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IT Services Software

From the websites to the techy stuff, who do we ask for help? The IT Services man! It’s so good to come across excellent industry professionals like you. You make the internet an exciting place for us to enjoy, educate and entertain ourselves. The IT department is known for spending hours in front of the computer and intelligent people who learn to make the best decisions like choosing Field Promax to be their field service manager. With Filed Promax, your orders keep flowing in an organized manner no matter how piled up they may be. We make sure you have the most exhaustive platform to exhibit your IT talents and help you provide the best service possible. In a world where every 3rd person owns a website and every 7th person owns a business, IT services professionals have their careers marked for success. IT professionals are in demand because the world can never get tired of computers, but computers sure can get enough humans.



Pretty sure you would be familiar with the QuickBooks desktop software, but they’ve got more. Field Promax is integrated with QuickBooks to create estimates, invoices, and bona fide bills. Since their integration with Field Promax, the customer base has expanded, which has helped us prevent double sign-ups and fake accounts. The two-way sync ensures encryption o customer data and safe dealing of all documents. QuickBooks integration has made maths seem so easy that you no longer need a human calculator. They do all the accountancy and bookkeeping for your business. Thinking about what you should do?

  • Browse your desktop on your mobile with the Field Promax mobile app.
  • Access all your files from anywhere and at any time.
  • The Field Promax mobile app is your on-field and off-field companion.
Mobile App Features

Desktop vs. Mobile

As an IT-based company, we’ve got nothing to educate you about the infrastructure of our software. However, our features and options can intimidate your existing knowledge on the same. Field Promax is available as desktop software as well as a mobile app. It provides similar features and facilities on both platforms. The mobile app is available on both Android and iOS. The mobile app can be mastered in ten minutes, no matter how technologically handicapped you may be.

Access your appointments

Access your appointments, unvoices, dashboard, work orders, calendars, and other features based on your location. If you’re late to work, complete your tasks and monitor the work through the mobile app, and if you’re in your office and can’t find your phone, hop on to the Field Promax desktop software. It is as simple as that! Unlike other industry professionals, your technicians can walk around with a laptop in their hand and work on the same, but if you ever feel like taking a break, we’re available on your phones too. No matter how well-versed you may be with the computer software, some functions like the customer’s digital signature for the invoice, online payments still require the mobile app. So here’s the thing, get them both for free HERE.

  • If you want to relax but still have to work, use the mobile app.
  • If you’re sincerely working and can’t get distracted, use the desktop software.
  • For the best results in your business, get both the desktop and mobile options.
Recurrent orders
Estimates and Invoices

Field Promax with the help o QuickBooks, creates the most genuine estimates and invoices possible. We develop estimates based on customer requests and send them back to customers for verification and authorization via email. Once approves, work orders are generated, and invoices are built on the completion of the same. Invoices can be attested with photos of before and after work, equipment used information, and other details that the customers are to pay for. You can also track your emails in case they have gotten lost in the spam folders.

  • Be transparent with your customers.
  • Encourage your technicians to be honest in their responsibilities.
  • Keep a history of your bills safe on the Field Promax software.
Calendar Views

Being in the IT services industry, it is pretty easy to forget important dates and tasks. With Field Promax, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Field Promax calendars remind you of your schedules and dispatches on time. With a drag and drop, you can assign the right technician for the task on the calendar. Giving assorted color to the technician can help them recognize easily. It can be customized and viewed by date, week, and month according to your convenience.

  • Stay ahead of your schedules and never zone out with Field Promax calendars.
  • Be aware of your team member’s tasks too.
  • Mark your calendars for the commemoration of your business’s success with Field Promax.

As an IT industry, you have the best mind to discern your business’s best field service software. Field Promax has taken many IT services companies to the peak, and it’s your time to reach there. With Field Promax doing business becomes more manageable and more spartan. You can fix your customer’s technical glitches while Field Promax saves you from any.