The Advanced Digital Aid to Manage Your Access Control Systems Business

With the increasing need for sophisticated security solutions, Access control system software has evolved as a top priority for every business. From government offices to retail stores. The Access Control System business is expected to grow at a jaw-dropping CAGR of 8.2% to become $12.8 billion by 2025.

However, the Access Control System industry is facing the following challenges which are halting growth, especially, for SME’s –

  • Not enough capital to splurge on customer service

  • Managing a team which is always on the go

  • Adopting and adapting a paperless business policy

  • Efficient scheduling and dispatch

  • Lack of effective communication among stakeholders.

  • Efficient team management: installation and servicing are two very important components of an access control system business. This requires technicians to be always on the go. Our real-time updates on your team with GPS tracking, schedules & dispatch reports ensures efficient team management.

Access Control System Software

Field Promax also makes room for organized future planning with “Job Status” insights in a daily, weekly, or monthly format.

  • Improve communication: With our SMS functionality, you can keep clients aware of future schedules, the location of the technicians, and more. Field Promax brings a dramatic improvement in communication among your organization members as well.

  • Digital Service Requests: Fortify your website with a “Require Service” button for clients to book your access control services without having to call. This makes booking super convenient for your clients. Moreover, administrators will be notified instantly about the request and even a work-order can be initiated from this stage itself.

  • Expand customer base: in the age of instant gratification, Field Promax helps to bring your access control service at their fingertips. Our technologically advanced offerings give your business an instant edge in the competition, making you stand out from the crowd.

  • Keeps your business organized: Our well-structured and highly customizable dashboard compiles every essential detail of work-orders, employees, and a lot more. Your employees can also view a similar dashboard which nests their agenda.

  • Swift accounting: transfer client list and valuable data from QuickBooks smoothly into your Field Promax account with swift syncing. This not only cuts down the inconvenience of working on two different platforms but also safeguards your data.

  • Accurate paperless billing: convert work-orders into invoices swiftly with Field Promax. Billing on paper is prone to human-error, misplacement, and unidentifiable hand-writing.

Good App for Customer Interface
Why Choose Us? 
An easy App-Interface to keep you ahead in the game

Field Promax creates a user-friendly interface for your employees to cruise through the mobile app effortlessly. Field Promax is accessible across Android and iOS platforms. Thus, fits the needs of a diverse business. 

All it takes is 15 minutes of attention to acclimate to the app. The vivid interface gives a comprehensive snapshot of one’s business routine. Owners, administrators, managers, and technicians can view work orders from various formats like a dashboard, map, or calendar.

Creating Work Order was never this easy! 

Creating, updating, and maintaining error-free work orders is an impossible task for most companies. The access control software businesses are plagued with inconsistency in data entry, miskeying information, waste of time, and productivity. Thus, leading to perpetual loss. But, NOT ANYMORE!

Field Promax is transforming the way work orders are made by completely automating the process with advanced software.

Our platform is known for its cross-compatibility and mobility. So, your employees can access our app through their mobiles, while in-house managers can employ the desktop version to create schedules and communicate with the field staff.

Sync QuickBooks and Field Promax effortlessly

You can sync Quickbooks with the Field Promax platform within minutes. The effortless integration syncs your customer and items list from QuickBooks with no issues of data loss. This enables the Access control system business to create work orders with ease.

Instant Invoice Generation

The moment a work order is closed, the integrated QuickBooks initiates an invoice automatically. Field Promax’s smart platform also takes into account custom pricing. Our customizable invoicing system also lets you specify the negotiated prices for individual customers.

Unlimited Customer Support

In case of any challenge you face with our platform, our team of experts will be at your disposal to help you navigate through the situation smoothly. Field Promax takes pride in its quality and constant customer support.

We also extend training sessions for your employees to adapt and make the optimum use of the Field Promax platform.

Other Industries

We changed our accounting system and required a work order system to keep track of our multiple daily service calls with multiple technicians. We looked at a number of systems and found that Field Promax fits the bill. Just a great app with exemplary service!



Field Promax is great for work order management for 3 reasons: all the necessary information is available at a glance, it has enough features to cover our needs, but not to make it difficult to use and they have an extremely helpful support.


Service Scheduling Coordinator, Harrison, OH

What I like about Field Promax is that all the information I need to access is on one screen. I can easily track the job progress and an invoice is just one click away.


Owner,Swinson Air Conditioning Company, Inc Loxley, AL