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This module intends to give access to your customers to use Field Promax. These Users are referred to as External Users.  These Users have very limited access to Field Promax.

  • External Users:
  • May create work orders (but unable to schedule the work)

  • View only open work orders

  • View only those work orders that belong to their company

  • Unable to view prices

  • Step 1:

    Call us to activate ‘External User’ module

  • Step 2:

    To create an External User, Go to Settings->Manage Users, Create User. From the Security Level drop down list, select ‘External User’ and create the user. The user will get an email with his login information.

  • update user
  • Step 3:

    Edit the user and Assign Customers. External User has limited menu options and work order information.

  • open orders