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How to Get Your First 25 Clients for Your Cleaning Business: A Complete Guide for Small Businesses

Get client for Cleaning Business

So, you have toiled hard and long to set up your own cleaning business. Now what?

This is a question that leaves hundreds and thousands of small entrepreneurs dumbfounded. You will find a ton of articles, blogs, and whatnot guiding you through starting a new business. You can find valuable information on the legal aspects of business licenses and permits, registration, tax, insurance, choosing business names, writing business plans, and so on. But this is all on paper. The real action happens in the real world, never on paper. And none of these blogs or articles will tell you the single most important thing—how to get clients for a cleaning business?

Evidently, you will need clients to get your business off the ground. No matter what else you do, you cannot reach any of your goals if you don’t have orders. So, you need to make sure, even before you launch your company, that you are well-equipped to attract new clients.

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At this point, you may counter by arguing that there are enough resources available for marketing strategies. But they will not serve your specific purpose as a new business. Those resources on marketing and promotion typically work for established enterprises, helping them attract more clients based on brand value and brand image. Your business, on the other hand, has none of them yet. So how do you plan to implement them in your business? You have only just started out! Besides, cleaning is a pretty competitive industry. There will always be a competitor or two to snatch your potential clients away from you.

No, we are not trying to intimidate or discourage you, but rather the very opposite. In this blog, you will learn the secret of how to get your first cleaning client—the one who will help you kickstart your cleaning business and turn it into a reputed brand. You will also learn about client acquisition strategies and their importance, implementation, and low-budget ideas to promote your business. In short, you will find everything you need to know about cleaning company client acquisition in this post. So read on.

first cleaning client

The process of convincing potential clients to buy your products or services is known as customer acquisition. A solid customer acquisition strategy acquires leads, nurtures them until they are sales-ready, and turns them into customers. In simple terms, customer acquisition refers to the process of bringing in new clients, and this includes the answer to your question—how to get clients for cleaning business.

Why is customer acquisition important?

Customer acquisition is critical since it improves referrals, brand awareness, and revenue. When you get a new customer, chances are that they will look into other goods or services that you offer. If they continue to be happy with what they find out, chances are high that they will refer your company to others, boosting your client base even further. As you win more clients, word about your brand will eventually spread, thus increasing brand recognition. This, in turn, will increase revenue for your company. The more sales you make, the more new markets you can enter, and the more you can expand your business.

This is why you must learn how to get clients for a cleaning business even before you start. If you get this right, you can leverage a host of benefits, which include:

  • Make revenue to meet your financial goals—recover your costs, pay employees on time, and make profits
  • Develop brand awareness and expand your business
  • Show strong evidence of traction and scope for guaranteed ROI for stakeholders, potential investors, and influencers to win more investments/promotions
customer acquisition

How to Get Clients for Cleaning Business

Now that you know what customer acquisition is and why it is important, let’s get to the most important part—how to get your first cleaning client.

Once you build some awareness for your brand, it is relatively easy to attract new clients. But when you are new, how do you make people book your service? How do you make sure the wheels keep turning? Here is what you should do.

  • 1. Identify Your Target Market
  • The very first step in acquiring new clients is to identify the target market and demographics. These clients usually include people who are interested in the service you offer or who are already using similar services from competitors. In other words, you need to find the right people who actually need cleaning services and might be looking for options. There is no point in spending money on promoting your business to people who don’t need your services.

  • 2. Understand Market Viability
  • Once you’ve found potential clients, your marketing team can figure out if those groups of clients are good acquisition prospects. Look at each part of your community and ask if you can reach them with the marketing resources and tools you already have. If not, you might try to find new ways to sell to them or take them out of your target market. Customers who seem easy to reach are good choices, and you can start trying to get in touch with them.

  • 3. Connect with Your Potential Clients
  • These two steps tell you how to identify your potential clients. The next part will describe the next crucial step—how to get leads for cleaning business.
    In order to generate new leads, you need to connect with your potential clients. Start looking into the best ways to talk to potential clients to come up with marketing and sales strategies. Some of these ways could be sending out surveys or emails, or straightaway calling people. As you put together their response, this insight can help you develop more specific strategies for acquiring customers that are better suited to specific groups. You can also use analytics tools across various digital platforms to gather more quantitative and qualitative data about your customers.

  • 4. Develop Your Acquisition Strategies
  • Using the information you’ve gathered about potential clients, you may begin to come up with approaches to get them to book cleaning services from you. Often, you can get their attention by using different marketing methods on different digital channels and platforms. You can make and use different tactics for the different types of customers or markets you want to reach. This includes traditional marketing channels such as posters, flyers, hoardings, or emails. But in today’s digital era, you must leverage digital marketing and social media marketing strategies as well. If you want to know how to get clients for a cleaning business, you need to have a strong online presence and a digital outreach strategy.

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Getting Your First Cleaning Client

Secret to Getting Your First Cleaning Client

To sum up the discussion so far, you need to identify people who might need your services and get in touch with them to acquire your first customer. For all that matters, you need to make people interested in the services you offer aware of your existence—that you can do the job for them.

But then comes the crucial part. How do you convince them to purchase goods and services from you? Why should they choose your cleaning company over your competitors? This is something that no other blog or article will tell you about. But lucky for you, you’ve got us!

Let us get straight to the point. To convince people, you must assure them that they are going to receive the best-in-class service from you, way better than your competitors. You must give the impression that you know the job best, that you have the best tools, equipment, and technicians to do the job right, and that they can trust you with their homes or offices even when they are not around. Once you can ensure this, you will have clients pouring in to book your services. And this is also how to get cleaning clients fast. Oftentimes, people even compromise with their budget when they believe they are going to get the best value for their money. That, right there, is your key to success!

Wrapping Up: Pro Tip on How to Get Clients for a Cleaning Business

This knowledge leads to another important question—how do you ensure best-in-class service? The answer is pretty simple! Sign up for Field Promax cleaning business software from the get-go.

This is an amazing digital tool that helps streamline and standardize your workflow. With this software, you can easily manage your work orders, and equipment, create winning estimates, schedule and dispatch cleaning technicians, monitor them in real time, manage repeat/periodic job orders, and so much more— all from a single platform. There’s more! Field Promax also offers an integrated mobile app for your cleaning technicians where they can view their assignments, accept work orders, clock in and out, share photos and documents, create and send invoices in the field, and most importantly, access necessary customer information no matter where they are. This effectively increases your first-time fix rate and, as a result, drives customer satisfaction. And one happy customer will eventually lead to another! That’s how you get your first, second, 25th, and subsequent clients.

Now that you know how to get clients for a cleaning business, it’s time to work on your strengths to convince them and turn your leads into paying customers. So, don’t waste precious time. Go ahead and sign up for Field Promax now!

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