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Your business shouldn’t have to rely on paper-based field service management and outdated technologies to provide high-end locksmith services to customers. With Field Promax, you can add genuine value to your business’ professional appeal and efficiency to woo your customers. Our locksmith management software application is available across iOS and Android services for you to generate and oversee work orders with the help of a calendar, map, and dashboard. Various departments of your organization can benefit from the many perspectives offered by our app for the same work orders. Allow your field staff and in-house managers to view tasks in several modes as per their needs.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

Get to schedule and assign locksmith tasks that won’t be prone to mistakes or too hectic with the help of Field Promax. Our locksmith key management software can be used on desktop and mobile devices seamlessly. It allows your field team and office team to work in a well-connected and comprehensive environment for work order creation. In-office managers will be able to able to set automated regeneration for every recurring locksmith task to make things easier for customers. The app can be useful with recurring scheduling that strictly follows a definite date and time without keeping room for mistakes in generating work orders automatically. Our app can also improve service request flexibility for your customers’ advantage. They will be eligible for using social media profiles, your official website, and other platforms to make service requests. As the platforms will be connected to Field Promax, the requests will be sent straight to the list of dispatch in our app.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

With Field Promax, QuickBooks integration is available Online and on Desktop for bringing mobility to the work order management process for all your customers. You can create a locksmith work order with 100% accuracy in QuickBooks with the help of our highly customizable locksmith service software application. You no longer have to worry about adding the same locksmith task twice. Our app will provide two-way sync with QuickBooks, allowing you to sync your locksmith offerings and customers together.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

Whenever your field technician finishes a locksmith work order, processing the invoice ends up taking a significant amount of time. However, Field Promax allows your field technicians to save time by generating invoices instantly with a click. Our app will create an invoice in QuickBooks automatically after the completion of a work order. Your technician will be able to send the generated invoice to the customer through email. If you plan on charging negotiated prices to specific customers, automation will still be possible with the customizable pricing module of our app. In addition, the application will also let service managers monitor the expenses and mileage of providing every single work order.

Unlimited Customer Support

With Field Promax, managing your locksmith business will be as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Our excellent customer support will be at your service without any additional cost to keep your business efficient. Your locksmith professionals will get the necessary training regarding the app’s functionalities from our experts. With the right kind of training and information, getting onboard will become highly convenient. Besides, we will be in touch via email, text, and call to answer questions and assist your professionals in using Field Promax optimally. Connect with our team now!

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