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Maid Services Software

Lending a hand to make homes a better place is a selfless deed. Managing and organising maid services takes a lot of intense thought, analysing and detailed research. Your dedication to initiate and run this business is highly appreciated. With this thought in mind, Field Promax wants to share the burden with you and help manage your maid service business. Field Promax helps manage your field services right from where you are. Work on the field and behind the screen can be balanced and controlled simultaneously with ease. Maid services require proper documentation and research to compile qualified and trustworthy employees for the service. To help sustain and elevate your business check out our Field Promax maid service software.


Time management

Time is one of the most critical factors in maid service management. Employees are allotted work hours based on the customer’s request. Maid service cannot be accomplished according to the availability of the employee instead based on the needs of the customers. Hence it is vital to have maids available at all times. In some cases, the working hours may get extended due to unavoidable circumstances on the customer’s part. In such cases, the maid can increase her pay with the time card denoting her extended work hours on the Field Promax mobile app. Employees need to complete the given task within the stipulated time to avoid inconvenience to the host. Hence proved, time management is highly recommended for maid service employees.

  • Be on time to leave on time with Field Promax.
  • Serving extra hours? Count your coins for every minute spent
  • Field Promax helps calculate your hardworking hours.
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Employee management

The maid service business is vast. It requires a large number of employees, and that makes management a little challenging. Skip the toughness with Field Promax. You can now allot colours to designate your employees and categorise them based on location, contract, age, and other categories. By creating teams and types, scheduling and dispatching become easier. Field Promax also enables effective communication between team leaders and their employees to avoid misunderstandings and work hindrances. With Field Promax, you can also know the location of your employees, their schedules for the day, week and month, their working hours and all required details right from your office chair.

  • Keep your employees informed and prepared
  • Manage your maid’s schedules and dispatches
  • Track the progress and performances of your employees with Field Promax

Scheduling and Dispatching

Maid services have been in high demand with the people running for money. Field Promax has the best solution to manage all your piling orders and requests. With every work orders, you can schedule your maid, who is available and suitable for the order, by dragging and dropping it on the calendar. Employees can be notified through the Field Promax mobile app of their new work order once scheduled. Once the schedule has been released, dispatching the maids with the necessary information and details on the service field becomes easier. When scheduling and dispatching are arranged and organised, field service becomes efficient.

  • Manage your scheduling and dispatching in one place
  • Organise your work orders into schedules
  • Declutter your piling papers with digital scheduling and dispatching
Scheduling & Dispatching
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GPS Tracking

With all the twists and turns, finding the location of the customers might get a little challenging. Field Promax is integrated with a GPS Tracking system to help your maids reach their destination smoother and sooner. Save time, money and energy on the way to your customer’s location with Field Promax. The management also has access to tracking their employees’ location on the field through this feature. With this facility, you can find short routes, smoother roads, and fewer traffic paths to reach the service field on time. Don’t worry about taking the wrong turn when you have the GPS integrated Field Promax mobile app.

  • Cut down on the fuel cost with Field Promax
  • Track your maid’s location when on the field
  • Your employees can plan their departure and arrivals based on accurate GPS guiding.

Mobile App

People of the 21st century can never survive without mobile phones, just like you need Field Promax. Now combining them, we introduce to you, Field Promax mobile app. You can access all your data, documents, and reports on your mobile wherever you are. With the Mobile App, maids can also generate invoices on completion of the work order right from the field for smoother transactions. Get digital signatures from clients for approval and record your bills for future references.

  • File your bills digitally and never lose them
  • Complete work orders on time with Field Promax mobile app features
  • Update work completion, track the field, receive notifications and more with Field Promax mobile app
Mobile App

The maid service software for businesses has been a relief for the working communities. It has encouraged and trained employees to provide the best service to their clients amidst storms or heat. The dedication to making others happy has brought your business to great heights, and to reach even greater heights, join Field Promax and let us make you happy. Together, let’s ally to bring happiness to our customers.