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Field Promax provides a comprehensive solution for garage door services companies to enhance productivity. From work order to scheduling workforce visits, everything becomes as easy as pushing buttons on your mobile phone. Our end-to-end garage door service company management software is available on Android and iOS devices with multiple ways to view work orders, customizable work order creation, taking customer signatures and a lot more. We give you top-notch security with highly customizable and configurable app settings. You can change and update the accessibility of your garage door technicians. So, your field technicians can use their Android or iOS devices to access information and provide services with efficiency.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

The advanced management capabilities of Field Promax take away the challenges of scheduling work in your garage door service business. You can spend just a few minutes to create a work order, assign it to your team and manage everything remotely via desktop and mobile. Moreover, Field Promax helps you respond to your customers’ queries without any delay or hassle. Hence, you win a significant growth in the productivity of your business. Garage door service companies usually manage a local market, which generally involves the same clients with recurring work. With Field Promax, you can automate the work order creation for recurring requirements. One work order needs to be added once only. Then, the task gets added to your employees’ schedules automatically.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

Field Promax enables complete integration with QuickBooks, which you can utilize to sync everything from invoices and service offerings to customers. Save yourself from entering and copying the same data over and over. Integrated effectively with QuickBooks, Field Promax allows an automated collection of client data and service offerings. You can connect QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online with Field Promax in a few simple steps. Synching your customers and services together allows accurate auto-generation of invoices for every work order.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

Now, you can provide invoices to your customers instantly on the finished tasks. In your garage door service business, payment acquisition needs to be as quick as possible. Your ability to get paid faster depends on how fast your invoicing method is. Field Promax, combined with QuickBooks, allows instant invoicing. Garage door service companies utilize our solution to send invoices to customers, right after completing a task. Your field technicians can generate invoices wherever they are, which saves a lot of time for technicians and customers all together.

Unlimited Customer Support

For your garage door service business, we have complete support available for this paperless, technology-driven model. You always stay connected to our team of experts via text, email, and call. We help your team with onboarding of Field Promax, using our tailor-made training methods. Each functionality of our app is described and demonstrated to your employees, making them ready for the field job. It takes away all the challenges associated with adopting a paperless business model. Our unlimited support takes away no added money from your pocket. So, you can put your trust in us when it comes to upgrading your garage door service business with reliable technology.

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