Generate Invoices from the Field

When the work is completed, email the details as an Invoice (which shows prices) or as a Work Order (which does not show prices) directly from our mobile app.


Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

When the work is completed, you can post and close to automatically generate an invoice in QuickBooks. This keeps your current process intact and all billing still remains consolidated within QuickBooks.


Custom Pricing

With our custom pricing module you have the flexibility of charging different prices for the same product to different customers. This becomes handy when you have negotiated contract prices with certain customers.


Expense and Mileage tracking

Technicians can track expenses and mileage within the work order. Sometimes the mileage is chargeable to the customer but technicians forget to record it. With expense tracking, you have the ability to track and reimburse your technicians with any unexpected expenses that they may incur.

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Ease Your Invoicing with Field Promax Software

Any service sector’s business flourishes with excellent customer relations and customer satisfaction. Keeping the customer well informed about on-field costs is, therefore, an essential part of customer satisfaction. Field Promax app eliminates all possibilities of misunderstandings between you and your customer by introducing a field service invoicing software. The Field Promax service invoicing software aims to streamline your invoicing process and save your time. It converts the tedious task of invoicing to a mere 10-15 minute job.

The Field Promax app is available across all devices that run on Android or iOS and facilitates clear communication between you and your client. The invoice generated by the software includes a wide range of details such as the services that your business rendered, the work schedule and suggests payment options through which your client can pay you for the services availed of.

Field Promax has carefully designed and implemented features that would save valuable time so that you can invest it to grow your business. The Field Promax invoicing software introduces the following functionalities to your business:

Generate Invoices from the Field

Field Promax allows you to generate invoices from the field instantly, and without much hassle, helps your business stand out from that of your competitors in customer service. The field service invoicing software using a few clicks generates either a work order or an invoice as per your choice and emails it to your client once the work is completed. Within minutes, your customer will receive all information either in the format of an invoice displaying costs or as a work order without displaying the prices.

Generate Automatic Invoices in QuickBooks:

Field Promax is integrated with QuickBooks accounting software and offers a feature that lets you generate invoices as soon as you are done with the work. With billing merged with QuickBooks, accounting becomes easy, and you also gain much-required goodwill for your business.

A significant setback that this feature helps avoid is the chance of human error during invoice drafting. With our intelligent software managing your information, there is no chance of chaos and hence no place for errors. The software keeps a record of all your data and protects it from unauthorized access.

Field Promax’s invoicing software for field service is, therefore, an essential upgrade for any business that wishes to make a mark in their respective industries.

Custom pricing:

Dynamism is an essential quality that not only manoeuvres your business to help satisfy regular customers but also grows your customer base and eventually, your business.

Most software-based billing systems require you to lock your rates for particular services, thus limiting your power to alter pricing based on situations dynamically. Field Promax field service billing software, along with digitalizing your work, also believes in helping you maintain complete control of your pricing.

With the custom pricing feature, you are in complete control of the rates that you wish to offer your services to based on the customer you are dealing with. It allows you to provide the same service at different prices to different clients simultaneously.

The Expense and Mileage Tracking:

Invoicing generally involves obvious costs of all services that the customer wants. However, technicians often leave trivial expenses unrecorded. At the end of any project, these petty expenses put together pile up as a significant expense for your customer, which leads to misunderstanding and disagreements, thus hampering your relationship. Field Promax field service billing software keeps track of even the minutest expenses and mileage so that the customer is informed beforehand and there is no room for disagreement.

Unlimited Customer Support

Field Promax understands that digitalizing your business can be a difficult task for those who aren’t very comfortable with technology. The app is designed with an extremely user-friendly interface. This ensures that your technicians will have no problems in understanding or using our wide range of functions and available options. To further help in transforming your business into an efficient and paperless model, we offer unlimited customer support. All you have to do is reach out to us via call, email, or text, and the Field Promax team will be at your service instantly and free of additional costs.

Final Thoughts

Field Promax understands the complexities and time-consuming nature of invoicing. With the Field Promax app providing practical solutions for invoicing, we seek to simplify this task. We aim to reduce the intricacies for the users and make sure our extensive range of features help your business race past its competitors.

Reliability and safety are promised from our end through a security-based framework that encrypts data to keep it protected. With the Field Promax field service app, no hurdle can stop your business from reaching unimaginable heights by working efficiently and time-saving.


Field Promax is a robust platform that streamlines your service and business operations. You can carry out a number of tasks at ease using Field Promax’s software, improving your efficiency and accuracy. Some of the tasks include-

  • Schedule and dispatch jobs.
  • Manage and track your work orders.
  • Generate invoices from any smartphone.
  • Monitor your crew with timekeeping
  • GPS tracking.
  • Other daily operations.

Please visit our website ( to know about all the services in detail.

Yes, Field Promax integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. The integration of QuickBooks company files with Field Promax is quite easy using QuickBooks Web Connector. The company provides installation and integration instructions assuring complete help to the customers.

 For any queries regarding integration, users may contact the company via call.

It won’t be a problem. The developers are always available for helping and guiding you to Integrate QuickBooks Desktop with ease.

All the customers and product records are synchronized, and this assures complete security of your information.

You will see a bar to subscribe to a paying plan at the bottom of the home page. Click on the bar and follow the steps to add your credit card information. Your credit card will be charged every month. We provide you with an additional feature to cancel anytime you wish to drop the facility.

Yes, we provide an annual contract to our users with a benefit of 20% discount. Please note that the 20% is available only in case of 5 to 25 users. For the other categories, the plan remains the same as a month-by-month basis.

 We, however, suggest you opt for the monthly basis plans so that you can drop your service anytime without penalty.  In case one signs up for an annual subscription, you are supposed to pay for the entire year in the beginning. There is no refund in case you drop the service in between or do not use it for a month.

Yes, your billing information is stored in a secure place. Field Promax does not store your transaction information locally. We use independently certified third-party services to store sensitive personal info of our customers that include credit card details.

We transfer all your transaction details over an encrypted SSL connection to these third parties.

The Field Promax’s pricing range solely depends on the abundance of users. We have five plans to date that can contain 50 users. Our pricing plan ranges from two users to 50 users. If you have more than 50 users, then you can contact us for a customized plan.

Field Promax provides multiple security levels to assure complete privacy. You can allow access to your employees partially or completely based on the work.

As administrators, you will have access to the overall system. However, the technicians will be able to access only their work orders.

 In addition to the above, several settings can be turned on or off to set various limits of view. For example, the technician or employee-related to the pricing sector can have access only to the pricing details in Field Promax.

Field Promax is a web-based system. It stores the data in the back-end processes. So, you can access your data from any device at any time. You need not worry about losing data as long as you have access to the services by Field Promax.

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