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Heating and Plumbing Services

The pipes and heaters in a home are the embodiment of a circulatory system in a building’s anatomy. The heating and plumbing companies make sure that the heating and plumbing system is at its healthiest best. Right from installation to maintenance, these drain doctors are involved every step of the way. You have kept homes, offices, restaurants, residents, malls, and other spaces functioning without trouble by providing quality services. To help your Heating and Plumbing Business run even more efficiently, Field Promax has various features. With our illuminating options, you can put back the tension of figuring out bills, orders, data and customers; we sort everything for you. Enable your Field Promax gear while fixing those leaks to take your business to another realm.



Working around water and heaters can get a negligible risk, and it is essential for technicians, also called plumbers, to be extremely careful during work. Papers are easy to lose and hard to maintain when it comes to manual labour on the field. Make your fieldwork easier by digitising your forms, applications, schedules and invoices. You can manage everything on the Field Promax mobile app on your iOS or Android phones. So ditch those paper based systems and manage all your information and data from your mobile phone

  • Easy access, smooth maintenance and high-quality management of data
  • Follow simple procedures to create more incredible work results
  • Have everything you need in one place

Technician Management

When you have a massive group of plumbers and employees, managing them can be risky and tiring. You can now manage your team wherever they are on or off the field, behind the desk or in the warehouse. Keep a check on your employee’s progress and performances with Field Promax. Employees can keep in touch with each other and increase the efficiency and productivity of the workplace. Field Promax allows you to create teams based on geographical locations, skills, age, availability and level of expertise. Make plumbing and heating services much more enjoyable with highly qualified technicians and increased incomes.

  • Have effective team building to help the company grow.
  • Maintain records of every employee.
  • Analyse and encourage the progress of each technician.

Calendar View

You can now view your updates, schedules and dispatches from the calendar view. Drag and drop new work orders onto the calendar with convenience. Allow all your employees to be aware of the company’s work by making it ‘visible to all.’ Adding technicians responsible for the work orders can increase the sophistication of the Calendar View Feature. The calendar view can show the scheduled work order with all inclined details like time, technician, location and more. Adding color to the slot can make it easier to notice and identify.

  • View the calendar based on your convenience by day, week, month or year.
  • Turn on Field Promax notification to receive reminders from the calendar.
  • Colorful calendars make it vibrant and easier to spot technicians responsible for the work order.

Reports and Dashboard

Every business needs a dashboard that can be honest with them. Field Promax allows heating and plumbing businesses to analyse and observe their progress and performances. Moreover, the management can customize it to view by the hour, day, week, month or year. It helps keep up the charts and the graphs pointing up. Field Promax has varied dashboard columns for estimates, invoices, work orders, employee tracking and other categories that need tracking management. Heating and plumbing businesses can now maintain all their records seamlessly with Field Promax.

  • Keep your company’s performance in check.
  • Maintain a detailed number of your progress.
  • Adjust the visibility and accessibility of the dashboard within the management.
GPS Tracking

You can now find your heating and plumbing service field without difficulty with the Field Promax GPS integration. With this feature, you can find shorter routes and minimal traffic-jammed roads to reach your customer location. The enabled GPS tracking also allows the management to keep tabs on the location of their technicians or plumbers when on the field. It can also help them direct them through more accessible routes and save on fuel expenses. With GPS tracking, the workers can also estimate the time to their destination and dispatch technicians accordingly.

  • Never get lost; stay on track with Field Promax’s GPS integration
  • Allow your fellow teammates to find you easily
  • Get to your destination on time on smooth and shorter routes.

With the heating and plumbing services, homes have been running smoothly and efficiently. This is because you have been serving the community tirelessly, irrespective of day or night, to resolve their needs immediately. To appreciate your efforts, Field Promax would like to join your day and night endeavours and manage all the business processes for you. As you fix the broken, heat the cool days and allow your customers to enjoy uninterrupted water supply, Field Promax would like to provide you with uninterrupted field service management. Join us for free and achieve your dream