Build Customer Relations through Marketing
In the service sector, it is imperative to establish good and long term customer relationships. Marketing is probably the last department to get recruited in any new start up whereas it should be the first to be filled. Without marketin...
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How to handle lack of communication skills and ownership in the modern marketplace?
Skill Gap is a serious issue in most industries, especially for new and small start-ups and businesses. Skill Gap is essentially the mismatch between your employees’ current skills and the skills expected of them. According ...
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Quality Control in Service-related businesses
One of the most important aspects of the service industry is also the one that is not given due importance-Quality Control. One of the first remarks that a small service business entrepreneur is likely to make when questioned about Quali...
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Handymen of the 21 st century
Blue-collar industry in America is fast regaining its position as the premier employment generator for skilled as well as semi-skilled workers. Young and innovative entrepreneurs are now moving away from the saturated Silicon Valley, toward...
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Field Promax as an Invoice Management Software
An Invoice Management Software will essentially reorganize your financials and keep your books clean and accurate. By using the Invoice Management tool of Field Promax, you will be able to calculate, generate and process your invoices in no...
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