Electrical SOftware for field service

The long wires, the different colours and specifications, the appliance and the shock, you’ve seen it all. Without the electrical service industry, we can never connect the world, and you have made it possible with your outstanding services.  Field Promax has another shock for you. We provide unlimited support in keeping your electrifying performance up to the market. Make sure the earth, voltage, frameworks and circuits are perfect while making sure your business is excellent. Take electrical services to industries and platforms of your dreams with Field Promax. Whether industrial or professional, domestic or commercial wiring, we believe your electrical services will work wonders. Allow Field Promax to be the cherry on the top of your electrical services on-field and behind screens.


Calendar View

You can track the availability of your technicians and their schedules right on your calendar. This makes job assigning easier and faster. You no longer have to look at individual technician schedules; find your technician’s status in one view. The calendar view can be segregated into daily, weekly and monthly view making the farther view clearer. Important meetings, you can mark deadlines and events on the calendar visible for all the employees.

  • Make a colourful calendar making technician identifying easier
  • Drag and drop technician schedules easily
  • Keep your calendar reminder on never to forget your work orders.
Calender View Interface for Alarm Systems
Paperless Carpet Cleaning


Your Electrical Service Business can do a lot better and run smoother with fewer papers and more electrical appliances. With Field Promax, the endless files, the pile of papers, stamps, pens, pins and scattered crowded tables can now become clean like never before. Update all your forms, estimates and invoices on the Field Promax mobile app or web service and access it anytime, anywhere. Reducing the usage of papers can save time, energy and printing cost all at once.

  • Organise your office seamlessly.
  • Document your work anywhere and access them anytime
  • Extend your archives overseas

Time Tracking

Fixing wires needs a lot of attention and concentration. While your time is precious, your customer’s time is equally valuable. Sort the convenience and level of importance of the work order and allot the time slots to avoid overbooking or overburdening your technicians. Allow Field Promax to watch the clock for you. Field Promax enables you to log in your working hours to allot payments respectively. In situations where technicians had worked extra hours on the electrical appliances, they can claim their fees for the same on approval from the customers.

  • Get paid rightly for your hard work
  • Stay on the clock and don’t run late
  • Track your overtime automatically
Time Tracking Software for Electrical Services
Team management app

Team Management

Manage your teams from home or overseas. Field Promax allows you to create teams and groups based on geographical locations, skill level and availability. Team leaders can assign tasks, provide inference and communicate with the team more effectively. Connect with your teams to provide current to your business through Field Promax. Likewise, the team management feature also allows you to access your unit in case of emergencies. Just like you make sure all the appliances are working correctly and running, keep a check on your electricians to keep them running efficiently.

  • Know when and where your technicians are during work hours
  • Create a comfortable working space for your employees on Field Promax
  • Keep the voltage of your electricians always on point


Just as your electrical service revolves around current, Field Promax revolves around you, and together we revolve around QuickBooks. This integration keeps your business accounts and ledgers on the roll. QuickBooks integrates customer data and also governs the flow of transactions. Field Promax has gifted and is gifting many electrical service partners with this feature, and you should receive it too.

  • Leaving the math to QuickBooks and get your numbers right
  • Have an automatically updated balance sheet
  • Be on tap with your financial statements
Quickbooks Integration
Field Promax Work Order App

Being an electrician and running an electrical service-based business can be hectic at times. Field Promax would love to share the burden with you and remind you of your responsibilities when things get busy. Be immediately notified in case of work orders, new requests, order cancellations, and your team meetings. Enabling the notifications option for your Field Promax mobile app can allow you to stay focused on your responsibilities and avoid distractions. Don’t miss out on important notes and information; keep your notifications ON.

  • Customise the Field Promax app notifications on your mobile settings and never be caught off guard.
  • Be reminded of your next task on time when you’re busy.
  • Stay up to date on all the company messages.

The world runs on electricity, and you are the heroes behind the current. We appreciate all your efforts and are happy to share the burden of service with you. Joining Field Promax can expand your local boundaries and multiply your electrical service orders overnight. Now you don’t have to fear the rush hours cause Field Promax never sleeps nor slumbers. Wire with us to find your business lighting the path of success for those behind.