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Why Time Tracking Software Is A Necessity For Your Small Business

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When you have successfully set up your small business, it feels like a win. But, the actual battle starts after that when you try to run your business. You make constant efforts to ensure workforce management and smooth operations. And, due to technological advancements, you can attain your objectives a lot faster and easier. So Field Promax presents you the time tracking software for small businesses to help you grow.

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For every small business, there is a time-tracking technology available nowadays. Business owners and entrepreneurs know about these technologies due to the extensive popularity of time-tracking solutions in the market. Time tracking does wonders for the work process streamlining. But, there are businesses continuing with inefficient ways like spreadsheets and manual processes. Traditional methods of time tracking become the cause of the human error, time wastage, and duplication, which can easily damage your business.

In the modern age, time-tracking software for small businesses relies upon real-time tracking and information. It is quick, transparent and error-free. Here are more reasons why you should consider a time-tracking solution for your small business.


With a comprehensive software solution for time tracking, you can keep yourself aware of all the things happening within your company. You will stay updated with exact details of your business operations, your employees’ performance, the most resource-friendly and resource-expensive projects and more. This will make you capable of organizing projects, streamlining processes, tracking cash flow and delegating responsibilities.

No matter what business model you follow, the ultimate goal is always “Profit”. Another objective can be cutting overheads, which is closely related to profit as well. A time tracking solution with efficient features allows you to maintain profitable numbers consistently. Plus, you become able to solve all issues on time before they turn into a crisis.

Efficient time tracking makes resource management convenient, so you can provide high-quality output in a timely manner. You can allocate the correct percentage of resources to various projects in your business. You can decide on hiring permanent employees and outsourcing a few tasks as per the current and future requirements. You can expedite and simplify the need for a performance review with the right time tracking solution. Increasing operational efficiency and minimizing waste will help you identify new opportunities to grow your business.

2. Better Employee Productivity

Employee Time Tracking

With Employee Time Tracking Software, your workforce productivity can reach a whole new level of excellence. Such a solution enables employees to find how much time they are investing in every project. So, they can assess their level of productivity.

Employees become able to track their own tasks to calculate their efficiency. This brings more focus and employees find scopes of improvement and work on their performance. If they suspect a potential delay in delivering a project, they can recommend a reasonable duration to clients or managers. This offers better control over any work and makes them more accountable.

Beyond that, employees can also manage sick days and vacations more effectively. Knowing about holidays allows employees to smartly schedule their work.

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3. Superior Management of Payroll

Payroll Management Software

With a well-equipped system, you can make timesheets error-free and use them for payroll management. Pay-related problems occur in almost every company where employees either receive higher or lower than the required amount. But, a time tracking solution can resolve this problem in your business.

Sometimes, businesses require employees to work for odd durations or shifts. This adds to the challenge of payroll management. Ensuring accurate payments by computing work hours gets easier with a tool that can track employees’ time.

4. Time Fraud Elimination

Time Fraud Elimination

On average, an employee takes away about 4.5 hours per week from his or her employer. This means that you lose about 6 weeks every year for every employee, which costs a significant amount to a small or medium-sized business. At the same time, every employee steals about 10 minutes per day on average due to early departure, long lunches, and tardiness.

So, time fraud involves practices that inflate work hours. In some cases, employees even get paid for the lost hours. However, not all work-inflating practices are deliberate. This is why organizations and employees both can avoid time loss with time tracking.

5. Client Billing

HVAC Invoice

You need financial accuracy to run a lucrative business. But, client billing is one of the common challenges in many companies. You need to bill your clients accurately as per the timeframe, for which, the service was provided. Achieving this is possible only with a potent software solution containing time tracking as well as invoicing features.

You may be following a time-based or project-based model to bill your clients. No matter the method, choosing a manual approach is not a wise move in terms of efficiency and accuracy. A software solution will remove any confusion and deliver the right invoice to each client you have. You and your employees can’t afford to lose billable hours. Hence, an efficient and simplified approach should be the goal, which requires aid from advanced software.

5. Real-time Analytics

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Once in a while, you have to think about increasing your prices for products or services. A time tracking solution can help you in this process as well. You can find the average time required for any task completion. Then, incorporate your employees’ salary and other costs to find out which pricing model will be perfect. If your current price is falling short, it is time to raise it. This capability is possible when you acquire real-time data from a high-quality time tracking solution.

Along with that, your managers can use real-time data to prepare visual representations and reports. This will help in making informed decisions for future strategies.


Time Tracking upgrade

With the availability of advanced time tracking solutions, small business and medium-sized business owners can make their businesses smoother and more profitable. However, it will all come down to the quality of the software you pick. Consider specific expectations and the unique needs of your business to make the right choice. Make sure that the software aligns with your workflow and has all the critical features.

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