitting the Field Promax mobile app to send notifications, you can be notified when it is time for meetings, cancellation of appointments, changes in schedules, and much more. You can also be reminded about the time for collecting rent, renewing contracts, and other important dates on the Field Promax calendar.

  • View your appointments, meetings, and schedules in one place.
  • Never miss any of your work orders henceforth.
  • Be aware of team assignments and activities.

Tenant Management and Navigation

If you are in charge of properties spread across diverse and varied locations, this feature can serve you well. Making calls and figuring out areas where your tenants are or reside can be hectic. Field Promax is integrated with GPS features to provide you with the direction to your destination, direct customers, and do business effectively. Find new properties that you can manage, maintain punctual communication with owners, and make the perfect bridge with customers using the Field Promax customer management feature. Tenant management involves screening and analyzing tenants, providing a property tour, describing the contract, and guiding them through the entire property purchase or lease.

  • Guide your tenants and prove yourself to be the best in the industry with Field Promax.
  • Find traffic more minor and short routes to your destinations.
  • Provide properties based on customer’s requirements.
Navigation app field business

Estimates and Invoicing

You can never go wrong on the accounts section with Field Promax in your hand. Field Promax is connected with QuickBooks accounting software that generates well-calculated estimates and invoices. You can create accurate estimates and invoices based on the information from property owners and help customers find properties within their budget. Ensure your tenants know where and what they are investing in by providing detailed invoices with their signatures for approval. With the two-way sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax, get easy access to a broader customer database.

  • Calculate your income and outgoing in a blink with Field Promax.
  • Be prepared for the surprise auditing and the immediate invoices at any time.
  • Integrate with Field Promax for better bookkeeping.

Managing various properties in varied locations can be a handful of jobs. At Field Promax, we support and promote businesses that work hard to keep their customers comfortable. Manage properties by giving tenants and owners an outstanding service while Field Promax manages all your schedules, files, and orders. Collaborate with Field Promax for a better service.