Available Across iOS (Apple) and Android (Google)

No matter where your field service business location is in South Africa, now, you can manage it effortlessly with our intuitive application. Field Promax is available on Android and iOS with easy-to-use features that require 15 minutes or less time in training. You will gain multiple ways to look into your everyday work schedule. Dashboard view, Map view and Calendar view will help you look at the scheduled tasks from various perspectives. So, you can choose any view of work orders as per your preference. The app availability across mobile platforms allows technicians to email work orders, upload pictures and get customer signatures without any hassle.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

Make your business professional and efficient by using Field Promax to create work orders from anywhere. Our app delivers exceptional mobility by providing access to both mobile and desktop versions. So, from your field technicians to in-office staff, everyone can manage work orders via our special tools and features. One of the most popular features of Field Promax in South Africa is the auto-generation of work orders. Field Promax is perfect for the management of recurring work requests. Our software enables work schedule recreating depending on the information you include. Customers can send their requests via your site, which reaches the Field Promax database automatically to let you plan the dispatch efficiently.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

You can integrate your QuickBooks desktop and online company profiles with Field Promax. Within a few simple steps, your company will attain one comprehensive field service management solution connected with QuickBooks. You can sync your products as well as customers between Field Promax and QuickBooks. This two-way sync will help you establish a professional business that runs on automated invoicing features. Such a dual connection between our management software and QuickBooks is an advantage with respect to work order entry and management. While your in-office team can utilize the desktop integrated version, field technicians can add work orders and generate invoices via QuickBooks Online.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

When you run a field service business in South Africa, automated invoice generation can skyrocket the efficiency of your technicians. Field Promax enables an exceptional capacity to generate invoices in QuickBooks automatically right after the completion of a work order. A few clicks on the app allows technicians to add or close any work along with an automated invoice generation. This keeps the business process running without the need for hours of paperwork. Technicians can spend more time delivering services instead of struggling with on-paper invoice creation. Field Promax also enables flexible pricing module, so you can manage customers with respect to their negotiated pricing models.

Unlimited Customer Support

No need to feel hesitant about going paperless in your field service business. Our team can reach out with their expertise and assistance anywhere in South Africa. You won’t have to worry about anything else than that you are taking a progressive decision. Our customer support requires no extra cost, with which, you attain our onboarding training and ongoing assistance via call, text, and email. We look into your business model and adapt our support accordingly. Our experts help your team get ready to use Field Promax. We leave no place for any confusion, complication or hesitation while assisting with onboarding. So, get started with Field Promax to expand your field service business in South Africa.

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