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Give your pool service business the boost of productive and efficient management with Field Promax. Your business is just one app away from attaining automation in work order creation, dispatching, and invoicing. Field Promax, available across the Android and iOS devices, is the app for your pool service to attain a comprehensive business management solution. Within 15 minutes, your field pool service professionals can get trained to use our app to create and view work orders, upload images of the work done and take signatures from customers. From estimation to work order invoicing, everything becomes possible right in our mobile app.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

Your pool service business requires regular scheduling and dispatching of jobs to field professionals. This is an everyday job for your managers, which can gain a massive boost with Field Promax. With our app available on desktop and mobile, your employees can generate work orders from any place. This mobility promotes improved profitability in your business. Moreover, there is an automated work order generation feature in the app to manage recurring pool service tasks. Our app connects your in-house team with pool service professionals and customers via text messaging. There are numerous lists and boxes to customize your pool service work orders as per your needs.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

We give you QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online integration feature in our app. It releases you from the issues related to invoice creation while working in the field. Whether your in-house managers use the desktop version or your field professionals use the online version of integrated QuickBooks, invoicing takes no time at all. When integrating, you get to sync both your pool service offerings and your customers between Field Promax and QuickBooks. Using this seamless integration, you can create work orders without entering the same task twice ever again.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

Using QuickBooks Desktop and Online integration, Field Promax enables automated invoice generation for all your pool service orders. Your field service team can send invoices to customers in no time, as the app immediately generates invoices after every task reaches completion. You won’t have to worry about keeping the record of all billing, as the data stays protected and accessible within QuickBooks. In the app, you can utilize the module of custom pricing for certain customers who negotiate a different price. A single entry is enough for our app to ensure that customized invoices go to specific customers. The visualized data on our app helps technicians track their mileage and expenses in the field.

Unlimited Customer Support

Along with our intuitive app, we offer our professional support for your in-house and in-field teams. We begin by informing and training to prepare your employees. This leads to a successful onboarding of Field Promax in your pool service business. Then, we ensure ongoing customer support to keep the paperless pool service management smooth. Our customer support is available via different communication modes like text, email, and call. We adapt our training approach as per the needs of your employees. And, all this expertise is presented at your service without any added cost.

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