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Landscaping software

Scaping their land to increase the aesthetic value, presentation and ambience of the land is your expertise while enhancing the potential and utility of your landscaping business service. Landscaping is an exciting job that prunes and decorates nature to become pleasing to the eye and attract attention towards the home, office, malls or any premise it is within. Your landscaping services have expanded across many localities bringing satisfaction to owners and a pleasant view to the passers-by. As you venture on this fabulistic journey of making nature more natural, nurturing it and getting the best out of it, Field Promax wishes to contribute to your landscaping business and bring the best out of you. With our extraordinary landscaping service management features, you can arrange the land in peace, and we’ll arrange the rest for you. Showcase your work of art in the best way possible, increase your orders, make yourself famous and glorified through Field Promax landscaping service management.



Artisans a more fancy word for your creative and hardworking landscaping technicians. Your employees have an eye for innovation and introducing new techniques by analysing the soil sciences to revitalise the soils, superior installation methods and intense execution of strategies. We would like to make their work even more straightforward by giving them a heads-up about their scheduled job beforehand. Through Field Promax, you can now manage your team anywhere, essential anytime. Divide teams based on their functional role, geographical location, skills or availability and make job assigning, work analysis, progress detection easier and smoother. Keeping your team members updated with the group’s chart is essential to make the goal more evident. Your landscaping beauty depends on the unity and coordination contributed by your artisans, and we are here to help you get through.

  • Artisans won’t miss any updates on work orders.
  • The team leader is aware of the potential of each of his members, increasing the team’s skills and abilities.
  • Supervise your team on the field and coordinate with your team in case of emergencies right from the field.
Landscaping Service Software
Dispatcher Work


By 24/7, we mean that we are an Owl by dusk and a Pachycephala tenebrosa by dawn. You can connect to customers, teams, landscaping business data, documents, charts and files at part of the day and from anywhere. We are available to help you sort, organise and analyse everything for you whenever you need us. Make sure to be connected with the Field Promax mobile app to have an even more accessible and smooth access to your requirements. Our options are available and accessible by authorised personnel. We offer a smooth service, answer your queries and connect you to your goals at any second of the day, hour, week or month. For you, we never sleep or slumber here at Field Promax.

  • Perpetual access to all your data and information
  • Have ingress to all your reports and charts from anywhere and at anytime
  • Allow Field Promax to stay awake for you

Calendar View

Field Promax provides another sophisticated feature to help you avoid forgetting or missing any interesting and revenue deriving landscaping field services. Schedules and dispatches can now be drawn and put on the calendar for the entire landscaping organization to see. This way, team leaders can become aware of vacant technicians and avoid re-booking technicians on the field. This also helps the management team to keep track of all the different kinds of landscaping orders they have received, the locations and analyse the growth rates of your landscaping field service. The calendar view also includes information on the work orders scheduled, the technician’s name, the time and other required details for easier access.

  • Turn on calendar reminders and never forget your work orders.
  • Have an organised overview of your landscaping works in progress.
  • View the calendar by day, week or month based on your requirements.
Calender View Interface for Alarm Systems
Reports and Dashboard

With our customizable and re-organizable dashboards, your landscaping business can stay updated with all the advancements. Have a clear display of your reports and records, including financial updates, work order census and operational rates. View each of your categories’ signs of progress vividly and manage your landscaping businesses’ health right from the Field Promax field service management software. Keep your counts and statuses updated to maintain stable health, speedy advancement and a progressive approach towards your goals.

  • Keep all your landscaping activities and performances on the role
  • Create pie charts, columns and graphs to analyse your progress in each arena
  • Maintain all your reports wisely and efficiently
GPS Tracking

With our efficiently GPS integrated mobile app, you can now track and guide your technicians on the field. You can find fewer traffic roads through the Field Promax mobile app to save time and be punctual. Find short routes to save energy and cut on fuel costs. Find accurate and precise locations of clients and reach destinations without any hassle with our GPS facilities.

  • Direct your team if they get lost on the way to the field
  • Manage your time based on the GPS predictions
  • Field Promax integrations have never gone with their predictions.
GPS Tracking

Landscaping provides a compatible, distinctive, and stylish genre to natural spaces to add pride to properties. As you go about lifting spirits with your service, Field Promax would like to appreciate your creative efforts by adding pride to your landscaping businesses. Never look back at the messy road; instead, look forward to the road ahead with Field Promax. We assure nothing but complete satisfaction, progress and pride on the never-ending road ahead.