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The recent pandemic has made every individual take hygiene and cleanliness more seriously than ever. Schools and offices are all gearing up to resume business as usual and one of the crucial elements to maintain is the cleanliness and hygiene of these places to ensure the well-being and safety of occupants. With schools, offices, hospitals, and homes requesting janitorial services every day, service providers are overwhelmed with the work that’s coming their way. 


However, smart businesses are ditching the traditional ways of management and taking the technological route to tap into the massive wave of profits. Our partners at FieldPromax are making the most of our feature-heavy field service management software to overcome business challenges. Some of the biggest challenges faced by janitorial services are –

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  • Managing their expanding on-field workforce 

  • Accurate invoicing 

  • On-time scheduling and dispatching 

  • Pushing employee productivity 

  • Managing the growing clientele 

  • Flawless accounting that aligns with the payment workflow.  

Create Work Order from Desktop
Our Digital Solutions to Expand Your Janitorial Business
  • Boost employee productivity: arm your workforce with convenient calendar views of their work-order and schedule. With accurate map-views, they can take the best routes to reach their destination swiftly. With GPS tracking, managers and employers can receive a real-time update on their location which invokes a sense of accountability among team members. And, shoots up productivity automatically. 

  • Generate work orders efficiently: with highly customizable work-order templates, managers can make the perfect work-order that aligns with the business needs. The smart system can generate work orders automatically with just a few data inputs. Recurrent orders are easily scheduled and dispatched with automatic work-orders.  

  • Scheduling and dispatching: say goodbye to human-error and welcome the power of technology to schedule and dispatch your workforce at the right time. Employees are also provided with organized dashboards that display their schedules and updates them with their daily agendas. 

  • Accounting made easy: Field Promax allows businesses to integrate their Quickbooks smoothly without risking the loss of any data. So, it gets updated every time a word-order gets completed. It also streamlines payment with automatic invoicing. Create, customize, monitor, and edit the invoicing process from the convenience of your laptop or phone. 

  • Time tracking: speaking of good accounting, FieldPromax’s time tracking feature monitors the time spent by your janitors on each job. Any extra time spent on a particular job is recorded and added to the invoice automatically for the client to pay. This is a fool-proof way to shield yourself from revenue leaks. 

  • Estimate with precision: our estimation tool employs smart analytics to deliver error-free estimates that save businesses from unforeseeable expenses in the middle of a job and also aids in elevating customer satisfaction. 

  • Digital service request: integrate a “Request Service” button on your official website. Clients can request your services just by clicking on this button instead of getting on a call and wait in the queue to get a booking. The system also generates a work-order automatically on receiving a service request. 

  • Cross-channel availability: FieldPromax’s feature-rich janitorial management software is available for use in smartphones (Android and iOS) for your on-the-go taskforce. And, it is equally compatible with desktops and laptops to ease the job of in-house employees and managers.  

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We changed our accounting system and required a work order system to keep track of our multiple daily service calls with multiple technicians. We looked at a number of systems and found that Field Promax fits the bill. Just a great app with exemplary service!



Field Promax is great for work order management for 3 reasons: all the necessary information is available at a glance, it has enough features to cover our needs, but not to make it difficult to use and they have an extremely helpful support.


Service Scheduling Coordinator, Harrison, OH

What I like about Field Promax is that all the information I need to access is on one screen. I can easily track the job progress and an invoice is just one click away.


Owner,Swinson Air Conditioning Company, Inc Loxley, AL