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From coloring the world to transforming lives, you make every day special for your customers. Field Promax loves giving back and appreciating businesses that prioritise their customers by contributing to a better livelihood. Painting has become an incomprehensible art many are not aware of. It has expanded its boundaries within innovations, color schemes and painting techniques and textures. While the world stands on the treadmill of adapting to new features every day, the painting business has been growing parallelly. Whether it be homes, offices, residential, malls, compounds, and all kinds of buildings, painting is inevitable both in and out. Yes, you are famous and a significant contributor to the beauty and liveliness of spaces, but that makes your offices clumsy, crowded and hectic. The increased work orders lead to increased time, effort and pressure on the painting company employees. Here’s an idea for painting business, why not Field Promax take that from your hand, and you can paint away from your worries.



With our efficiently GPS integrated mobile app, you can now track and guide your technicians on the field. You can find fewer traffic Field Promax is collaborating with QuickBooks, one of the leading accountancy software in the industry. With this integration, you now have two-way sync of data, increased security and storage. You can completely keep your financial records, accounts, and ledgers easily updated in one click. In addition, QuickBooks offers to do the math for you and generate reports, estimates and invoices on your painting company’s behalf. You don’t have to be a pro in accountancy to handle this software; you just have to put in the numbers and let QuickBooks take care of the rest.

  • Don’t worry about the accounts when you have a professional like QuickBooks
  • Let not the auditings scare you; QuickBooks is a pro.
  • Field Promax and QuickBooks keep your number flowing.
Recurrent Orders

Recurring Orders

Painting is never a one time job or requirements. Residentials require paintings when tenants vacate; some homes do it once a year, some once in six months, and some also create a long time contract with painting companies for their resources. Field Promax has a unique feature to simplify this process with all the different modes of repetition in work orders. Your painting business customers can now choose recurring orders while creating their immediate orders. Customers can customise the regular orders by date, months or even year. Customers are free to select and edit their style of service.

  • Assure your customers with your punctual services
  • Never forget your recurring order with Field Promax reminders
  • Repetitive orders are now made easy with Field Promax


Allow Field Promax to work the digital papers while you paint the walls and doors to life. Once you create estimates based on the customer’s requirements and facilities, work orders are generated, and painters are scheduled and dispatched to the field. Invoices with the proper amount for the tools such as brushes, paint buckets and other instruments, working labours, working hours etc., are produced at the end of completion of work on the painting field. Another advantage Field Promax adds to your painting business is the availability of digital invoices, which customers can sign right from the field for direct payment purposes.

  • Block delays in your transactions with on-field invoices
  • Get precise and detailed bills effortlessly
  • With Field Promax, your accounts overflow
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Scheduling & Dispatching Dashboard


The essential part about work orders is assigning them to eligible teams, available and suitable for the task. Some are skilled in interiors, while others are tamed for the exterior paintings, and then there are the all-rounders. It is important not to overwork or overburden your team of painters. During scheduling, units that are available and closer to the service field are preferred for easy access, and punctuality cause quality is uncompromisable. Scheduling makes sure all your technicians have an equal amount of work, and teamwork is even more vital. Your painting businesses can easily schedule painters to the field by dragging and dropping them on the calendar.

  • With colors to denote the teams, they are easier to recognise
  • Keep employees updated with the schedulings to avoid confusions and misunderstandings
  • Schedule the right team with Field Promax


If scheduling is the head, dispatching is the tail of your painting business. The two are interdependent; you can never succeed without either. Dispatching follows scheduling and makes sure the team of painters are sent to the correct location, and the work order has been initiated successfully. Dispatching involves sending the team with the required tools and paint bucket colors, the right number of members and other details regarding the scheduled team and their work orders. With the dispatching team, your painting business has a reassurance that you will never fail.

  • Field Promax helps you dispatch your teams in time to the field with everything they need
  • Watch the progress rate hit the roof with Field Promax
  • Schedule and dispatch with Field Promax and watch the appointments come in like a flood.
Scheduling & Dispatching

The art of painting is an inborn gift. An eye for colors and the skill to paint it? Your business is filled with heavenly bodies in disguise. Every talented man needs a shoulder to lean on, and that is what Field Promax is for. While you shed rainbows into the lives of your customers, let’s turn your black-white life filled with papers, staplers, printers and ink into something more than a rainbow. Digitalize In addition, our painting business with Field Promax today. Let us be the prism to your success.