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Customer management in your field service is one of the most important factors to provide a top-notch experience for long-term loyalty. It all begins with exceptional availability of your offerings across all major platforms. Field Promax enables this for your business by offering scheduling software on Android and iOS. You and your technicians can manage customers in the office and out in the field with our intuitive application. You can get customer signatures via the app and send the work order via email. On-field access to such features keeps the customers satisfied and lets you deliver services faster. The chances of miscommunication become almost nil between your customers and technicians. So, everything goes smoothly.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

Field service delivery won’t feel difficult to manage with Field Promax on desktop and mobile. Your business will become mobile in terms of gaining and managing services. Your customers will appreciate your efficiency with the auto work order generation feature of Field Promax. For your regular clients, you can automate the scheduling of recurring work and assign them to the right technician. Moreover, your customers attain the flexibility to request for your services by using your website. The service requests are collected from the website into our software to make dispatching easier. Whenever you want to notify your customers about a work order, work completion or anything else, send automated text messages via our app.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

There will be no confusion due to double work order entry ever after integrating your QuickBooks with Field Promax. You can integrate Field Promax with QuickBooks desktop as well as online. Your products and customers can stay synced, which will eliminate the chances of repetition in work order entry. The integration process takes no time and we provide our expert assistance to help you out. Right from there, your technicians can send automated invoices to customers, which will make your business, look more professional. Customers admire the accuracy and assurance of security, and you can provide that with our two-way QuickBooks sync with Field Promax.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

Your customers won’t have to wait for any time after the completion of a work order. You can use our mobile application to send automated work order details and invoices right there on the field. This capability makes your service more swift and reliable for the customers. Using your QuickBooks, Field Promax will help you post and/or close all kinds of tasks. The billing records stay safely consolidated within your profile, so the chances of invoice errors diminish completely. All customers desire a well-negotiated price when looking for services. So, you offer them flexible contract prices, which can change from customer to customer. You can manage that as well with our custom pricing feature.

Unlimited Customer Support

Make your business paperless to enhance your professional appeal in the market. We will help you do that with our unlimited support. Our expert team provides onboarding assistance to deliver the right kind of information, support, and training. We offer multiple channels of communication like text, call and email to answer all the queries requested by your technicians. The aim of our support is to make your business transition efficient, so you can manage your customers with higher productivity.

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