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Recurrent Work Orders are those Work Orders that are repeated after a fixed time duration. For instance, if your company is the maintenance in-charge of an apartment building, then you are likely to conduct a quarterly maintenance check for the building. This Work Order will recur quarterly and qualifies as a Recurrent Work Order.

  • Step 1:

    Click on ‘Orders’ in the left menu panel and click on ‘Recurrent.’

  • Note:

    You will be able to view existing and cancelled recurrent work orders and will be able to create new ones in this window.

Recurring work order
  • Step 2:

    Click on ‘Actions’ and select ‘Add Recurring Work’.

Add Recurring
  • Step 3:

    Fill in all the details, similar to a normal Work Order and click ‘Create’.

Create Recurring Order
  • Step 4:

    This Work Order is now visible in the ‘Recurrent Work Order’ window. Click on the edit icon.

Open Recurring Work
  • Step 5:

    Click on ‘Schedule’ and add important information regarding the recurrence schedule.

  • Step 6a:

    (Select frequency of recurring work): A Work Order can recur weekly, monthly or yearly. Select the duration after which recurrence must occur.

    The ‘Start Date’ and‘ End Date’ fix the overall duration of recurrence. If you are providing the service based on the number of visits/appointments, then enter that number in ‘End after…..recurrences’.

 Recurrence Pattern
  • Step 6b:

    (Select time and assign a service provider):

Service Providedr
  • Step 6c:

    You can either generate all recurrent work orders in one go or schedule them to appear in your work order calendar prior to the date of delivery. Enter the number of days prior to which you wish the Work Order to be generated.

scheduled date
  • Step 7:

    After adding all other relevant information under different tabs, click on ‘Save and Close’.

    Your Recurrent Work Order has been defined and the work order will be generated at the appropriate date!

save and close