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How to organize your Window Cleaning Business?

Window Cleaning Software

With people stuck at home due to the ongoing pandemic, the living spaces are more used than ever. However, the more the usage, the more the cleaning and maintenance it requires. The windows are sources of light, fresh air, and a beautiful view depending on the location of your house, apartment, or flat. It is essential to keep this area clean and hygienic as it controls what goes in and out of your home, which eventually is responsible for the quality of the air we breathe. The window cleaning business is devoted to cleaning windows high and low, thin and wide spotless clean. They assign teams based on the work order requirements and make sure the windows look brand new. However, this hassle-based business requires a helping hand when it comes to dealing with all the bills, documents, and databases. Working on the field may be their expertise but managing the field, filling out Forms, and generating bills manually sure needs some external help. With technological development, Field Service Management software is available in the form of mobile apps to make paper works more convenient.

Field service management software like Field Promax allows industries like Window Cleaning to be in charge of their own business by streamlining their work orders, organizing all their schedules and dispatches, maintaining a clear record of the transactions, and more with their help. The window cleaning industry can tackle any kind of turnovers or lack of workforce with the use of field service software by giving the lead cleaner the responsibility to clock in and out for the cleaners on the field. Irrespective of whether the company is working with a residential building or a commercial space, window cleaning can function a lot easier and smoother with the existence of field service management software.

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Field Promax offers industries a wide range of customer information due to the two-way sync with QuickBooks. The window cleaning business can get customer databases quickly, keep tabs on their work orders, and more. QuickBooks also makes sure to do your bookkeeping and accounting for you. They also give you added information and feedback on customers, allowing you to know your clients better.

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2. Receipts and Bills:


You can bid farewell to the pen and paper bills with Field Promax mobile app in hand. You can generate invoices on the field immediately after completing your work order. Companies can email estimates to the recipient to get their approval before creating the work order. Hence, by digitizing all the receipts and bills, you can keep track of your payments and have immediate access to them for future references.

GPS Tracking

With the immense number of windows and the labor your cleaner has to do, time tracking could be a light handful. To make things easier, the team leader can log in the time in and time out for the entire team, and all the members have to do is clean the windows. This way, we can save time, and it is more efficient when there are high turnovers rates. Through time cards, you can earn money for the extra hours spent on the service field.


Remembering all the dates and times of your schedules and dispatches is a gift, but not everyone can do that. To help with the same, Field Promax is incorporated with a calendar to view all your schedules, the field worker in charge, the time, and more. It also sends a reminder hours before the dispatch to the cleaners to keep them aware. To have a more precise or more comprehensive picture of the day, week, or month, you can customize the calendar view into daily, weekly, and monthly.

Team Management

Most window cleaning projects will require more than one person to help complete the job. In order to manage and monitor the workers, field service management offers team management features. You can communicate with members, direct them, analyze their progress and keep track of their performances. Cleaners can also choose to accept or reject work orders which they receive through text messages.

6. Mobile App

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The field service becomes more efficient and smoother with the Field Promax Mobile App. It provides exclusive features like adding before and after window cleaning pictures for reference purposes, creating digital invoices and getting customer signatures for approval, upload equipment details, and more. The mobile app makes office work easier irrespective of the geographical locations of the workers. GPS features also accompany the mobile app to help find service locations, shorter routes, low traffic roads, save fuel and money.

6. Report and Dashboard


Like every other industry, the window cleaning industry has to maintain a clean record of all the processes that are happening within the company. The dashboard reveals all the percentages and details of the number of schedules, dispatches, work orders, cancellations, and finance to have a better understanding of the company’s performance and growth rate. Daily reports from team leaders and field workers constitute the charts on the dashboard. It also is viewed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

7. Organized Work Order Management

Window Washing

The scheduling and dispatching functions are the most crucial and risky amongst all the field service management industries. Field service software help make this easier and organize them for the window cleaning industry’s usage. It is essential to keep your window cleaning work order organized to prevent unreliable, unsatisfactory customer service, double or overbooking workers, and cause unnecessary commotion and misunderstandings. In case of failure to organize all your work orders, documents and data, there may occur high tensions, errors, failure, and miscommunications within the team which can do the business no good.
Abiding with reliable Window Cleaning Software, window cleaning management software, or a window cleaning service scheduling software like Field Promax can help eliminate all these possible errors by organizing and managing all the details for you. This AI-driven, SaaS integrated software can become your new assistant to handle, declutter and standardize your digital office.

  • You can drag and drop your schedules on the calendar along with the assigned cleaners, so that everyone is aware of the work order. Adding details like time, location, and information along with the scheduled work order makes it accessible for the cleaners.
  • While assigning cleaners to the job, make sure to dispatch them with the necessary tools and required information like location, area, customer details, and more. When clicking the cleaner’s name, you can view their assigned jobs for the day, week, or month.
  • Ensure that all your receipts, customer database, documents, and files are uploaded to the cloud for future references. Saving it the cloud ensures security and enduring assurance of its existence.
  • Scheduling and Dispatching can also be customized into sending reminders a few hours prior to the field service to both the cleaners and the customers. This makes the customer aware of the cleaner(s) who will be helping them clean their windows.
  • You can view the estimate emails sent to the customers for approval if they have gone into the spam folder. Supporting and sustaining your customers allows you to gain trust, know them better, and efficiently organize your work orders.

With these organizational methods, your window cleaning business sure can achieve more time to spare, work efficiently on the field and maintain proper records of all your work. You no longer have to worry about the pile of folders, the messy desk, or the missing bills cause it’s all on your window cleaning management software.