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Benefits Of Enrolling Flaggers Into A Traffic Control Management System

Traffic Control Software

Flaggers do the absolute job of preventing traffic due to road constructions, events, or other reasons, and a road may be blocked. They provide temporary measures to traffic control management and ensure the safety of the people around them.

With the construction industry regaining its composure, the demand for the workforce has also increased. This has resulted in an immense demand for professional flaggers. Although the flagging industry has high-profit margins, flagging operations are marred with difficulties. High turnover rates, order cancellations due to weather conditions, and an inconsistent workforce are common problems in the industry. They need to stay in close verbal and non-verbal contact with their flagger teammates and the construction crew for safe traffic control management. The industry generally continues to be paper-based which results in incorrect billing and incorrect payroll.

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and commotions. Flaggers essentially require field service management software to balance and manage their essential functionaries to prevent hazardous aftermaths. By managing software, they can productively work on the field with a lesser burden.

Field Promax has developed a unique and appropriate solution to address these common pain points.  Field supervisors record the time for billing and timekeeping for flaggers and themselves. Flaggers are relieved of such obligations and focus on their fieldwork hassle-free.

Flaggers are notified through text messages about being assigned a job that they are free to accept or un-accept through text messages.  The supervisor in charge can easily record their time through our streamlined mobile app built conveniently for the  Flagging Industry. This has reduced the need to continuously train an inconsistent workforce and facilitated the billing time from 7 days to around a day or two.  Accurate billing is an expectation fulfilled by Field Promax, and payroll errors are a thing of the past.

1. Some of the other added features Field Promax can facilitate the traffic control industry with are:

  • Digital workflow: Maintaining all the records, data, and files on the cloud makes it easier to manage multiple work orders, monitor the workflow in real-time, and essentially faster turnaround time. It helps replace paper-based contracts saving time, money, and energy by increasing efficiency. The digital management of files also helps with sharing, security, and efficiency.
  • Easy to use: The flagging team can use Field Promax both on the desktop and mobile phones. With features like digital signatures, notifications, text message alerts, and invoice generation, the mobile app is straightforward to use and can be mastered within ten minutes. With the SaaS incorporated features, the Field Promax software makes the business a lot easier.
  • Integrations: All the financial cycles such as payrolls, incomes, bills, estimates, and even customer data can be managed with the seamless Integration of QuickBooks, AI, IoT, etc. Integrations help stabilize the workflow and manage various sectors of the business. They also maintain the encryption and security of customer data, company details, and files.
  • Reporting and AnalysisSupervisors can view their performance rate and progress on the customizable dashboard. It provides multiple-role-based views, status, growth rate, and detailed information required for efficient decision-making. This feature enables the companies to analyze their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly performances and make the necessary efforts.
  • Adequate: It suits any form of an industry looking for dynamic and synchronized management to take over their office. It helps various business models, including flaggers, to adapt to difficulties and prosper. Field Promax allows you to customize the software based on your requirements and comfortability. It is flexible to work with different extremes of industries and provide the needful.
  • Organize: Flaggers can manage all their work orders effortlessly with the easy-to-organize scheduling and dispatching features. It allows you to prioritize work orders based on days, location, and technician. With the required scheduling details, dispatching becomes hassle-free. It makes sure that customers can get recurring services with just one click and automates the work orders for respective technicians.
  • Team Work: Some field service requires multiple members for traffic control management. Communication between the flaggers is made more accessible through Field Promax. Team leaders can track flaggers, look out for traffic jams ahead, find easier routes and direct them, monitor their progress rates, and more through the mobile app. It also enables teammates to keep in touch with each other on the field, enhancing professionalism.
  • Mobile AppThis external feature comprises the entire website features at hand. It makes field service more competent for the flaggers with added features like GPS integration, attaching pictures of the field for reference purposes, on-site payments, and more. It increases the convenience rate of the field service.
Mobile App
  • Bills: As mentioned above, the flagging industry still follows the manual paper-based billing method, prone to errors and miscalculations. The field service software can help prevent such mishaps by creating AI bills with provided information and customer approval signatures. These bills can be generated on the field, shared via email, and uploaded to the cloud, standardizing the business process.
  • Calendar: In addition to all the organizing methods, the Calendar View helps get a better idea of the schedules and dispatches. It sends reminders on new work orders, scheduled meetings, and cancellations. The flagger authorities can also view the calendar by day, week, month, or year to have a detailed and enlarged view of the schedules, dispatches, and more.

Field Promax is widely known for its other prominent features that can be useful and essential for the flagging industry, like Customer management, Tracking options, Time tracking, and unlimited support via telephone or email. With these features at hand, the flagging industry can manage all its to-dos properly.

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3. Why do Flaggers need Traffic Control Management System?

Traffic Control System

In progress towards creating a more professional and standardized business, the flagger industry is sure to achieve tremendous success with Field Promax. These trained professionals who manage to stop traffic or manage a safe work zone amidst traffic require immense support and ease on the field. Their responsibilities also include human safety, protecting the work crew, guide, and direct traffic. Their job provides them enough responsibility and expects them always to be mentally and physically alert on the field. They toil day and night to provide convenience to workers and civilians.

These responsible human beings deserve respect and a resource they can depend on. To manage the positions and locations, they must stand in, locate their crewmates, know the upcoming traffic, and be able to create bills is an unnecessary toll for the sweat they shed. To simplify their business process, a field service management software like Field Promax can enhance its streamlined functioning. It encourages them to put away all office-based, the flaggers’ paper document worries which Field Service Management software can uphold on their behalf. Field Promax makes sure that the flagging business can synchronize their workflow, manage their orders, and monitor their progress through the history of their existence.

Field Promax has supported various small and medium businesses to expand their business, achieve their visions by accomplishing their missions. It streamlines workflow to make the field service less complicated. Filled with potential and substantial expertise, Field Promax is one among the few field service management software that works with the flagger industry. To ensure a standardized work order management system and a simplified organization for your flagger business, give Field Promax a chance.

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