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Here’s Why Small Businesses Must Consider Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Software

Workforce management has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Businesses are keen on improving their approach to workforce management, even if it comes for an extra price because, in the long run, good practices translate into better productivity and reduced costs. The process of managing the workforce has to be automated to the best possible extent so that managers can focus on the relevant pointers and problems at hand.

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In that context, selecting the Best Mobile Workforce Management Software is critical. Companies like Field Promax have products that have been developed, keeping the needs of small and mid-sized businesses in mind, so it is not just about budget anymore. From having a mobile app that oversees the entire workforce to simplifying the process of scheduling tasks and jobs, a competent workforce management program can do it all.

1. Why Do You Need A Software Program for Workforce Management?

workforce management

That’s often a question that many companies have in mind. If you consider the challenges, the decision will make so much more sense.

One of the biggest challenges in workforce management is employee scheduling. If the work schedules are not synced, monitored, and updated regularly, it may lead to a serious waste of time and human resources. The concept of workforce management has moved beyond spreadsheets.

To address this issue, organizations are increasingly adopting effective systems for managing employees, streamlining scheduling processes, and ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

The second challenge is related to forecasting. If you want to take serious decisions and forecast accurately for your business to devise future strategies, you need a software solution that can help with managing the truckload of information that managers handle on a regular basis.

Another big reason to invest in software for workforce management is integration and security. You may have a competent program that’s handling payroll, but for ensuring that all the departments work in sync, a collaborative system is required. Data security also gets better with project management software, and you can also expect support for QuickBooks (Online or Desktop), but more on that later.

Finally, let’s not forget that compliance is a relevant aspect that even small businesses cannot afford to ignore, and for that, a well-designed, planned and integrated software program can prove to be the lifeline for effective workforce management.

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2. What Features Should You Look For?

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The scope of workforce management software products has expanded exponentially in recent years, and while every company has its own proprietary features, some of these are absolutely necessary. We recommend that you check some of the features listed below.

  • A Comprehensive App: You need to get mobile workforce management software Period. There are no two ways of looking at it. A mobile app just makes things easy for managers and workers alike, and they can expect to get updates and info that matter for better productivity.
  •  QuickBooks Integration: A good product should allow for QuickBooks integration for both desktop & online versions. Field Promax, which we mentioned earlier, offers this feature, and that can be really useful for your accounting department.
  • Easy Scheduling: When it comes to managing and taking decisions about employees and workers, it has to be a quick and easy process. Scheduling without hassle should be an integral part of the software.
  • Estimation: Another big feature of such software is the estimate tool. Managers should be able to create estimates, seek approval online as required, and add the same to the work process as required. Field management software enables you to achieve that really quickly.
  • Easy Invoicing: Creating work invoices should be a straightforward process with a workforce management program. Invoicing should be simplified with templates, and managers must have access to all old and new ones.
  • A Comprehensive Dashboard: Having a clear, concise, and yet elaborate dashboard is a must for workforce management online. It just ensures that managers can take decisions and keep a check on all current jobs and processes.
  • Help with Equipment: If your company deals with different tools for specific jobs, the workforce management software should facilitate that.

Besides all the above, it is necessary to check for other tools related to workforce management, such as team management tools. If you are buying a product, support is a key aspect that must be taken into account. Select a company that has not only developed a perfect workforce management program but also offers credible support around the clock. Also, check the app to know if the product is user-friendly.

Wrapping Up

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If you are deciding on workforce management software, you have to work closely with the developer to know what they can provide and the extent of support they can promise. A good program for workforce management needs to be easy to manage, and as a new client, you have to ask a few relevant questions. Here is a quick list for your help –

  • Will the mobile app work for iOS and Android alike?
  • Will my managers and work need extra training to use your workforce management software?
  • How does the pricing work?
  • What if we choose to migrate to other software in the future?
  • Will your company offer help in initial integration and data migration?
  • What kind of security measures have you taken to protect data?
  • Who are your regular clients? Have you worked with clients with a similar profile?
  • How can we make the most of the available data? In other words, do you have features for analytics and reporting?
  • Who are your core team members?
  • How is the data being stored? Do you have backup plans?
Field Service Management Software

Usability and features are some of the key aspects to consider for selecting workforce management software. Field Promax, for instance, has different features for different businesses, and their packages are extremely affordable for small businesses, starting from just $49 per month. It also largely depends on the number of users, which again is decided by the size of your enterprise. Make sure that you have evaluated the features based on the growth prospects of your company, and don’t shy away from asking the tough questions. Selected with care, workforce management software could be an amazing investment for most companies that have been trying to do better with their human resources.

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