Top 5 Jobber Alternatives for your Business in 2022

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In a growing and expanding Field Service Industry, Jobber sure has made an impact. However, it’s time to analyze other software and substitutes that can provide similar potential services. With the increase in demand, and the options, the alternative to Jobber have been climbing up the market with a high velocity.

The Field Service Management Software has played a significant role in stabilizing small and medium businesses as they strive towards establishing their brand in the market. It works with various industries like CleaningHousingElectricalIT Industry, Plumbingmedical and other niches through providing services like streamlining, management and organizing.

There are various options industries can choose from to achieve these services based on region, prices, resources, and requirements. Jobber has been a popular choice for new businesses, but with the introduction of various other options at a more affordable price with the required and more.

1. Field Promax

This is a cloud-based Field Service Software that enhances all the basic features of a field service manager and more. It is popularly known for its easy-to-use mobile app, digital management, and software infrastructure. The software has an organized section for all its functionalities, making it easier for customers and users to find them easily and quickly. They offer customizable templates for different industries based on their requirements and stay in control of their own business.

Field Promax Property Software

The Field Promax software ensures that all its users are updated with the necessary information. It sends reminders to customers, technicians, and the management based on their calendar schedules and appointments. It also comes with GPS Features and other tracking measures to keep businesses on track by increasing progress and growth.

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2. Service Autopilot

This business scheduling software is designed to automate work orders and field works and manage them from any desired location. Their user-friendly interface and all-in-one solutions are their most highlighted features. They stand by their name in autopiloting services by auto-syncing accounts with QuickBooks Online Integrations for better billing solutions. Users can also scale their revenue, manage their accounts, and track their finance with reports and QuickBooks data. The two-way sync also helps with monitoring customer databases and providing better-personalized service.

Service Autopilot

It focuses on monitoring data of chemicals and equipment, automates essential office functions, directs business growth, and provides recurring services in a click. The software schedules lapsed work orders, dispatches technicians with proper assets, and manages the field and office at the same time.

3. HouseCall Pro

This software is one of the user-rated software, an absolute and explicit Alternative to Jobber. Their prominent feature includes the chatbot where customers can reach the organization and a chat platform exclusively for technicians and their peers to communicate with each other.

House Call

They offer free email marketing services and postcard marketing at a small price to help build customer relationship management and ensure happy customers. They send regular reminders and courtesy notes to customers before and after service. The software helps manage the field through a desktop or mobile devices. With various integrations, the software eliminates the process of paperwork and enables seamless business.

4. Service Titan

The software is manufactured to provide an easy, and smooth user interface for residential and commercial home services companies. It is an absolute alternative to Jobber and offers the same critical components with varied additional features. Their sales resources and abilities boost industry customer conversion rates along with visual sales experiences. You can track company progress and process based on regular reports, improve sales, and generate subsequent leads on the software.

Service Titan

Service Titan centralizes all the data based on customers, history, inventory, or equipment for easier reference and access during customer interactions and management. It also provides tracking functionalities that let you monitor the click rates of emails and texts, technician locations, and business performance which helps alter sales prospects respectively.

5. KickServ

KickServ is not the least of the rest, and it is a customer relationship management software that manages important field service components through its Mobile App. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It allows users to customize their dashboard and personalized web page ambiance to monitor their work order rate. They are customer centred and allow them to review and approve estimates and invoices before payment, provide feedbacks on work orders, examine records, and more.


Being a competitor to Jobber, KickServ has channeled its primary focus and service towards customer management and ensuring a convenient medium to connect both industries and their customers.

Stand at par with Jobber, the above-mentioned Field Service Management Software ensures the necessary features in abundance to their users at all costs. They build businesses by providing customized and personalized essential services with unique integrations. Each field service software varies in terms of prices, features, and standards, but they aim to bridge the field and office seamlessly.

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