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Home Automation Software

Home, the safest and soundest place on the whole planet. Who doesn’t enjoy the leisure and the lazy comfort of home? We all do, and your home automation business is the best solution for it. Making homes smart is one of your many expertise, which we love most about your business. Just as a home automation system connects the controlled devices to a central hub or “gateway”, we would love to be your businesses’ gateway to success and heights. Field Promax does not just support your growth; it takes care of all your papers and files while you rock the digitalising world. When we collaborate, we make the automation world or the smart world even smarter. Want to know how? CLICK HERE


Desktop or Mobile

Before you automate people’s homes, taste the pleasure for yourself with Field Promax. You can manage and supervise your entire organisation right from your office room, living room or parking lot. Make your business life more secure by having all your documents and data stored in one place and skip the flying papers. Your work orders can be sorted, scheduled and dispatched at the right time with your Field Promax integration. The mobile app offers your customers to attain service flexibility and enjoy your service at their comfort.

  • Create work orders on your phone from the field
  • Receive immediate service notifications from customers
  • Digitalise your business and caper the papers.
Home Automation mobile App
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Home automation allows you to control everything at your fingertips, like changing the colour of the lights in the room, playing your favourite music, changing the temperature, and opening the curtains. Tap your smartphone and let the home do its job. Field Promax would love to give you the same experience you provide your customers. You can now automate recurring daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly home automation services in a tap. Customers don’t have to fill a new form each time they need assistance. Field Promax provides you with auto-generated work orders in a click to offer repeated services on time.

  • Have automated work schedules on your calendars
  • Never miss the reminder on recurring work orders
  • Experience your service for yourself with Field Promax


All the renowned brands, wireless configuration, personalization and efforts require an estimated price. Considering your customer’s requirements, make profitable and accustomed estimates for your home automation services. Field Promax serves as your estimate generator with its integrated QuickBooks feature. Once estimates are generated, you can receive approval from your customers via email (maintain the digital platform) and create work orders for your technicians. With our home automation service management, your estimates will never go wrong.

  • Create authentic estimates with integrated accounting software (QuickBooks)
  • Quick estimate calculations lead to immediate work orders and satisfied customers
  • With Field Promax, never underestimate the power of your home automation services
Estimate Invoice
GPS Tracking Software

GPS Tracking

While making your customers’ home smart, use Field Promax home automation features to become more innovative. Our home automation management software is integrated with GPS facilities. You can track, guide and manage your technician’s location and schedules at any time. This helps maintain honesty, safety and save fuel. The GPS tracking in-built in the Field Promax management software allows you to find fewer traffic routes, save time and be punctual for your home automation field service. Home automation requires authorisation and presence of the residents, so make sure not to waste their time. Always be on time with our GPS integration.

  • Find the customer location with ease and find your technicians in peace
  • Minimise your fuel cost and maximise your efficiency
  • Field Promax is the GPS to your businesses’ thriving destination


We are your home automation service management. With us, your business productivity can stay at its peak without a surge. Field Promax allows you to monitor your business progress and encourages you to improve yourself. We provide options like technicians can create invoices on the field, receive their next work order while on the road, all the pieces of equipment used are tracked for reporting purposes, data are safely synced to QuickBooks and many more. This helps enhance your employees’ potential, productivity, efficiency, and the charts of your home automation business.

  • Have custom dashboards to track the health of your business
  • Never slack on being the best home automation service
  • Have all your work orders organised and in order.
Productivity for Home Automation
Generate Invoice through HVAC Software


The wait is over. Symbolise your business of smooth life by creating invoices for your home automation services in a snap. Field Promax enables home automation field managers to generate invoices that customers can sign for approval. Create instant invoices with Field Promax and never miss out on receiving your payments.

  • Keep a record and stay ahead of your payments.
  • Save the time of ticking, writing and filling forms and switch to digital invoices.
  • Automate the flow of money into your bank account with instant invoices.

Home automation services have been rocking the market by making life easier for humans with their one-click life-on-fleek facilities. Likewise, Field Promax has been rocking the market by enabling small and medium businesses to reach peaks in the market. Every home automation services that work with us are standing on unreachable heights, and it’s your turn.