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Garage door installation businesses can make anywhere between $250,000 to $1,000,000 in profits every year in the US. The industry has witnessed significant growth at a rate of 3% to 5% consistently over the past 5 years. Experts contribute to this upward trend of the industry to increased investment in existing structures and technology.


Businesses are adopting advanced technology in the guise of field service management to propel their business. Our partners have seen up to a 23% increase in their revenue within the first 6 months of using Field Promax. Here is how we are aiding the garage door installation industry in achieving exponential growth.

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Field Promax – The SaaS Platform that boosts your business

Automate Invoicing: invoicing is an intricate process that involves the generation of an invoice, sending it to the customer for approval, receiving the payment, and finally processing it in QuickBooks. Field Promax automates the entire payment cycle and maintains 100% accuracy in every step. It eliminates the risks associated with paper invoices and human error.

Integrate QuickBooks effortlessly: QuickBooks is the choicest accounting software for most garage door installation businesses. And, Field Promax makes it a cakewalk for you to sync both the platforms. As a result, the entire billing and payment workflow becomes swift, thus, enhancing cash flow into the business.

GPS tracking: our GPS tracking system brings real-time locations that enable managers to monitor employees on the road. And, plan their journey to the customer by choosing the shortest routes and avoiding heavy traffic. Thus, increasing productivity and reducing fuel cost. GPS tracking also helps customers by letting them know the technician’s location.  

An organized Dashboard: our vivid dashboard displays work orders in an organized fashion to owners, managers, and employees that help to stay on track. Our smart app also maintains confidentiality by limiting the access of employees to their own dashboards only.

Equipment tracking: Keep accurate notes of maintenance jobs and monitor regular maintenance of your heavy and pricey equipment. This feature is, especially, crucial for asset-dependent businesses like that of garage door installation business.  

Auto-generate work orders: our AI-powered platform allows you to create, edit, and track work orders within minutes. Our smart system can also generate work orders automatically for recurrent services on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Businesses can also add a clickable “Service Request” button to their website. So, whenever a request is raised by a customer, a work order gets generated automatically.

Unlimited support: our team of experts goes out of their way to make the onboarding process a smooth-sail. Moreover, we extend unlimited support to our customers so they can make the most of our platform. You can reach us anytime via phone, email, or SMS.

An adaptable app: our app interface is touted as one of the most user-friendly by industry experts. We kept your diverse garage door service workforce in mind while developing our mobile app. Such that, it becomes a matter of minutes for your employees to acclimatize with their digital buddy that improves productivity, arms them with speed and software that makes the job easier.

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Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

With our QuickBooks integration, you can sync your garage door services offerings and customers. The software will generate an automated invoice via QuickBooks right after a technician completes a job. Field Promax allows both desktop and online integration with QuickBooks. You canuse QuickBooks Web Connector to sync your company file in QuickBooks and integrate QuickBooks Online with our software. Our two-way sync will save your business from double entries of the same work orders. Your garage door servicess experts and customers will find this integrated system highly efficient and effective. And, it all happens with 100% assurance of security of your data.

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Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

It won’t take long paperwork or time to send invoices to customers when servicing their garage door servicess. Every technician can use our mobile application to send an invoice after completing a task. Via QuickBooks, Field Promax lets you automatically generate invoices. Current processes stay intact, while the billing records remain organized in QuickBooks. Even with automated invoice generation, Field Promax enables custom pricing. For the same offering, you can charge different prices specific to customers. We have given this feature keeping in mind the negotiated contracts that take place in field service. Moreover, your technicians can use our software to monitor the efficiency and expense of each work order. Expense tracking ensures that your services receive a high ROI.

Generate invoices Automatically in Quickbook
Unlimited Customer Support

You won’t be alone at any moment in moving your garage door services company to a paperless model. We have your back with our expertise and support with no limitations. You can connect with our experts via text, email or call without having to pay for any additional cost. We will make onboarding smooth with our adaptability. Our training will assist your team in understanding all the functionalities. We will align our support with your business specific needs. So, you can feel stress-free about shifting the process of managing your garage door services field services. And, we will be available to take care of your needs beyond onboarding as well.

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We changed our accounting system and required a work order system to keep track of our multiple daily service calls with multiple technicians. We looked at a number of systems and found that Field Promax fits the bill. Just a great app with exemplary service!



Field Promax is great for work order management for 3 reasons: all the necessary information is available at a glance, it has enough features to cover our needs, but not to make it difficult to use and they have an extremely helpful support.


Service Scheduling Coordinator, Harrison, OH

What I like about Field Promax is that all the information I need to access is on one screen. I can easily track the job progress and an invoice is just one click away.


Owner,Swinson Air Conditioning Company, Inc Loxley, AL