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Weather it be your Customer’s equipment or your own Rental equipment, keep track of your maintenance history with ease.

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Asset Management and Equipment Tracking with Field Promax

Unavailability or malfunctioning of essential equipment is a nightmare for any technician and service company. In addition, the unavailability of appropriate records of customer or rental equipment can deter the quality of your work and critically affect your customer relations.

Field Promax has an asset and equipment tracking software that not only maintains a record of your equipment and essential assets but also keeps check of the important maintenance dates so that equipment is ready and available when required.

Auto-generate work orders for recurring work

Having all equipment management information under one roof makes their management easy and effective. Scheduling of regular maintenance, tracking serial numbers, keeping check of warranty details, etc. has never before been so easy as is with Field Promax equipment tracking software.

Field Promax simplifies the processes that would otherwise be hard and time-consuming manual labor, like equipment records such as serial numbers, important dates such as date of purchase, date of expiration of the warranty, etc.

Maintaining Equipment Inventory

Field Promax has transformed the process of maintaining equipment inventory. Conventionally asset tracking was based on tags, labels, and handwritten registers that were cumbersome to keep and refer to. The asset management and equipment tracking software from Field Promax has reduced the entire process to merely filling an online registry and uploading relevant photos. All information concerning the equipment can be accessed remotely at any point in the future with just a few clicks.

The software stores all information concerning the customer or the rental asset such as item name, serial numbers, manufacturer’s details model numbers, and warranty details apart from equipment pictures.

With such detailed information at your fingertips, your company will develop and receive better customer response, appreciation, and satisfaction.

Service Dashboard

Keeping track of maintenance dates and warranty information of multiple assets is a difficult task and may lead to human errors leading to significant losses to the company. With a simple yet effective tracking tool, you can at once keep track of any number of equipment and assets and their essential dates of maintenance and regular servicing.

Field Promax’s service dashboard –

Identifies equipment replacement sales opportunities

Field Promax’s intelligent software alerts you to replace or sell equipment that you no longer need to save space, time, and money. Unwanted equipment that is no longer needed occupies much-required space in the company’s inventory. It can also potentially earn you revenue through renting or sale of such equipment.

Brings to your notice the assets which have their maintenance date due or have past their due date.

Field Promax alerts you to service or maintain your equipment that has gone past their maintenance due date or is just in time. This keeps equipment working when you need them on your service site. Malfunctioning equipment can be a nightmare for your company and can deter the quality of your work, severely impacting your customer relations.

Allows you to track equipment information such as location, serial numbers, service tag numbers

Expensive equipment is almost irreplaceable and therefore requires special attention to protect them from damage or wear and tear. Through location tracking features, your valuable equipment would always be under your supervision. With the help of serial numbers, it is easy to distinguish between the equipment and also maintain a service history of each equipment.

Maintains Right inventory levels

With multiple teams working on different service sites simultaneously, a limited inventory of essential tools and assets can bring work on service sites to a standstill. To avoid this undesirable circumstance, Field Promax’s asset management and equipment tracking software suggests the right amount of inventory required to run your operations smoothly at all your service sites.


Field Promax always leaves room for customization so that our app can fit your business specifics for maximum optimization of your functioning. Field Promax has designed its equipment tracking app to be customizable by allowing users to customize all aspects of tracking, such as field names, tags, etc. according to their business model. Apart from customizing existing fields, Field Promax also allows users to add new fields as per their requirements.


Without the right tools and assets, seamless work on an important service site will not be possible. Keeping in mind the necessity and cost of this equipment, their management and maintenance become vital for the smooth working of any company. Apart from being unreliable, poorly maintained equipment pulls in a lot of maintenance costs in the long run, which, in turn, reduces your profit margin considerably.

Field Promax, having done extensive research and analysis into the service sector’s working, provides a solution to the asset management issue in the form of an asset and equipment management app. With Field Promax, any service firm can function with ease and grow exponentially through digitalized management of services, human resources, work orders, accounting, and asset management.

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