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Business Software for Carpet Cleaning

The dog loves me, the kitten loves me, and the baby loves me, but none of them keeps me clean. Who am?

Let’s face reality, having mature, or immature people at home doesn’t matter cause those carpets get nasty on their own. It’s just impossible to keep them clean. But your carpet cleaning services are doing the best job of taming the untamable. The Carpet Cleaning business has put smiles on many faces and a sigh of relief in working parents. Now it’s your turn to have a smile on your face by partnering with Field Promax, an authentic carpet cleaning software. Allow us to enrich your business on-field and behind the scenes while you top the carpet cleaning business charts. Field Promax is dedicated to their business partners and ensures their expansion with their exclusive features.


Work Order

Make the assortment of work orders simpler with Field Promax features. Spot available technicians based on location, availability and suitability for the received work orders and assigned them their responsibilities immediately. You no longer have to make calls, read descriptions or wait for responses. With Field Promax, create estimates and generate work orders for technicians within a few minutes. In case of urgent work orders, technicians can be notified immediately through the Field Promax mobile app, the platform where everything is possible.

  • Get an immediate response on cancellations, rebooking and updates on your work orders with the Field Promax mobile app.
  • Generate work orders with customer approved estimates
  • Manage your work orders from anywhere
Mobile App Features
Recurrent orders

Recurrent Orders

Carpet cleaning is never a one time deed. It never stops at that. Hence, Carpet Cleaning Software from Field Promax has enabled an automated recurring feature that customers can easily avail themselves of. This feature allows your carpet cleaning service to manage the regular and piling up carpet orders. While booking their carpet cleaning services, customers can choose the daily, weekly or monthly option depending on how often they require the carpet cleaning service. On this, the order is automatically updated on the calendar. This makes it easier for technicians to know when the next service in that particular location will be, and in case of a slip of the mind, the Field Promax mobile app would remind them.

  • Make repeating services easier for your customers with Field Promax
  • Never miss any orders. Keep your notifications on
  • Remind your customers of their requests with punctuality.

Customer Management

The fluffy fur carpet or the tough nylon carpets, the Olefin carpets or the Triexta needled carpets, you’ve seen them all. But, while you take care of them, we would love to take care of their owners, your customers. Understand, analyse, connect and communicate with your customers, their interests and preferences easily. Managing customer queries and their work orders are now simplified with Field Promax.

  • Recurring services are made accessible when you know your customer’s ‘The usual.’
  • Have access to your customer database at anytime
  • Earn your customer loyalty points for free with Field Promax
Manage Customer for carpet cleaning


Scheduling your technicians to their field service is now made easier with the Field Promax scheduling feature. Pre-schedule work orders for your technicians so that they can be reminded when it’s time. Work orders can be scheduled by dragging and dropping them on the calendar visible for all the team members. Scheduling keeps work orders organized and avoids overburdening or overbooking technicians.

  • Allot responsibilities to technicians equally amongst the team
  • Divide the work by scheduling work orders uniformly
  • Prevent stress and suffocating your technicians


Once the schedule has been prepared, dispatching is made easy. Technicians can equip and prepare themselves for the field based on the work orders they received. Dispatch can be made less hassled and chaotic when a schedule is made available for all technicians. This can avoid switching shifts, proxy and other unwanted mess on the field. Dispatch technicians with the right tools and equipment required for the specified material of the carpet, type of cleaning and tools needed for the area.

  • Prepare and equip your technicians to master the carpet cleaning field service.
  • Create happy customers with skilled technicians and the right dispatching
  • Dispatching at the right time can reap the correct result
Carpet Cleaning Working Men
Team Tracking

Team Tracking

Keep an eye on your team, although they may be perfectly skilled and pruned to rule the field. With GPS integration, Field Promax allows you to watch over your technician’s location when he’s on his carpet cleaning field service. Tracking can also help you provide them with less traffic and shorter routes to get to their field on time with ease. This feature provided by Field Promax also enables you to track their progress, efficiency and productivity while on the field.

  • Analyse the potential of your team from your seat
  • Reduce fuel cost and increase your productivity
  • Encourage your team for every dot of improvement.

Carpet cleaning software has made many lives more manageable. Your business has improved the living space and the quality of life in many homes, offices and buildings. As you step into Field Promax, we provide your business with the ability to offer a luxurious and leisure filled life to all your customers. Neither your customers nor you have to worry about the papers or the calls; Field Promax covers it all for you. While your business blooms, you can sit in the room and together, we can create BOOM… a great partnership.