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7 Proven Plumbing Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales In Your Business

Plumbing Marketing Ideas

Plumbing services are always in demand. Naturally, the competition in this industry is also pretty steep. It stands to reason that anyone grappling with the fierce competition is looking for ways to make their mark and stand apart from the crowd. 

Judging by the fact that you clicked this blog and read it until this point, it is obvious that you too are looking for some advice on how to market your plumbing business. Lucky for you, you have reached the right place! In this blog, we have curated some of the best plumbing marketing ideas that actually work.

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Now, you might ask “ why do I need a plumbing marketing strategy?”

The answer is rather obvious. Plumbing is a very competitive market, where your customer set is mostly limited to the local people. Therefore, you need to be very focused on getting more and more leads. The traditional way of marketing, where plumbers would place ads in local newspapers, distribute flyers, and maybe even spend on TV advertising– none of which seem to be working very well at this point. Besides, they can get expensive. 

More importantly, the generation we are working with would always look up to the Internet for the answers and their everyday challenges. This creates a need for investing in plumbing internet marketing and growing your business with it. 

Sounds about right? Now, follow our guide to find out the best plumbing marketing ideas that actually work. And more importantly, start applying them in your business to generate more sales and increase your profit.

Get A Website

The first and foremost thing any business owner needs these days is a functional website that is ready to attract customers. Having a website builds your online visibility and increases trust in the minds of your visitors. 

Design your website with customer experience as the top priority. Create a logo that leaves an impression and makes your brand memorable. And most importantly, provide all the necessary information on your website so potential customers find whatever they are looking for, and never leave. If you are confident, you can do it yourself. But if you want that professional touch, you can always hire plumbing marketing companies.

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2. Add Your Business to Local Directories

Add Your Business to Local Directories

Increase your brand awareness through local listings. Besides Google, customers also search for businesses on trusted local business directories. This is arguably the best way to advertise a plumbing business.

Customers tend to trust plumbing companies more when they’re listed on these directories. So add your business to as many relevant directories as possible. Make sure that you include up-to-date information in these listings that matches the information on your website and Google My Business account. Always include contact details and a link to your website.

3. Claim your Google Business Profile Listing

One of the first things you need to do when setting up your plumbing business is to create a detailed Google My Business (GMB) account. When somebody searches for a plumber in their area on Google, you want your business to appear on the map under the search bar and have all your plumbing company information available in the box on the right-hand side of the search results like this:

Claim your Google Business Profile Listing

A good GMB profile makes it easier for customers to find your business, access the information they need, and get in touch with you. The more optimized your account is, the more visible your business will be online, and in turn, it will reach more audiences to get you more sales.

4. Paid Advertising

Brand Yourself and Advertise

If you are looking for more effective ways to boost your visibility on Google SERP, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the best solutions. PPC ads appear at the top of the search results, above organic listings, and local SEO 3-packs. Paid Advertising brings in traffic and increases exposure for your business. This is a type of marketing model used to promote a business online. where you run paid ads on the search engines and the advertiser (in this case a plumbing business) pays a small fee when a potential customer clicks on that ad and lands on your website.

If your plumbing business is struggling to get enough organic traffic, then you can always run PPC ads targeted at the right keywords. These ads will help your plumbing company to achieve the top spot on search results, which should help to bring you plenty of new customers. The best part of this search engine marketing method, compared to traditional advertising, is you will only be charged when someone clicks on the ads you run.

5. Invest in SEO

Invest in SEO

SEO is one of the most important parts of your plumbing marketing strategies. If you’re ranking at the top of the right search queries, then you will get loads more clients. If you don’t have good search engine visibility, then you’ll be losing a lot of business to your competitors. It’s that simple.

So, how can your plumbing website rise to the top of search engines? Here are a few important SEO practices that you need to apply to your plumbing website.

  • Optimize your website for the right keywords. Not just your content, make sure to optimize your meta tags, page titles, and image alt tags for the right keywords.
  • Include local keywords. Plumbing is a local service, so you need to make sure that your website is optimized for area-specific keywords.
  • Use keywords strategically throughout the blog post. This is what will take your website to your desired position in the search results.
  • Optimize Your Title. 80% of readers don’t actually make it past the headline so it’s extremely important to create a compelling title.
  • Optimize your content for mobile devices. Most people now browse the internet via smartphones. So, if you want people to view your site and read your content, make sure they can do it on their mobile phones.

6. Leverage Online Reviews

Review screen

Make sure you and your employees are encouraging customers to leave a review of your plumbing company on your GMB listing.

Positive online reviews will make a huge difference to your plumbing company. People want to know that they can trust your plumbing service, and having good reviews from happy customers will go a long way in growing your business.

Most customers choose a plumbing service based on reviews and referrals. If plumbing companies give new customers the confidence to trust them, they will end up receiving far more calls.

So, how do you get happy customers to leave online reviews? Here are a few strategies:

  • Send customers a follow-up email after you have finished the plumbing job, and ask them to leave a review.
  • Use tools to incentivize referrals and reviews
  • If the customer is happy, just ask them nicely to leave you a review. This usually works.

Reviews don’t cost your business anything, and a lot of positive reviews could end up being far more powerful than paid ads.

7. Use the Power of Social Media

Use the Power of Social Media for plumbing marketing

In today’s time, social media is the most prominent platform to showcase your business and engage with potential customers. Out of 3 billion internet users, over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts. You just need to put the right foot forward to leverage that kind of exposure. So, you need to start by choosing the right social media channels for your plumbing business.

When it comes to social media strategies for plumbing business, there’s no need to have loads of different social media channels. Just stick to the best ones for your business and do them well. Spend time engaging with customers on social media, and responding to comments and questions. This is an important part of plumbing marketing to improve your reputation.

Final Words

Plumbing Businesses

There’s a lot more to running a plumbing business than just fixing pipes – you also need to make sure you’ve got a steady stream of customers. To do this, you need to be using the right plumber marketing ideas and strategies.

With the right approach, marketing for plumbers can be easy. You just need to know what strategies to focus on to reach your customers. Once you find the right path, taking your plumbing business to the next level is just a matter of time.

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Digital marketing is the most effective strategy to market your plumbing business in today’s time. Here are some plumbing digital marketing ideas:

  • List your business on local online directories
  • Claim your Google Business page
  • Design your own website
  • Invest in SEO
  • Paid advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Cross-platform marketing
  • Blogging and link building
  • Collaborate with local vendors and contractors