Available Across iOS (Apple) and Android (Google)

Manage your plumbing field services with our cross-platform management software. Field Promax gives you the freedom to utilize either or both Android and iOS platforms. The intuitive application needs no complicated training. Anyone and everyone can start using our software after 15 minutes of user training. You can view everyday tasks in multiple styles such as a dashboard, map or calendar. Every view has been designed to help you understand your Pool and spa installation field service tasks from different perspectives. Your technicians can use the mobile app to upload pictures of the Pool and spa installation and get customer signatures as well. So, one app will cover your Pool and spa installation process from one end to the other.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

Bring mobility to your plumbing business with Field Promax. We make work order creation possible in the office and on the field as well. So, you can make your plumbing widely available for your customers and satisfy their needs faster. For recurring services, Field Promax also enables you to generate work orders automatically. You can ensure top-notch security for each and every client to strengthen your client relationships. Auto-generation of work orders will reduce the chances of mistakes and make your services efficient as well. Your customers will gain the flexibility to use your website to place service requests.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

With our QuickBooks integration, you can sync your plumbing offerings and customers. The software will generate an automated invoice via QuickBooks right after a technician completes a job. Field Promax allows both desktop and online integration with QuickBooks. You can use QuickBooks Web Connector to sync your company file in QuickBooks and integrate QuickBooks Online with our software. Our two-way sync will save your business from double entries of the same work orders. Your plumbing experts and customers will find this integrated system highly efficient and effective. And, it all happens with 100% assurance of security of your data.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

It won’t take long paperwork or time to send invoices to customers when servicing their electrical services. Every technician can use our mobile application to send an invoice after completing a task. Via QuickBooks, Field Promax lets you automatically generate invoices. Current processes stay intact, while the billing records remain organized in QuickBooks. Even with automated invoice generation, Field Promax enables custom pricing. For the same offering, you can charge different prices specific to customers. We have given this feature keeping in mind the negotiated contracts that take place in field service. Moreover, your technicians can use our software to monitor the efficiency and expense of each work order. Expense tracking ensures that your services receive a high ROI.

Unlimited Customer Support

You won’t be alone at any moment in moving your Alarm System company to a paperless model. We have your back with our expertise and support with no limitations. You can connect with our experts via text, email or call without having to pay for any additional cost. We will make onboarding smooth with our adaptability. Our training will assist your team in understanding all the functionalities. We will align our support with your business-specific needs. So, you can feel stress-free about shifting the process of managing your Alarm System field services. And, we will be available to take care of your needs beyond onboarding as well.

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