Spa and Pool Service Software

The scorching sun has no plans on being a little generous on any terms this summer, but your customers are ready to beat the heat with the sparkling clean pools and the rejuvenating spa thanks to your services treatments. From cleaning pools and maintaining them, the pool service software have been making summers cool for their customers. The spa treatment businesses have been serving us the luxury to make up for the work from home and the tiring indoor schedules. Combining your services with Field Promax can help increase and maintain work orders and customer feedbacks. Stay up to date with the performance and graph of your pool and spa businesses with Field Promax field service management integration. For a shorter way to rest assure your clients of recreation and tranquillity this summer with Field Promax’s remarkable field service features.


Work orders

The pool services have been on the market for a while now and have peaked with climate and intense heat changes. Every home owns a pool, and every pool requires the proper mode of treatment and maintenance. The pool services and spa services have received work orders from various parts of the country and are sometimes overplied yet short of man-hand. Field Promax uses IoT and artificial intelligence to organise your work orders to avoid such scenarios and their possibilities. Arrange your heap of orders with a drag and drop in the scheduling feature column within seconds. Clear tables of papers, clips and files by going digital with Field Promax desktop and mobile options.

  • Don’t miss any work orders; find them where you left them.
  • Go digital and maintain office decorum with ongoing work orders.
  • Increase your business efficiency with Field Promax.
Scheduling & Dispatching Dashboard

Reports and Dashboard

An increase in work orders sounds exciting, but it is highly crucial to maintain the records and graph the progress of your company’s functionalities. Field Promax allows you to have all the performance rates and percentages assorted into columns. For instance, you can allocate a colour for your schedules and see its progression within a particular timeline. Similarly, you can check reports and monitor the advancement of your business through the dashboard. Field Promax also allows you to share the dashboard with your employees and manage who can view it. Reports on daily work and weekly progress can be updated on the software immediately via the Field Promax mobile app or desktop software.

  • Monitory the progress of your business within one screen.
  • Have access to the dashboard via mobile app or desktop software.
  • Manage weekly reports and accurate dashboards with Field Promax.


Field Promax is integrated with GPS features to allow your technicians to find their destinations efficiently. You can also track the location and status of your technicians from the office on the map with Field Promax GPS integration. This feature helps locate your technicians and know who is on and off the field. The GPS feature also allows technicians with finding shorter and low-traffic routes to save fuel and time. It gives accurate directions with a possibly good internet connection. The feature is handy in times of emergencies, where technicians and customers can be located without making calls, wrong turns and other chaos in finding the service field. Customers can also find the spa treatment centre through the Field Promax GPS features easily.

  • Make the right turn with the right choice: Field Promax.
  • Keeping locations turned on is helpful for emergencies on the field.
  • GPS allows you to calculate travel time and be on time for your work.
Estimate Invoice for HVAC Work Order

Field Promax has been on strive to lead small and medium businesses towards excellence. Your pool services have complemented homes, offices, apartments and local pools with the best services in the field, and we would like to help ease the interiors of your business. Spas have been extremely helpful in relieving stress and anxiety in customers in the present era, and Field Promax is the best solution for you to stabilize your paperwork. With a field service management software like ours, you can put your worries on files, data, customers and other business needs behind, and we will carry it out for you. Focus on giving the best on the field and leave the rest to Field Promax.