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Unassigned Work Orders

Often you are not sure who to assign a work order too. In such cases you may want anyone of your Service Providers to pick up that work order as time permits. Since unassigned work orders are not visible in the mobile app, use this process to make these unassigned work orders available to all your Service Providers.

  • Create a work group called ‘Jobs not Assigned’ (Go to Settings->Manage Lists->Job Groups)

  • CCreate a dummy user called 'Jobs not Assigned'. Then assign it to work group ‘Jobs not Assigned’ (Go to Settings->Manage Users->)

company view
  • Go to each Service Provider’s profile and make them ‘Team Lead’ of this work group ‘Jobs not Assigned’

  • company view
  • Assign these unassigned work orders to this dummy user ‘Jobs not Assigned’. Your Service Providers will now be able to see these work orders in the mobile app.

Note: Have the Service Providers logout and log back into the mobile app for the changes to take effect.