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For painters, most of the job takes place outside of an office. If you have a painting service company, your painters need a robust technology to perform their tasks efficiently without struggling to get information regarding work orders or waste a lot of time in paperwork. We provide Field Promax app to use on iOS gadgets and Android gadgets as well. Our app is highly effective in reducing the pressure of paperwork related to work order creation, invoicing and a lot more. Within 15 minutes of learning, anyone can begin using our application. Your painters can view their scheduled work orders, upload pictures of the painted projects and take signatures from customers- all in one app.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

Now, you can schedule and dispatch painting work orders from any location. Field Promax is available on mobile and desktop versions to ensure complete mobility of your painting business. A variety of features come together in the app to make your painting business efficient from the office and the field. For recurring painting work, your painters can enable auto-generation of work order schedules accordingly. You can link Field Promax to your website and networking profiles to receive painting service requests from your customers collected in one place.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

QuickBooks is simple to integrate with our app. You can use the Web Connector of QuickBooks to establish QuickBooks Desktop’s connection with Field Promax. Similarly, a few simple steps are enough to integrate QuickBooks Online. When integrating, our app allows two-way sync with your painting service offerings as well as customers. This dual sync is the reason you never add one work order twice in the system. Field Promax, integrated with Intuit QuickBooks attains the authority to reach and use the data. This allows the generation of invoices with no mistakes at all.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

With two-way integrated QuickBooks, Field Promax maximizes the efficiency of creating and sending invoices to customers for painting jobs. Infield painters can notify about the completed task by closing it on the app, which leads to an automated invoice generation in QuickBooks. Then, a painter can send it to customers via emails right from the mobile app. There is no need to worry about managing customers who negotiate a price different than regular. For those customers, you get the feature of custom pricing in Field Promax to manage different negotiated prices with automation. Painters and in-house managers of projects can track the mileage and expenses associated with painting projects.

Unlimited Customer Support

You don’t have to feel stuck while transitioning your painting business to a paperless model. We impress you with our intuitive application and top-notch customer support. That too, without any extra budget. Our experts provide hand-holding to help your painters understand the features and usage of Field Promax. We keep our professionals available via email, text, and call to remove any confusion during the process of adoption and utilization of Field Promax. This way, your painting business managers and field employees feel relaxed and your painting business runs smoothly. Contact us today to know more about our app or customer support.

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