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Top 3 Digital Solutions to Help Field Service Professionals

Digital Solutions

Field service management is one of the foundational industries in the contemporary world. No matter how smarter our homes have become, we still require skilled technicians to inspect and repair things that need fixing. Even if you believe the futurists and hope that soon an army of robots will take care of our chores and manual labor, we would still need human expertise to attend to our individual needs. As of now, we are still dependent on the technicians working hands-on to fix the leaky faucet or replace that outdated alarm system. Having said that, we have to agree that emerging technology is revolutionizing field service management and driving it to a new era. More and more companies are adopting digital solutions such as CRM tools, ERP software, accounting tools, QuickBooks integration software, etc. to optimize their processes. And to keep up with the changing business trends, field service management must embrace the innovations as well.

Now, if you are thinking that the high-end technology only suits large companies, think again. Small and medium-sized companies are also benefiting from these digital tools. And if you own a company that operates with several technicians, it is definitely something you should try.

Considering the changing market trends, there is no question regarding the effectiveness of digital tools in the field service industry in recent times. The important question, however, is why should YOU invest in these innovations. More importantly, you must ask which software or applications should you invest in. Well, fret not. Here are all the answers to your questions.

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The introduction of cutting-edge technologies into the mix of fierce market competition has forced the field service industry to accelerate digital transformation further. In fact, more than 75% of field service professionals now admit that they were compelled to prioritize technology to quickly adapt to the change. From remote collaboration to automation, digital tools can help field service management professionals achieve their goal of delivering a better customer experience.

If we look at it from another perspective, delivering efficient, effective, and fast service to customers is indeed the primary objective of field service businesses. With time, the technological needs of the field also evolved. Here come the digital solutions in the bigger picture. Before you could blink an eye, field service companies had to restrict, or in some cases, completely cease, providing in-person home visits. Subsequently, every field service company had to reevaluate its existing business model. While some have invested in no-contact or remote service others are embracing the idea of predictive maintenance.

As a business owner, you too must have worked hard to leverage the changing trends of the field service industry. Therefore, it is high time you look into the contemporary trends that the industry is adopting to regain its usual course, and consequently, strive for business growth in the days coming ahead. In this regard, your biggest help would be the innovative digital solutions. To explain, the market is now overflowing with hundreds of software, applications, and other digital tools that could dramatically improve your operations. Be it a dispatch field app or a smart invoice generator—you can leverage these incredible digital solutions to give your company a head start in the upcoming race.

In short, digital solutions will help you automate and streamline your business processes, which is a significant advantage considering the changing market trends. It will bring in more efficiency and transparency, reduce human error, facilitate enhanced service disposal, and empower you to deliver a better customer experience—all the things you need to generate more revenue and make your business model more sustainable.

2. Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions to Fit every Field Service Business: Which Tools are Essential for Your Company?

Now that we have covered the importance of digital tools in field service management, let us take a look at what solutions you have at your disposal to help your business grow. Truthfully, the options are plenty. You need to identify the areas where you need assistance and choose accordingly.

Having said that, there are a few things that every field service company can benefit from. Regardless of your company’s size, or strength, these digital solutions have become indispensable to every service-related company. So, let us not waste any more time. Jump right in and find out what they are.

Field Service Dispatch Software

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Field service dispatch software, also known as scheduling & dispatching software has now become the lifeline of the field service industry. It will help you automate your business processes, thus taking out the risk of errors. Besides, it will make your operations more efficient and seamless.

Field service dispatch software is a digital tool used by field service providers to maintain a seamless delivery network. It gives you a better handle on coordinating and managing technicians on the field. It helps them to create work orders, select technicians for particular work orders, schedule visits, route technicians to job locations, reassign orders, and even monitor technicians’ movements in real-time. It is a digital tool integrated with cutting-edge features such as automatic scheduling and dispatching, intelligent work order management, GPS tracking, and electronic proof of service delivery that makes the entire process more efficient and transparent. As a result, it yields a better customer experience which, in turn, contributes to your customer retention and revenue generation.

Mobile App


While field service dispatch software gives you access to your customer data and work orders, you need something more to keep track of your technicians’ performance and ongoing job status. However, this is something only your technicians can provide you. But how to get ahold of that? You surely cannot wait till your technicians return to the office and update you with all the work details. Neither can you call up your customer and ask them whether the technician has arrived on the side and whether they have got the job well done. So, what are your chances?

This is why you need an efficient dispatch field app. When you choose dispatch software for your business, make sure they offer you the best mobile field service app integrated with the software. The app lets your technicians update job status in real-time, keep track of their schedules, get customers’ addresses and route plans, and do so much more.

Accounting Software


Accounting Software is one of the most essential tools in a business. From basic invoicing, billing, and payroll management to tax calculations, this software could be your one-stop solution to keep track of all your financial data.

This is equally important with regard to field service business as well. If you are still relying on the traditional accounting methods, more precisely on a paper-based accounting system, it means you are keeping the door open for making mistakes. Not to mention the amount of financial data you need to take care of on your own. So, better leave it to efficient accounting software like QuickBooks.

3. Making Things Simpler for You: Is there any Option that Gives you All the Benefits in One Place?


The answer is definitely yes. To make your life easier, we bring you Field Promax—the one-stop shop for all your requirements. Sounds unbelievable? Let’s find out the amazing features.

To begin with, Field Promax is one of the leading field service management software available today. It is a smart, cloud-based system that keeps all your data in one place, helps you manage work orders, create estimates, monitor job status, and keep track of all your technicians in real-time.

While there are several field service dispatch software solutions that offer you these benefits, Field Promax has more in store for you. It features the best mobile field service app for your technicians. It gives them complete insight into their schedule, providing a list of daily, weekly, and monthly assignments. They can also use the dispatch field app to clock in and clock out, update job status, and maintain a log of the total time they spent at the job site. This way, you can keep track of the total billable hours of all your technicians, and monitor how effectively your resources are being utilized. Through the app, your technicians can also get access to the customers’ address and route plans, add items and additional charges to the invoice, and share the same with the customer as well as the office. But here is the twist. As the business owner, you have the ultimate control over the pricing. Although your technician adds items and shares the invoice, it is you who finalize the price on the final bill.

We are not finished yet. Field Promax is an efficient QuickBooks integration software, which means it integrates with the most popular accounting software. Therefore, you can directly access QuickBooks data through Field Promax field service dispatch software. Thanks to the integration, you can import all your customer databases from QuickBooks to Field Promax and use it for creating work orders, scheduling & dispatching technicians, managing recurring appointments, and invoicing.

The times are changing. Riding on the digital wagon, the world is moving ahead at an unbelievable pace. So, if you do not jump right in, you will be left behind. And that surely is not a sustainable business model. Field Promax, therefore, is the right solution for you. The highlight of the amazing field service dispatch software is that it is unbelievably simple to operate, but it does a lot of intricate work for your business. Visit our website to learn more about this cutting-edge digital solution.

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Final Words

The times are changing. Riding on the digital wagon, the world is moving ahead at an unbelievable pace. So, if you do not jump right in, you will be left behind. And that surely is not a sustainable business model. Field Promax, therefore, is the right solution for you. The highlight of the amazing field service dispatch software is that it is unbelievably simple to operate, but it does a lot of intricate work for your business. Visit our website to learn more about this cutting-edge digital solution.