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Alarm System Software

The increase of theft in the nation has seen a great pause because of your sincere service. We would love to collaborate with you in making the world more safe and secure. Alarm installation services have improved their technology and devices through the years to create a more sophisticated and assured environment for their customers. With solid project management and administration skills, our partners have been rocking the Alarm System Installation field like no other. We at Field Promax assure you complete peace of mind by taking care of your alarm installation field service. It is our joy and honour to stand as your pillars on the field and make your business flourish in no time.



Since Field Promax is integrated with QuickBooks, it will now be easier for you to access your customer information and avoid double registrations. The two-way  sync between these two software improves your accounting and maintains your ledgers professionally. With QuickBooks, you can keep track of invoice features like invoice records, payment reminders, expense management and have your inventory management software in your pocket. Field Promax provides you with the privilege of connecting to this assorted software for free.

  • Keep your accounts encrypted and streamlined.
  • Have an eye on your flawless transactions
  • Get quick contact access anytime, anywhere

Reports & Dashboard

Stay on board with all your work orders, reports, feedback and progress all in one place with our dashboard features. Authorities can also maintain and overlook work reports on the dashboard. You can also tailor the dashboard to show available alarm installation orders, installation estimates, timekeeping, service requests and other functions. In addition, the business progress is automated onto the dashboard allowing the management to follow their workflow, health and graph. Field Promax also enables you to hide and customise those who can view the dashboard

  • Assign varied colors to different features on the dashboard for easier understanding
  • Arrange the dashboard according to the level of importance
  • Restrict access to the dashboard to authorised persons only


Create estimates that are approved by customers via email for online approval or on your mobile phones on the field. When sending estimates through email, make sure to use our email logs to ensure the status of the email if it is read or is in the SPAM folder. Once estimates are approved, the software can automatically generate the work orders followed by the invoices.

  • Skip calculations and paper files and just fill columns and receive print-worthy estimates in a click.
  • Deal with your payments professionally and keep a check
  • Estimate your success easily with Field Promax
Estimate Invoice
Team Tracking

Time Tracking

Fixing and repairing alarms can be time-consuming work but allow us to give you the gains accordingly. With Field Promax in your pocket, update your working hours before and after an appointment to receive payments based on the hours you worked and increase your income. Field Promax Integrated with time cards erases erroneous entries but increases billable hours, with the administrator’s approval.

  • Be on time and keep the time on record.
  • Have proof of all your working hours in one place
  • Get paid righteously for your hard work
Team Management

Manage and watch over your team wherever you are, and they are. Field Promax allows you to construct a strong connection with your team members, who can be categorised based on their geographical locations, level of experience, skills etc. You can manage your technician’s work progress, send suggestions, feedback and update schedules, all on the Field Promax app. This improves the responsibility and effectiveness of your employees on the field. Uploading before and after pictures of their work orders is another exciting feature Field Promax has enabled.

  • Send urgent work orders to available technicians.
  • Support team members to complete work orders with suggestions and solutions
  • Work together and reap success uncountable
Dynamic Team Manageement
Calendar View Alarm Installation technicians
Calendar View

Make your busy schedules and jam-packed work orders seamless with our organised calendar view. Field Promax allows you to add technician’s schedules on the calendar for the entire team to view and plan complex schedules. You can also add private or public notes to their work orders for extra information, you can avoid over-working and double-scheduling your technicians.

  • Colour code your technicians and spot them in any corner of the calendar
  • Drag and drop work orders onto the calendar in a snap
  • Prioritize your work orders based on location, level of skill and availability of technicians.

Alarm installation is a skilful job and your technicians are people worthy of praise. Field Promax would love to acknowledge your tireless efforts in building and installing alarm securities for residents, offices, hospitals and complexes by organising all the underground piles of documents, streamlining your work orders and tracking your incomings and outgoings. Partner with us to have a smooth sailing alarm installation business.