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For invoicing QuickBooks integrations, Field Promax is the finest software you can utilize on Android and iOS. Whether you have a tech-savvy or non-techy team, it doesn’t take any more than 15 minutes to learn and begin using our field service management software. And, we provide our professional training to assist in the process of adopting our business-efficient technology. With that, you become able to view and manage daily work orders in different modes like Dashboard, Map and Calendar. Your technicians attain on-field access to all the information and features, which removes work order or invoicing-related miscommunication. Both customers and technicians feel protected with this feature.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

We bring flexibility in the process of work order creation with our invoicing QuickBooks integrations. You can use both desktop and mobile devices to generate work orders and invoices via QuickBooks. This makes your business model efficient in the office and on the field. As a result, you can deliver field services more successfully and gain more customers. With well-synced Field Promax software, you can enable automatic generation of orders for any recurring task. Just define a recurrent schedule and let our system recreate tasks automatically. Apart from that, your customers will become able to ask for services flexibly via your website. Plus, you can send automated texts to your technicians and customers.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

Field Promax gives you dual integration with QuickBooks via Desktop and Online. You can use QuickBooks Web Connector for desktop integration of your company file to QuickBooks with our software. This will sync all your offerings and customers to eliminate any chance of error in the work order creation. Add a few more clicks and you will integrate your online QuickBooks with Field Promax. This two-way syncing with our software lets you maximize the utilization of QuickBooks for invoicing. At the completion of every work order, the system can generate an accurate invoice automatically, using QuickBooks. That way, you can keep your offerings and customers all in organized sync.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

Invoice generation will become an automated task right from the field. Whether you want to email the task details in the form of a work order or an invoice after its completion, you can do it from anywhere. Field Promax enables you to close or post a work order for automated invoice generation in QuickBooks. This keeps the billing consolidated and the current procedures intact within QuickBooks. Our invoicing integration with QuickBooks also makes you flexible in terms of pricing. So, you can change the pricing module as per every customer-specific contract. Every customer will be satisfied with the pricing and you won’t feel any additional burden.

Unlimited Customer Support

We give you our professional support and expertise to make this transition super convenient. Our support team is available all the time via text, email, and call, and that too, without having to pay any extra money. The onboarding process is a stress-free and smooth experience when you have our experts available to provide training and hand-holding. Each member of your team will learn to utilize all functionalities of Field Promax. So, you won’t have to feel any pressure while transforming your business model to paperless. We will assist, help, provide solutions, inform and encourage your technicians to make onboarding successful and quick.

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